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My long hair braid

Hello friends

As per the rules of my in-laws Haveli I am expected to cover my face with Ghunghat and touch your feet saying "Pai laago"

From where shall I start? Can I say my name is Rahul? But if I see in mirror, I don't find Rahul in there...

What I see is a woman of age 23 in Saree... Did I say “Woman”, “Saree”??? But my name is "Rahul",  said I ?? and that is a male name?? How can a person named Rahul wear Saree??

Well!!! What if Man becomes Woman?

Yes you are right... My new name is Shilpa, I am a wife of person named Kiran, “A person” because Kiran is a biological woman and I am biological man.

I am now transformed From Mr. Rahul to Mrs. Shilpa Kiran Sareewala. My love for cross dressing has landed me in this situation

I am a married woman now, wife of a cute husband named Kiran who was grown up as a boy, She is actually from a family of a Maharaja and She is a Prince for her family. They belong to great Royal Sareewala Family.

A month ago I entered this Haveli as a bride of Kiran 

Ever dreamed of wearing a Saree ? Then this App is for you. Select a Saree, select your photo from gallery, adjust your face and save. Done!
Men or Women anyone can try this app and see how you look in Sarees


Every one from my friends, family and relatives think I got engineering campus placement in a big refinery. They think I am somewhere at the border of Rajasthan and Gujarat. I have also informed them that we have problems with connectivity.

But the truth is that I am here locked in side the four walls of this Haveli. An ancestral property of Prince Kiran Sareewala. This was my decision to accept being a wife of Kiran despite being a perfect man.
I love this, I wanted this & I am getting it now, though the thoughts of earlier life of a free boy haunts me ....The shirts trousers I used to wear....my first crush on Smitali the most beautiful girl in my neighborhood & college... I miss all that.
I introspect especially when my face is covered with Ghunghat.....
My husband wants me to share my experience of being crossdresser wife of a prince. He wants to know every crossdresser outside, that wearing Sarees, Ghaghras & Ghunghat as well as becoming a wife or a bahu  is not easy for a man.

Crossdresser Petticoats
Two petticoats is a fun


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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  1. Hi Shilpa (Rahul), You are very lucky, Do you love 2 petticoats inside Saree? Is it easy to walk ?
    -- Nidhi

  2. Yes ! Nidhi, You also can try, Sometime I wear 3 petticoats also. The cold touch of frill to my feet is lovely sensation and the fro fro sound is fantastic
    Happy Saree wearing !!

  3. Hey Shilpa, I too love crossdressing and specially love loooong hair. Would love to chat with you sometime.
    Pls give your Google ID or kik messenger...

    1. Oh great to know that you like loooong hair, but remember the braid of long hair is pulled by husband and sisiter-in-laws as a fun

    2. Oh I really don't mind dear! Would love to chat with you dear :)

  4. Plzzzzzzzz update story ahed wedding preparation part 3 I am eager to know what happened next yarrr plzzzz shilpa babhi write next parts of ur feminity as soon as possible

    1. Sure ji Sure, I will write the complete wedding and the photos of my wedding gown.

    2. Ramanji, My Wedding - 1 is added now

  5. Hi, Shilpa! Nice blog.
    Love the way you emphasise on the point that you are wearing two petticoats and that you are continuously aware on them moving within your Saree.

    The first three blogs were excellent, the way you serve your patidev and in-laws, looking forward to such posts.

  6. Hi, Shilpa, Nice blog.
    I like the way you emphasise that you are wearing two petticoats. Its really cute the way you speak about the petticoats.

    The first three posts where you serve your patidev was nice. Looking forward to such posts where you serve and also get punished for misbehavior

  7. Hi Shilpa,
    You have got awesome skills. Amazing story. Haven't read anything better. Please do not stop. Thank you for your effort and time

  8. Long wait is killing us-please update.
    from a big fan of yours

  9. Long wait is killing us-please continue.

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