Thursday, 2 March 2017

First Day at Sasural as Bindani - 1



I was awoken in the morning by a loud knock on my door and a voice telling me to get up, it was Sonali & Aditi’s voice, I slowly checked myself and I was still wearing the white Salwar Kameej, my husband Kiranji was not in our bedroom. I slowly walked to the door, my bottom was paining due to yesterday night’s cane treatment. I opened the door, My Nanandis Aditi, Sonali entered our room they were here to help me. Both were wearing nice t-shirts and track pants. I was expecting Piyu, because as per our initial plan, I was supposed to wear a good Salwar Kameej and in the afternoon go back to my normal life of a BOY.


“Bhabhi be quick everyone is waiting for you, they want morning tea to be served by New Bahu of this Haveli” Said Sonali.


“Give me 15 minutes Baisaji, I will have a Bath and change into the Salwar Kameej, where is Piyu” said I


“Ha ha ha!!! Bhabhi no more Salwar Kameej!! You are going to wear Saree today, did you forget that you are a Bahu of this Haveli” Aditi laughed loudly


“Where is Piyu, I want to meet Piyu…Because she had told me that I can wear Salwar Kameej today” I tried to avoid Saree.


“Piyu left this Haveli yesterday night”


Ohhh…. I was shocked to hear that Piyu has left me alone in this situation. I then remembered what I have committed to Kiranji, I had told him that I will be his wife for entire year. And now I realized my mistake, I did not think at that time, that I will have to wear Sarees from day one. How did I forget that newly married women wear Saree and not Salwar Kameej?? But my other mind and my cock responded positively at the thought of becoming a real sister-in-law despite of being a man. I made up my mind and accepted the future.


As per their instructions at the time of bathing, I loosened my hair bun also and used plenty of shampoo to clean my semi-permanent long hair. I then wore the heavy white cotton petticoat and orange colored Choli. I slowly came out of the bathroom to find both of them ready to help me to become the newly wedded woman.


I stood before my Nanandis. Sonali picked up one puffier, orange colored cotton petticoat and snapped it in the air a few times. It seemed to swell even more, and she held it in front of my face to see. It was thick, with multiple rows of frill. The bellowed effect of the petticoat was nice I could not hold my breath, and slowly wore that petticoat also, now I was wearing two petticoats one white and the Orange one having lot of frills at bottom, I already started experiencing the combined weight. BUT I was eager to know which Saree I was going to wear.


Sonali showed me the number of Sarees ready for me but then held "The Saree" before my eyes, I wanted to fall down and I lost power in my legs and knees



It was a crispy orange colored most beautiful Saree. I was going to wear that Saree, a BOY was going to wear nicest orange Saree with a cutest golden border and heavy embroidery work. Wearing a Saree like that was going to be very different. That was nice translucent Saree.


Sonali helped me to wear it in Gujarati style. What an embarrassing picture was that, two sweat girls wearing male clothes T-shirt and Jeans helping a true MAN to wear confined and restricting clothing of a Bahu like Saree Choli and Petticoats.


It was certainly a magnificent Saree and as my hands touched the rough & crispy material of the Saree. I felt really happy. I was embarrassed to realize that there's nothing I can do to hide my erection from Aditi & Sonali.

"Isn't this Saree sweet Bhabhi?, If that doesn't give you a hard-on, nothing will." Said Sonali, the Saree was still to come. She said hard-on ?? I thought, I heard something wrong.


“Let us fix Bhabhi’s long hair first” Said Aditi and started brushing my long hair. The long hair covered my back fully and touched my buttocks. I could feel the pulling as my hair was lifted slightly to allow them tied in long braid. After about five minutes of this, I could feel the pull at the roots of hair as Aditi made long slow strokes through the shiny, black hair. I could feel the ends of the hair against my back & ass. Now and then as Aditi brushed, I would catch a glimpse of my long thick braid of hair at by bottom. I could think only of how I must look. I imagined myself with beautiful, long flowing braid. The thought was so exciting I could hardly breathe. In a few minutes Aditi had plaited the hair in a thick long single plait, embarrassment is what it was. "Oh, Bhabhi your choti is so beautiful, long and so thick!" Aditi, said I was embarrassed to see the way she was holding my braid in her hands

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She swung the braid around my shoulder and let it rest on my right shoulder. Now I was quite close to being a traditional bahu. And I blushed looking at myself in choli petticoat with long braid running in front from right shoulder reaching up to my knees.


I wanted to yell out that I wasn't a woman, but I didn't dare. Already my boyish bravado was disappearing. The girlish sensations around me had an unnerving effect on me.


Sonali then started putting that beautiful translucent orange Saree on me. The Saree had pearls sewn on the pallu, small with an iridescent shine to them. The Saree had a golden border. I realized that Sonali has tied the Saree on me in Gujarati style. She then slowly pulled my pallu to cover my head. Thank god she is not covering my face with Ghungat I assured to myself.


Aditi then pushed twenty-one silver & golden bangles in each wrist. My hands suddenly became heavy. Then time for Payals, they tied double chained payals in my feet they were also heavy. All were now making lot of noise.

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Then Sonali walked me over to the mirror with the petticoats moving sensually between my thighs creating a wonderful frou-frou effect. The Saree and thick petticoats prevented me from moving very faster. I eagerly complied, the cold, thick petticoats caressing my legs my translucent Saree caressing every part of my body. The waves of femininity that were sending electric sparks all over my body were almost as good as orgasm.


When I saw myself in the mirror, I wanted to die immediately. I was now a typical newlywed daughter-in-law. With every slight movement of me, my jewelry was making lot of sweet noise. My long braid touching my knees was on front from my right shoulder. I was now a sweet little Bahu of this Khandan ready to obey, ready to serve.



“Welcome to womanhood, Rahul.” said Aditi. She was standing before me studying my face. Rahul???? ohhhh she said Rahul ???? ohhhh that is my name!!!! They already know what is standing erect inside my petticoats!!!! I wanted to shout loudly and run out of this Haveli, I don’t want money... I want to be free MAN….BUT nothing was going to happen.


“Rahul this is the last time, we are calling you by that name, but from onwards you will be Shilpa for us, our crossdresser Bhabhi !!! Sweet ShilpaBhabhi” Sonali and Aditi whispered.


I attempted to reach up to them but quickly recalled my situation. I opened my mouth to speak, but Aditi placed her finger over my lips and smiled. "No Bhabhi !!! Bahus of this Khandan are not allowed to speak without permission and for that we have a solution, this will make you remember the rule” added Sonali and opened the wooden box of my Khandani nosering and attached it to my left nostril. I wanted to resist but Aditi applied a slight pull on my long braid.


I envied the freedom that the young girls Sonali  & Aditi were enjoying, Jeans, T-Shirts and

shoes. A wave of despondency surged through my body; I felt the shame and humiliation at being presented to the young Bahu, Bhabhi in these crossdressing clothes Saree blouse and petticoats.


I was scared of being discovered I was secretly enjoying what was happening to me. It's a good job my Saree had such a full petticoats as my throbbing cock was rock hard again and pushing the front of my petticoats out .Sonali noticed this and squealed "Look Bhabhi loves this, look at bulge inside the folds of her Saree"


I felt the frills of my huge petticoat around my ankles, which felt very sexy. I had never felt this wonderful in whole life and hoped it would never end. It was the sweetest of self-imprisonment. The sounds of bangles and anklets, allied with the wicked susurration of Saree whispering over cotton petticoats excited me to a fevered pitch.

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  1. Hai shilpa bhabhiIt's me rakhi
    How are you, how is your life in your in laws house?
    What hapend in your first day with your saas&nanadis.Did you perform well of daughter in laws duties.
    Pleaseeee write more about your life as bahu,
    Plz don't forget we waiting for your stories from plzz post your stories.we are unable to waite more than 6 days for your beautiful stories......

  2. RakhiBahu, Soon you will see the next post, but I want you to read the blogs wearing only Sarees that too with ghungat. You must not read it sitting but standing, will you promise me so ?