Thursday, 13 April 2017

First Day at Sasural as Bindani - MUH DIKHAI - 1

We were waiting for my husband and my Sasuji to arrive, I was standing there enjoying my Orange Ghagra-Choli, It was very very heavy, Sonali told me that it weighs 16kg. Adding 2 kgs of Petticoats and two kgs of jewellery I was carring 20kg weight on my body. Burden of being Bindani!!!!

It was really humiliating to see someone like Sonali & Aditi who despite of being girls, wearing T-shirts & Jeans. They always seemed to laugh hysterically whenever I tried to look at their dresses through my Ghunghat.
Soon my husband Kiranaji joined us he was wearing a nice Jodhpuri suite. I pulled my ghunghat a little and bowed my head lower.

"No need to be shy, Bhabhi" Sonali smiled placing her hand at my back. I didn't like the feel of it. Her smile, however, was natural and reassuring. Gently, she led me towards Kiranji, who was now sitting on the large chair. My Ghagra-choli was heavy to walk in, almost as if it had weights attached to it; and the thick, constricting petticoats caused the Ghagra to sway from side to side making it impossible to walk in. I was very nervous walking restrained in ghunghat there helplessly, I then slowly bent down and touched Kiranji’s feet as per the proper procedure.
Kiranji allowed me to stand straight, we were now waiting for Sasuji and soon she also arrived. Everyone including Kiranji stood up. Kiranji was now standing on my right, I his wife on his left. Rekhaji was now carrying few wooden boxes in her hand, I missed my heart bit at the thought of more heavy and bigger nosering….I slowly bent to touch feet of Rekhaji who was wearing a Yellow Kota Doria Silk Saree. Once I got up, she opened the box. There was a big nosering waiting for me, I tried to avoid my erection showing up from my Ghagra. Rekhaji attached the new bigger and heavier nosering to my left nostril and its chain above my left ear. She then gifted a 3 feet solid cane to my husband. Kiranji hold that cane in his hand as if he was going to use it on me, whenever needed….and was going to control me properly. I was struggling to hide my erection. Rekahji then opened one more box, I was surprised to the contents of the box… It was nothing but a two meter gold chain made from alloy of gold, silver & copper. It was having rings at ends and a ring in middle. I was not able to understand its purpose. I sensed hysterical smile on everyone’s face. A cold wave went through my spine to my legs. Rekhaji slowly lifted my ghunghat and attached the one end of that chain to my nosering with small gold screw fastener, I wanted to protest, but was not allowed to… then the middle ring was inserted into my middle figure of my right hand and the end ring was inserted into Kiranji’s left hand figure. OK so it means I was now chained like a prisoner and my control was given to my master my husband. I wanted to explode.. I wanted to make my entire Ghagra wet. I fearing of tearing my Ghagra from inside. The erection was massive……Kiranji gave little jerk to chain which reached my nosering and realized my mistake and came to my bridal reality.
I was the prisoner & slave now of my husband. Everyone now sat down on Sofas except me, Kiranji also sat down taking care of my nose chain, He was now the newly gained authority on me, I had to stand very close to his chair, to avoid my nose getting pulled.  
“Bindani ! How do you feel now Do you want to say anything now?” Rekhaji asked me.
I wanted to shout, I wanted to protest and tell them that enough of it.. I want to become a man now, I don’t want to be Bahu or Bindani, I don’t want to wear Ghagra-Cholis and Saree……
But instead, I managed to say “No hokum, I am very much delighted and happy”
“Good Bindnai” Rekhaji appreciated

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“Now I want you to listen to the rules you will be following in this Haveli as my Bindani, I want you to tell me if you agree” Rekhaji added and started dictating the rules for me.
“Now as you have become true Bindani, with your Nosering chained to your husband, I want you to understand few responsibilities that have become part of your life. By becoming a Bindani of this haveli, it is agreed that you have gave up all rights to your husband Kiranji in every manner, and that your husband takes entire possession of you as property.”
“Ji Hukum” I said
“You will obey and submit completely to Husband and his relatives in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which that you may willfully refuse to obey the will or whim of your in-laws. You the cross dresser ShilpaBindani also must realize that from the moment the nose ring chain is handed over to you, that your body belongs to your husband.”
“Ji Hukum” I said
“From today you should know that you are here is to please your in-laws, in that you now exists solely for pleasure of them, and that you will seek to learn how to please in-laws better, then you will push yourself harder. You as our Bindani must understand that all that you have, and all that you do, is no longer a right but a privilege, granted only as we wished, and only to the extent that we find useful.”
“Ji Hukum” I said
“You will strive diligently to remold your mind, appearance, habits and attitudes in accordance with your husband’s desires. You will need to be eager to change your actions, speech, and dress to express the ownership.”
I once again managed to say, “Ji Hukum, I understand and I agree to everything you said”
“Good Bindani! Now listen to the dressing schedule, you have to follow it after a one month from now, for next month you will wear either Gujrati Saree or Ghagra-Choli and you face covered with Ghunghat 24 hours. After one month you follow Saree schedule as follows
Monday – Gujarati Saree and Ghunghat for entire day
Tuesday – Normal Saree
Wednesday – Normal Saree and head covered with Pallu for entire day
Thursday – Ghagra-Choli with Ghunghat for entire day
Friday - Ghagra-Choli and head covered with Pallu of Chunni for entire day
Saturday – Gujarati Saree and Ghunghat for entire day
Sunday – As per the wish of you Husband
Daily you must wear minimum 21 bangles in each wrist, anklets and nosering are mandatory, Long hair braid should be kep in front or back as per your husband’s wish”

“Ji Hukum, I will follow the rules” I said pressing my erection with my both hands trying to avoid ejaculation but still my rocket got launched and my inner petticoat became wet, but now one realized the massive satisfaction I received.
“Good Bindani! Then let us go out every one wants to see face of my Bindani” Rekhaji said so and we then left the room and made our way to main hall.
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It is physically difficult to walk when your nose is chained to someone’s hand. To maneuver the heavy Ghagra-choli & Ghunghat was another difficulty.
The weight of the Ghagra & petticoat was heavy on my waist and the size of the Ghagra made movement very tricky.
I was able to appreciate better the feel of the Ghagra-choli & petticoats. To move in it was bliss, especially accompanied by my Husband Kiranji, with constant threat of him using his cane on my ass. I caught a glimpse of myself through my Ghunghat in the mirror at the end of the corridor and sighed. I looked gorgeous indeed. Kads smiled happily as I enjoyed the Ghagra-choli..
In the hall the ladies were singing a lovely song, which was exactly suitable for my situation
मेरे हाथों में नौ-नौ चूड़ियाँ हैं,
ससूरालमे बहुत मजबूरियाँ हैं, मेरे हाथों में नौ-नौ चूड़ियाँ हैं,
आते जाते सबके मै पैर छूलू, आते जाते सबको मै प्रणाम करदु,
मेरे हाथों में नौ-नौ चूड़ियाँ हैं
लम्बी-चौडी हवेली ये ससुरालवाली,
 जब मै सेवा करू मेरे सासुजीकि, काहे चूड़ियाँ खनकती हैं हाथों में
लम्बी-चौडी हवेली ये ससुरालवाली,
जब मै सेवा करू मेरे नणंदजीकी, काहे पायल छनकती हैं पैरो में
मेरे घुटनों से लम्बी हाय मेरी चोटी है, मेरी नथणी बहुतही भारी है
मेरे घुटनों से लम्बी हाय मेरी चोटी है, मेरी नथणी बहुतही भारी है
मेरे नणंदसे आज मेरी जंग हो गई, उसने चोटी हाय! मेरी जोरसे खींची
मेरे नणंदसे आज मेरी जंग हो गई, उसने चोटी हाय! मेरी जोरसे खींची
ओए शावा शावा शावा
मेरे सैंया किया ये बुरा काम तूने
कहीं का भी नहीं छोड़ा मुझे हाय राम तूने
मेरे सैंया किया ये बुरा काम तूने
मेरे हाथों में नौ नौ चूड़ियाँ हैं


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I saw thousands of women and girls there waiting for me. They were amazed and amused at the sight of a newlywed bride in Ghagra Choli tied with chain to her husband. All cheered when we walked towards the temporary stage erected in the main hall. I wondered how I would feel when I will bend over thousand times today in this Ghagra-choli with Ghunghat and nose tied to chain??

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( Continued in next post..... )
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  1. Brilliant part bindani!!
    This is called Super humiliation.
    Wearing extended nose ring with such long chain is really an awesome thing.
    Unfortunately this has not happened with me. This Sareewala khandan is super rich who can afford such expensive things.
    You're so lucky to be a part of this family who can give you so much pleasure of wearing such a heavy clothes and jewellery.
    I'm so envious about your place in their family and haveli...

    Can I be part of Sareewala khandan by any chance where I can have all these privileges as your Saasuji says??


  2. Shilpabindani
    Aap comments pe reply bhi nai karte??
    Bahot busy lagte ho apne saasuji ki sewa mai?
    How is your husband doing?
    Is he punishing you properly?
    Your muh dikhai function is going amazing.
    Tell us more about it.
    I was also thinking if you've done your first Gangaur puja as bindani.. so tell us more about it.

    Aapki pyari Vilpadaasi!!

    1. Yes the Jal-Puja, Karawa Chauth are coming soon. Keep your Petticoats and Sarees starched & ironed to participate

  3. Dear All Bahus,

    Your mother-in-law accepts your pranaam. I have allowed ShilpaBindani to write the post. For last few weeks ShilpaBindani was experiencing how it feels when her nosering is attached to the kitchen wall using only 1 feet chain.
    I made her to stand like that for hours and hours facing the wall with Ghunghat over her face. and Occasionally Shilpa was awarded with bamboo stick strikes on her Saree clad bottom.

    She has learned a lot now and ready to write about her next post. Right now she is standing in bedroom for last three hours and writing the post
    She will soon publish it.

    Your MIL,
    Her Highness Rekhaji Saahebaa