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My Day to day life as Crossdresser Bindani

A little more than a month and a half has went by, and I have started to question whether there is any "MANHOOD" left in me? I wondered? Where did "What I had" disappear to? Did I actually have it in the first place? The doubts started to return. Is this all right for a MAN? Is my future going to be the wife, Bhabhi & Bahu of these people?  Is the whole purpose of this to brainwash the masculinity out of me?
I must serve in-laws wearing Saree
Touching feet of Husband daily is fun
Wearing Saree and doing house work - real hard on
I must take every care of my husband
My long hair braid

New beginnings and discoveries, it was almost amazing to believe that I am indeed a married WOMAN. I mean I still had the urge to dance around the room when a good song was playing or even shout out in excitement while watching a cricket match on TV like I always did as BOY, but now it is not allowed, instead I stand besides my in-laws in my Saree and Ghunghat when they watch TV and I try to see TV through my Ghunghat..

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Since after my wedding with Kiranji I have wore only Sarees & Ghaghra-Cholis. I love the moment every morning when I remove my night dress the white cotton Salwar Kameej and wear a Saree after bath. I am not allowed to step out of my bedroom in a dress except Saree or Ghagra-Choli.

At first, I struggled with desire to be free, challenge my in-laws, remove the Saree, throw away the Ghunghat and get my nose free of the heavy nosering, Because of the simple fact that I have 23 years of habit of being a BOY. It takes time, practice and focus to show you live your life as Bahu of a Khandan.
I am going to spend my entire life in Ghunghat now
Mother-in-law insists Ghunghat

The most potent symbol of BDSM is the Ghunghat of the Saree. And no tradition has been more widespread, loved, romanticized than Ghunghat tradition.


The instant a husband or mother-in-law covers face of the bride with ghunghat for that CROSSDRESSER BOY, everything changes. They become owned property. Their energies, choices, will, desires, body, mind - everything they are - is now at their in-laws disposal. The feel of that Ghunghat evokes a profound commitment to serve. Because of that, a young Bahu's Ghunghat represents real service.


Before stepping out of the bedroom early in the morning, I ensure to cover my face with Ghunghat, It becomes difficult to control the urge of touching feet of my in-laws, I then start bending over before every one and touch their feet properly, after touching feet of my mother-in-law, as per the day she removes my Ghunghat.


The Sarees, Cholis, Petticoats & Ghagras all that stuff are not so bad. Actually, I am amazed at how fast I am getting used to wearing Sarees. But the Sarees and the Ghunghat aren't enough to show my in-laws that I am accepting my new life. To convince them I have to work hard, serve & respect my in-laws better. Gradually I have started accepting my role as a Bahu. While that was still not that big a deal, I still sometimes saw myself as a MAN. My in-laws seemed to constantly brainwash me and treat me as a complete woman but my mind refused to believe them. Some small change was however there and that was what scared me. I seemed to enjoy serving them wearing Sarees. The feel of the heavy cotton petticoats on my legs and the restricted movement usually left me quite excited.

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As a rule a Saree petticoat I wear must be heavy and made of thick cotton. It should more or less in contrast with the color of the Saree I intend to wear. For example the lower frilly hem of a Red petticoat should be visible under a blue Saree!  The color of the petticoat should be so overwhelming that when viewed from outside, it must spoil the look of the Saree. Let me explain:  If I plan to wear yellow chiffon Saree, then I should choose a red petticoat or at least a white or a black petticoat. The Saree petticoat should always touch the floor. My mother-in-law always insists on me wearing at least two petticoats at any given time.


I love the feel of a satiny, very translucent Saree sliding over my full cotton petticoats and the sensation of a petticoats sliding over my erect cock. I was always been ordered to wear more than one petticoat beneath my Saree, which indeed provides a very sensuous experience. But wearing Sarees with lot of petticoats is wonderful! When I'm dressed up as a Bahurani, I can't imagine anything better than Saree & petticoats. I love the way they swing and flip as I walk. I like the way petticoats pouf up my Saree when I sit down, the way they twirl out when I turn.
I like helping my Husband to wear shoes
I like Washing feet of my mother-in-law

I love the joy received from serving my in-laws and the personal satisfaction gained from the giving. I have discovered just being able to give myself is a treasure beyond compare. The freedom I have to deeply submit makes this haveli a very special place. When I walk through the door of our bedroom with my face covered in Ghunghat in the night, all the day's stress and strains leave me. I stand bent over before my great Master my Husband to touch his feet, bowing my head and letting my devotion and the realization of my true place in life burn bright in my heart. Inside I began to realize how not only I was physically locked into this role but socially as well. I was now going to be dependent on Mr. Kiranji for survival and because of it expected to act like his wife. Serving my husband Kiranji, wearing a translucent Saree with Ghunghat, having to keep my one hand engaged in holding my long braid to bend before him to touch his feet, keeps my inferior male ego in check.


For a crossdresser MAN who has become a Bindani….Showing respect, deference and submission to your husband, mother-in-law and other in-laws can be a challenge. There are distractions to overcome, the pull of friends and family, the needs of discretion, and the habit of acting as an obedient Bindani. All of these can conspire to make you give unintentional offense or seem disobedient.


I hope my story will inspire the crossdressers out there to marry someone as a woman and get a life time opportunity to wear Sarees and serve in-laws

It is not easy for a BOY to become a Bindani, I will keep writing about problems I face as a living life of Bindani and the fun I get out of it..

Soon to come.... the festivals..... I will have to enjoy in Saree….

Dear Crossdresser Devranis, Jethanis & Bahuranis please put your comments else my Sasuji punishes me


 ( Continued in next post..... )
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