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First Day at Sasural as Bindani - 2

"She's pretty helpless but definitely enjoying, let's see what we can do to make her a little less comfortable” I looked helplessly at Aditi she gave a hysteric smile and then stood in front of me with an evil grin on her face she then slowly pulled my pallu from my head covering my face with Ghunghat. Oh! I was now a typical Bindani, My life was now going to be encased in Ghunghat. I enjoyed the sensation of Ghunghat over my face and the thought that if anyone looked at me they would see a helpless Bahu. I really envied Aditi & Sonali who were enjoying the freedom & were confident young girls in unrestricting clothes like Jeans & T-shirt. They were enjoying my reduction from MAN to a BINDANI. What an absolute wonderful feeling! Ghaunghat is a very effective form of humiliation for a crossdresser MAN and was totally removing any pretense of MALE posturing on my part. What a strange luxurious sensation it was! An enervating, captivating sensation against which I felt the need to struggle. I had a feeling now of being really in In-law’s power. The delicate thing, all orange Saree, but relentless as steel in its grip, seemed to me an epitome and a symbol of a Bahu.


Ghunghat eradicated most of my sight. With the Ghunghat over my face, it was cold and the material clung to my face irritatingly. "A final precaution," said Aditi who held all the power, "Now, onwards keep in mind that your Ghunghat will remain on place properly all the time, it will teach you to be modest in the presence of in-laws, ShilpaBhabhi, and to remember that you are under their authority. You will have it always” she said. And she was right! I was completely imprisoned within the Saree & Ghunghat!


Taking away clear, distinct sight was perhaps the worst thing that the Ghunghat did to me.


When they finished, Aditi & Sonali sat back admiring their work. Then in an instant their eyes lit up taking on that smoldering, aroused, sadistic gleam, which appears in the eyes of orgasmic women when they has intention to crush a male ego for their pleasure. 


In a steel-edged voice she commanded, "From now on, ShilpaBhabhi, You are to keep Ghunghat this way EVERYTIME we see you. Is that understood?”


All I could do was dropping my head in submission, and shame and whisper "Ji,”


Aditi again added “One more thing Shilpabhabhi always respect your in-laws saying Ji Hukum”


"Are you ready to go ShilpaBhabhi?”.


“Ji Hukkum” I said past my Ghunghat.


Immediately I felt a chill run down my spine. I was going out dressed as a woman in Saree, for the entire day. I knew I would pass, but the circumstances had changed an exciting moment into a tense one. Sonali put a reassuring hand on mine and lead me slowly. Small breathes, Small steps, left hand loosely holding the pleats of my Saree in front of me, right hand demurely holding the edge of the Ghunghat, considering the circumstances. My member was stiff from pent up excitement. It was good that I had worn heavy cotton petticoats and was holding the pleats in front of me. My erection could be contained and camouflaged.


Aditi & Sonali’s smile sent a little shiver down my back at the thought of what my first day at my Sasural as a newlywed woman was to bring.  For some reason I had a very special feeling about today.


But I was a young man, 23 years old and soon to be 24. How could they do this to me? I was to grow up to be and fill my place in society as a man; I could not let myself be dominated by slim & apparently weak young girls like Aditi and Sonali.

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I already doubted whether I should go back to being a BOY at all but with all my willpower I decided not to give in to these emotions. I had to be a man. I do not know why, there is absolutely no logical reason or explanation, but Aditi's words made my nerves tingle. The most pleasant sensations suddenly raced through me. All my former ideas of becoming a man again suddenly had vanished. All I wanted to be was Aditi's Bhabhi ! Sonali’s Bhabhi !!. I was happy with my new status ‘Bindani’ and my new name “ShilpaBindani”


It was very humiliating to obey Aditi and Sonali but I have already locked away my male pride and handed the key to my in-laws. I was totally in their hands again and there was no way out and no end to it. But I was happy.


The constriction or the Saree & Petticoats, coupled with my Ghunaght, made me sway my hips even more in a feminine 'swish'. Aditi exclaimed, "Oh that is so much better, you are just so cute!" I blushed in shame, as they both giggled. "Time is running out", said Sonali. I was feeling very feminine, but still very embarrassed as the two girls again smile big smiles.


So, to continue, that was the first day of the rest of my life as an attractive young new daughter-in-law named ShilpaBindani. A rather startling and magnificent beginning in Orange Saree,


Those were unsettling to my sense of masculinity. Even worse, I had sort of decided that I wanted to wear Sarees and petticoats 24/7 for the rest of my life.


"Did the feel of the petticoats on your legs please you?"  Asked Aditi


"Yes Hukum" I replied shyly. Aditi nodded her head.


Aditi then added. "There's no doubt ShilpaBhabhi that you ought to be kept in crossdresser's clothes all your life."


"All my life Ji?" I exclaimed horrified.


"You are so much easier to manage," she replied. What a selfish argument! All she thought of was her comfort, not one consideration did she give to me, my position, and the career which awaited me. No! As a youth, I should give her orders. Under discipline and dressed in a Saree I received them from her. That was all she cared about.

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"All right sweetie; it's time to go to work. You’re a responsible Crossdresser Bahu now, who'll wait on her in-laws and obey their every command. I protested that I couldn't walk with Ghunghat over my face but she insisted that I learn to live with that situation.


I started to blush, again. Yes, I loved this, but maybe I should have been a bit more reticent. I am not supposed to be so overtly happy wearing Saree & petticoats, but I felt like a wild animal being held in captivity, Caged at last, forced to express my feminine side.


It was all I could do to remain calm as I heard my petticoats swishing inside my Saree as I minced over to the door. I mused to myself that even little things, such as the sound of my payals & bangles, were magnified to such a degree. Being a woman was obviously a distinct turn-on for a man.


The feeling of wearing a Saree for the entire day was something I had not been prepared for at all. There was something very pleasant about the way it swung and the feeling of the petticoats against my legs. My long thick hair tied in a long choti did move like real ones and I was quite dazed at how feminine I was beginning to feel. Aditi gave a slap on my Saree clad butt and I headed to the door obediently.


We came out of the room my head was bowed and I bent more than usual. I worried more about the attention the tinkling anklets and my long braid of hair would draw as I appeared to others. With my Saree & petticoat, negotiating stairs required my full attention. The frill of my petticoat allowed me to place half the sole of my feet on the next tread, if my other foot is right next to the riser. The Saree required my one hand to lift it while negotiating stairs & the other hand was busy in holding my long ghunghat. Descending was far more difficult to accomplish. I watched my Saree with lots of frills of my petticoats rise and fall with each step. I turned at the landing, and stared at the full-length mirror at the bottom of the stairs. I looked out of the corner of my eye into the mirror I could see the reflection of a beautiful woman, embarrassed and smiling shyly about the most wonderful feeling of joy I had ever had. It showed a young woman in Saree & Ghunghat descending with her Nanandis on both sides that were in T-shirt and Jeans. My mind went from confused at looking at my own reflection to totally thrill about being called a Bhabhi and being under control of these beautiful Nanandis. As I was walking down I was enjoying the dilemma with no evidence of maleness left. How such a strange consequences transformed me from a young man to a helpless Bahu of this Khandan!


My heart began to beat faster with anticipation as Aditi & Sonali helped me down the hallways. I was walking very slowly and deliberately taking care of my Saree, ghunghat & long choti.


Aditi's sense of humor had not been lost. "I think our Bhabhi got the better assignment while walking. I'm sure she is enjoying the restrictions of Saree & Ghunghat"

What will happen now ? Will a MAN be able to perform duties of a Bindani wearing Saree and Ghungat ??

 My drear Bhabhis and Devaranis What are you waiting for ? Why are you not putting your comments ??

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  1. hiiii all i want you to see a blog related to traditions of india as you can add all the traditional jewelry and how they create problems to the one who wear

    1. Paai laago ! Sure Ji !! Very true the jewelry is not easy to manage with Saree and Ghungat