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First Day at Sasural as Bindani - MUH DIKHAI - 3

I stared wide-eyed through my Ghunghat, contemplating my fate. Frightened and trembling, standing there in most obedient manner.

All of a sudden few strict looking elderly women came near my Sasuji and discussed something with her, they all were looking at me. I was scared, I thought someone might have noticed my bulge, Or they might have been asking why the Dulhan looks like a man ?? Or they might have been asking why the Ghagra seems to be lifted at the center in front??

I tried to suppress my erection with my bangle filled hands. My jewelry made lot of noise and my nosering got jerked due to sudden movement of my hand.

Immediately Piyu came to my help, I wanted to kiss cute looking Piyu there it self, BUT I am no more a MAN but a married WOMAN. Piyu stood beside me, my cock was hard and lifting me Ghagra from inside.

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Soon the ladies went to their places and Rekhaji came near me, I lowered my eyes and held my Ghunghat with my right hand.

“The community women are saying that my Bahu Shilpa is not walking properly, they think she has some defect in her legs.”

I immediately understood why they were thinking like that, walking with an erect cock was difficult. So since morning my walking was not proper, but little stumbling just to take care of erect cock rubbing on my petticoats.

“Bindani”, Rekhaji called my name

“Ji Hukum” I said from behind my ghunghat

“I want you to walk to each one, instead of them coming to meet you, they should see my Bindani is normal and knows how to walk”

“Ji Hukum”

Thought of going into crowd to meet every woman sitting there, made me scared, I will have to walk taking care of my nosering chained to my husband’s hand for almost three hour..I love heavy and big nosering and it was my dream to get my nosering tied to my husband's finger...

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I wanted to ejaculate, without it, I could not walk, Piyu came to my help she said “Let every women down sit properly then we will go to meet them till then I will rearrange Shilpa’s Ghagra and Ghunghat properly”. Rekhaji accepted immediately.

I was still tied to my husband by my nose, Piyu slowly removed the finger ring from Kiranji and inserted it into her own finger, now I was slave of Piyu instead of Kiranji, she then slowly walked me behind the large sofa on which Kiranji was sitting and asked me to face the crowd. While I was watching women slowly sitting down on chairs, I felt Piyu soft hand touching my erection.

Piyu started carrasing it slowly from over the Ghaghara, every touch of her hand was making my instrument more and harder and long, no one was noticing what we were doing…she then started stroking it vigorously. Her Saree and jewelry was making noise at the same time my Ghaghra and jewelry was also making lot of noise. Piyu then started applying gentle pull on the chain so that my nostril sensed the pull and a sweet pain started going through my body, I almost closed my eyes with great sweet waves travelling through my entire body. I wanted Piyu to press it more stroke it more and she was doing it slowly.. she then give a long jerk to my nosering and took me to higher level … I was looking at sweet face and cute body of Piyu...And then it happened … all of a sudden I received a massive orgasm ….. I am sure my entire petticoat was wet now but thank god I was wearing three petticoats so no would have noticed it… But I was now relaxed my rocket was now reduced to a small rope.. And I stood there my eyes closed for a minute digesting the sweet feelings.

When I opened my eyes I realized that the chain was now handed over to Kiranji my true master and I was again enslaved to my husband. Noserings bigger and heavier are must to keep a naughty person like me to keep under control.

We then slowly started walking towards rows of chairs, Ritual was to meet every woman, she lifted my Ghunghat then lowered it again and I to touch her feet properly, occasionally women discussed my Ghagra, my long hair my jewelry sometimes they commented and teased me. Some naughty young girls of my age played with my long hair and pulled my braid for fun.

While walking and bending over, my frilly petticoats were displayed to all from the bottom of my ghagra and women enjoyed my uneasiness in so many petticoats.

We even reached to chairs where Piyu and her boy friend Rahul were sitting, I was embarrassed, Kiranji pulled the chain to make me walk faster, I followed my husband like a dog tied to chain. Piyu and Rahul were enjoying the moment, Rahul was of course not knowing that the Dulhan Shilpa is actually a boy named Rahul... but then I was not spared, Piyu lifted my Ghunghat and showed my noseringged face to Rahul, she then lowered the Ghunghat. I then slowly bent down at their feet.. I first touched Rahul's feet... he was wearing a leather mojri... It was the most dreadful day of my life..I then slowly moved towards Piyu's feet, Piyu's Saree was covering her feet. She giggled and lifted her Saree a little to reveal the frilly petticoat, I nicely touched her feet too..Piyu then took my long braid in hand and asked her boyfriend "Rahul ! do you also want me to grow my hair so long?"
Rahul laughed and said "Yes yes, I will then pull your braid whenever you misbehave"
Everyone except me laughed.

We walked for almost 4 hours, I bent at almost 700 feet, my back and waist was aching and my instrument had started growing again…It is good that a wild animal like me was kept under cage of Ghagra and Ghunghat with my nose properly chained by my husband.

At last the Muh Dikhai was over and we had a food together, I managed to eat with the ghunghat over face but enjoyed it thoroughly….In the night I was waiting for Kiran, She changed into nice white T-Shirt and Shorts.. Once the lights were switched off & I was released from Ghaghra, Ghunghat and nosering Kiran experienced an Animal hidden in my body.

From tomorrow I was going to leave a normal life of Bahurani of this Haveli, the Bindani of royal Khandan of Sareewala.

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