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First Day at Sasural as Bindani - MUH DIKHAI - 2

This Ghagra-choli was truly a princess’s dream. But I was torn. Totally humiliated at the situation I found myself in. But what could I do? I was the bride, my nosering tied with chain to my husband.


Left encased in my Ghunghat, standing there, I began absentmindedly fondling the heavy material of my Ghagra-choli. My dainty manicured fingers gently fluffing and swishing the Ghagra around. I began feeling dizzy and my cock began to stir in my cotton petticoats. Could it be? Was I beginning to enjoy this feeling? What is this all happening?

I looked further to see all the guests and Kiran’s relatives. I wondered if they would recognize me. Can they make out that the Dulhan in Ghagra-Choli is actually a MAN? I saw several young girls of my age wearing T-Shirts, Jeans or Skirt Tops few were even in Sarees but all modern. They were talking and giggling. I liked few of faces cute and sweet faces smiling showing their whitest teeth.


OH MY GOD! PIYU!! I saw Piyu !!! No wait…. Oh My good friend Piyu now wearing a lite yellow Saree with Pink Border… oh She is looking so cute and who is with her… I saw a handsome man of my age with her. Piyu’s companion was wearing a Jodhpuri Suit tall and well-built man, He was looking like a true Prince of some kingdom. I have never seen him… Oh Piyu is holding is hand and pointing towards me…ohh my god what has happened?? Is he Piyu’s boyfriend? I wanted to run but then I realized the nosering & chain securely held by my Husband, my Prince charming...

Piyu in lovely Saree
Piyu's friend Rahul


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Oh no! That meant that Piyu will never become my wife!!! And why has she come to attend my MUH DIKHAI? I never wanted Piyu to see myself locked in chain and nosering.
I think Piyu was explaining that guy why my nosering as a ritual is chained to my husband’s finger. That guy whoever was he started laughing.
I was dumbstruck! I stood there staring blankly at Piyu who was standing at the other corner of the hall. I was trying to let the meaning of what has happened to Piyu in. "That's it" I thought, as I shook my head in disbelief. "I'm firmly on my way to being a woman! For life. I can't believe this is happening to me! And I am going to lose all the cute girls like Piyu & Smitali to men like this" I didn't know whether to be angry or to cry.
Laughing to myself, I thought "OK RAHUL, that's enough of that. You'll can’t do anything now, I am Shilpa and I am BIndani of this house.”
I tried to ignore thoughts of Piyu and her companion, Soon the ladies will line up to meet us, they will one by one lift my Ghunghat and pass their comments, they will tease me and my husband. They young girls will also join out of curiosity, they will touch my Ghagra, my jewellery and my braid of long hair. I was looking down at floor to hide my embarrassment and waiting for the MUH DIKHAI ceremony to start.
“Hello Everybody!!! ” All of a sudden I heard the familiar voice of Piyu over sound system. Piyu was now coming towards the stage with wireless mike in her hand, she was managing her Saree Pallu very gracefully by another hand. She was looking so cute in her Saree.. I wanted to hold her hand and kiss her….BUT I am not more a MAN, I am a WIFE…..
While she was climbing the stairs, I noticed her petticoat frills peeping out from Saree, ‘Oh my god!!! She was wearing a full sized frilly petticoat, I could hear the rustling of her petticoat’, Why Piyu why ? why are you teasing me like this ?? I wanted to ask her.
Piyu stood near me and Kiranji, Kiranji was standing now, Rekhaji also joined us. Piyu then started again over, “Welcome all for the MUH DIKHAI ceremony, let us give our best wishes to Prince Kiranaji and lovely Dulhan Princess ShilpaBindani of Sareewala Province, Let us pray for their lovely married life, My friend Shilpa is very lucky that she has got a handsome prince as a husband. Rekhaji and all the family are also lucky because they have most modest and most obedient Daughter-in-law for their Haveli, I am sure ShilpaBindani will treat and respect her in-laws like kings”
Everyone applauded at once, My erection sprung up and lifted the Ghagra & petticoats like tent.
Then Rekhaji took over and said “Everyone is request to queue up and meet my Bindani one by one”
Kiranji sat down on the sofa and I shifted near him taking care of nosechain, I stood their uncomfortably waiting for the hell. I saw through my Ghunghat, Piyu coming towards me.
“Congratulations Kiranaji ! Congratulations Shilpa !! She had a handshake with my husband and took my bangle filled wrists in her hand, I did not dare to look at her face, “Hey Shilpa what is wrong?” She asked me, I slowly lifted my eyes to look at her, she was looking very beautiful in the Saree and honey colored eyes and whitest teeth were mesmerizing, her shoulder length straight hair were going perfectly well with Saree. I wanted to marry Piyu BUT I am already married to a MAN… ohhhhhhhh… Kiranji gave a little pull to my nose ring, I realized my mistake. I reluctantly pulled my Ghunghat more down over my face and bowed my head.
Piyu paused a moment, then continued whispering in my ear. "How does it feel, Rahul? Hmm? I mean, how does it feel to be ShilpaBindani? To be turned out and prettied up in the most feminine Ghagra-Choli, the Dulhan Jewellery the nosering and its chain? Are you enjoying it? Are you turned on? Come on, you can tell me. After all, it's just us 'girls' here." she snickered.
She then swiftly touched my instrument, which was standing tall at the embarrassment.
“WOW !!! it is massive” she raised her eyebrows and started laughing. Piyu then took my nosechain in her sweet fingers, she inspected it and giving a small jerk to it asked me “Does it hurt? It must be a lovely feeling to get chained at nose to your master!!! You wanted it, you are getting it.” I said nothing, and kept my eyes low.
Piyu then added, "You know, it never would have worked between you and Kiran. I mean, what with you and your 'small endowment', and always reading those queer stories on those web sites. This is truly for the best. I mean, you do make a beautiful Dulhan and a lovely daughter-in-law! Kiran is very happy and I just KNOW that you are doing your part best to keep him satisfied, dearie. I hear that he is strict and truly royal in her male persona. But she is equally beautiful and cute as real girl."
“Shilpa! You are lucky you have a got a strict Husband and a cute companion at the same time you are living your dream of cross-dressing for 24 hours.”

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I gathered my courage and asked her “Who is the man with you?”
“Ohhhh !! Are you jealous Shilpa ??, He is my fiancĂ©, His name is also Rahul, but he is a real STUD, he also likes to buy Sarees but for his girlfriend and not like you to wear yourselves. Don’t worry he don’t know that you the SHILPABHABHI is having a huge cantilever standing erect inside your Ghagra. We are going to engage in next month. Rekhaji has given permission for you to attend my engagement with Rahul but you will attend it of course as Shilpa with your husband Kiran.”
It was shock for me, attending Piyu’s engagement depends on my Mother-in-laws permission and that too I must wear Sarees accompanied by my husband!!! Ohh how cruel everything has become!!! And what about our friends there… AND SMITALI ???? I wanted to collapse. I can’t stand in SAREE before SMITALI…..
Rekhaji came hurriedly near me, and ordered in her husky voice “Bindani, no more talks with friends now, ladies are waiting to see my daughter-in-law, I want to show them how I keep my Bindani under control, make sure to touch feet of everyone propely.”
Piyu smiled mischievously and said, “I will also come to meet you with Rahul, don’t forget to touch our feet too”
I stared wide-eyed through my Ghunghat, contemplating my fate. Frightened and trembling, standing there in most obedient manner.

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  1. Wow!! Just wow!! Make Piyu play with his Instrument more.

    1. Hi, Being a Daughter-in-law or Bahu, there are limitations on me as Bindani. Enjoying such pleasures is also not allowed, but I will try to get my MAN caressed by Piyu.

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      So she is not allowing me to waste time on writing the posts. Instead she asks me to do house hold work

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    I'm about to get married in few days in such family where I've to live my life like this bahu.. who has to wear heavy clothes with heavy jewels and serve in laws in long ghunghat without uttering a word.

  7. Shilpabindani's Saasuji,
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    1. Dear All Bahus,

      Your mother-in-law accepts your pranaam. I have allowed ShilpaBindani to write the post. For last few weeks ShilpaBindani was experiencing how it feels when her nosering is attached to the kitchen wall using only 1 feet chain.
      I made her to stand like that for hours and hours facing the wall with Ghunghat over her face. and Occasionally Shilpa was awarded with bamboo stick strikes on her Saree clad bottom.

      She has learned a lot now and ready to write about her next post. Right now she is standing in bedroom for last three hours and writing the post
      She will soon publish it.

      Your MIL,
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      You also need to made to stand facing wall nosering tied to a nail in the wall.
      Stand like that for two hours as a punishment

      Her Highness Rekhaji Saahebaa

    2. Yes Sasuji,

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    3. Her highness Saasuji Saahebaa
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      Please forgive me for everything. That is not what I meant. Of course I don't have any authority being a bindani of such khandaan. Everything will happen as per your wish and your order only. We're just here to follow all your commands. I would be obliged if you punish me like that because it would keep me under control.

      Your obedient
      Vilpa daasi

    4. Rumiji Pranam!!
      I would love to get punished by Her Highness Saasuji Saahebaa.
      I'm trying to be the most obedient bindani of this royal family.