Saturday, 1 April 2017

First Day at Sasural as Bindani - 4

Once everyone was served by me with Snacks & Tea, I stood near the sofa where my mother-in-law was sitting, I wanted to sit down and relax but no one cared to ask me to sit down, I stood there with my left hand taking care of my ghungat over face and right hand playing with my long braid of hair.


I suddenly felt tired and sick in to my stomach. Was this right? I will have to get used to the heavy sarees & petticoats and long choti, and I will also have to appreciate the unique sensation of my Ghaunghat brushing my face. I loved the feel of the fabric against my face and the frilly petticoats adorning both my ankles. I wanted to pull back my Ghunghat from over my face and inhale the fresh clean air but I knew I could not, in the presence of my in-laws. Instead I stood there with my Ghunghat fluttering over my face. I wanted to remove the Saree and wear t-shirt & shorts, I wanted to shout and tell the world that I am a MAN and I am not a BAHU BINDANI. But I realized that no one will listen to me and I will never be able to keep a foot out of this haveli.


New beginnings and new discoveries, It was almost amazing to believe that I was indeed a married woman. I mean I still had the urge to stare at cute girls or even shout out in excitement while watching a cricket match on TV like I always did, but now it will not be allowed, instead I will be standing besides my in-laws in my Saree and Ghunghat. I was searching for my husband, the feeling of having husband is marvelous. I wanted to bent over before him and touch his feet. I wanted to submit to him and obey his orders.


All of a sudden the door opened and my husband Kiran walked in from outside. He was wearing polo suit and sports shoes. He sat on a sofa near the door. I pulled my ghunghat and blushed a little at sight of my husband. Without knowing what to do, I kept standing there, my mother-in-law pulled my saree and said, “Bindani don’t you see your husband has arrived from Polo ground? why are you still standing here? Go and serve him…” everyone in the hall laughed, few elderly women said she don’t know duties of a Bindani

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How can a MAN know how to act like a Bahu Bindani?? I slowly walked towards my husband, and stood before him. Finally my mother-in-law came near me she pulled my choti slightly and asked me to bend and remove his shoes.


Ahhhh ohhhhh…. So it is my duty to remove his shoes ?? I liked the idea I slowly bent over and removed Kiranji’s shoes then the socks. Once done Rekhaji asked Sonali to help me.. Sonali took me to kitchen and we came back with a big empty plate and pot full of water. Both off course were carried by me over my head. On MIL’s instructions I kept the plate on ground and slowly kept Kiranji’s feet into it. I used water from the pot to wash his feet in the plate. Most embarrassing moment for a MAN like me!!! Washing someone’s feet when you are wearing a Saree and Ghunghat with wrists full of bangles is amazing. I then kept the plate aside and wanted to dry his feet. Rekhaji said “Bindani what is the use of multiple petticoats you are wearing?? use your petticoat frill to dry your husband’s feet” I was wearing huge petticoats without any effort, I clutched the frill and rubbed his feet dry. This ritual took almost 2minutes but I enjoyed the submissiveness in it.

"Bindani now don't forget this .... daily you need to help your husband to wear and remove shoes" Rekhaji told me.

"Ji Hukum" I quickly said so pressing my erection inside.


Then I touched his feet as a respect, Kiranji then inspected my Saree and my long choti. I tried to look at his face through my ghunghat. He was satisfied with my servitude.


Then there was lunch time, I spent almost two hours standing near the dining table and serving my in-laws. Once everyone had eaten I was allowed to sit on a low stool in the kitchen and food was served by the house maid. Eating without lifting the ghunghat was difficult also the big nosering was making every effort to make my life miserable.

In the afternoon someone switched on the TV to watch cricket match. For the first time in my life I watched the cricket match standing and wearing Saree with Ghunghat over face. I used to play cricket watch cricket, I am the biggest fan of cricket, But I don't know I will ever play cricket.....
And today I am  ... I'm helpless, standing beside my husband and his fingers playing with my long choti, which I have kept on front from my right shoulder, he pulls it gently. The pull sends an ache right to my hair roots. My head falls slowly to one side. This is going to be a new rule for me. Whenever my husband is sitting, I'm to stand beside him as a reminder of my place -- I am his wife. I obey. He plays with my long hair suddenly I'm trembling all over as submission and arousal grip me and explode deep inside.
Inside I began to realize how, not only I was physically locked into this role but socially as well. I was now going to be dependent on Mr. Kiranji for survival and because of it expected to act like his wife. Serving my husband Kiranji, wearing a translucent Saree with Ghunghat, having to keep my one hand engaged in holding my long choti to bend before him to touch his feet, keeps my inferior male ego in check.
I came to learn from my first day morning as a Bahu of haveli that in the haveli, in-laws are regarded as if they are gods, they were the masters and their slightest wish was a command. Daughter-in-laws kept in their shadow and followed their instructions with meticulous care
Once the match was over, Sonali and Aditi took me to my bedroom to change, it was going to be my MUH DIKHAI ceremony
Sonali then handed over two big orange petticoats and a nice orange Ghagra-choli. I wore that ghagra-choli with petticoat within seconds, the ghagra was huge and very very heavy, then adjusted the chunni. Sonali then selected golden and red bangles and preferred lot of them for me. Sonali tied up Pajeb, Anklet, Bichwas (rings worn on toes) on me. I was now wearing golden bracelet with little red hearts in between and false diamond shinning there. Sonali then put on necklace, my hand Jewelry i.e. rings chained to each other than meeting in center on outer side of your hand to one of the heart type medium sized golden thing and then to bracelet. Then she took matching Tikka and tried to put earring and a heavy nose ring with chain in my nose.

In five minutes Aditi joined us and brushed my long hair. The long hair covered my back fully and touched my buttocks. In a few minutes Aditi had plaited the hair in a single plait, embarrassment is what it was. She swung the choti around my shoulder and let it rest on my right shoulder. Now I was quite close to being a traditional bride. And I blushed looking at myself. Aditi put her arms around me, lifted my chin and leaned forward to cover my face with ghunghat. I smiled helplessly at her.
I watched my reflection in the mirror become unrecognizable. With the modification that had occurred already I could feel my self being physically molded into my new social role of a daughter-in-law of this khandan. By my appearance society would expected me behave and act accordingly. My cock was straining against the folds of my petticoats & Ghagra.

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Soanli then informed me the news that the hall was now decorated & arranged for the MUH DIKHAI of new bride. All of my in-laws will sat on sofas. Women and young girls from neighborhood started coming in. Soon my husband will also join us here in the bedroom. Rekhaji will also come here and then I will walk towards the hall with my husband. What a nice situation will that be. I complete as a new dulhan will walk with my husband. I am sure my husband will be wearing traditional Kurta and Dhoti. My cock was almost an 8" long at the thought of walking with my husband. I wished my husband should handcuff me and chain me and walk me to the hall to show case his obedient wife to all the world. What a humiliating and embarrassing situation will it be for me to be a slave of my husband before the cute young girls of my age from the neighborhood !! I wanted to experience it badly..... 

Soon we will go out in the hall soon the women and girls will come near me, tease me and I will have to touch feet of every woman and young girl nicely and obediently.

I was now waiting for my husband, I wanted to touch his feet once again obediently......

( Continued in next post..... )
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  1. Raja Singhji
    ShilpaBindani, I hope your wish comes true and your husband handcuffs you and puts leg cuffs too tied them together with a steel chain so that you will have to permanently bend over while standing and walking with your husband

    1. Dear Rajaji,
      What a lovely dream !! do you want a crossdresser wife for such fun? I am ready to marry you and become your bride
      -- Amir

    2. Respected Rajaji, mera aapake pair chhukar pranaam swikaar kijiye

      kya paapki shaadi huyee hai ? apaki wife mus be very lucky. Kya voh bhi crossdresser hai ? kya mai aapake wife ki Sautan ban sakati hun?
      Mujhe bhi Saree pahanake handcuffs chahiye
      please please reply
      -- Aapki Rashi Daasi