Sunday, 12 February 2017

My Wedding Night - Final


 Kiran then went on my back and cracked my ass again with the cane saying “Hence forth I want my wife not to take my name openly, you must call me Ji or Hukum only”


Kiran was using a senior rattan cane, about four feet long with the crook handle sawn off. As I stand there, the second stroke landed just below the first and as I flinched, I also wondered how many strokes I would be able to take. Before I could think anymore, the cane landed a third time and I clenched my teeth and eyes, as well as my fists. The pain was beginning to build.


Kiranji then released my handcuffs, I slowly and carefully put my ghunghat over my face and stood there, and fiddling with my wrist full bangles, I would rather stand there motionless for any length of time.


Kiranji then giggled a lot, "I'm afraid you are just going to have to get used to that. After all, you're going to assume the traditional housewife's role in our relationship and I don't want you to go through life regretting it. As my obedient little Bindani, you’re going to have to be supportive of my kingdom. Your efforts, though mostly behind the scenes, are going to contribute to my success as a royal prince. Whether you are ironing my clothes, or just simply polishing my shoes, I want you to take special pride in each little task, knowing that you are contributing to my success and our happy home."


Shame coursed through me. Guilt tore at my psyche. My mouth was dry and my hands trembled.


"Well, Bindani, are you going to act just like a little wife for me tonight?"


“Ji Hukkum " I managed somehow to get the words out.

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"Look, ShilpaBindani. You're not going to be a man again. Ever again."


HE let that sink in me and continued. "You're a woman; my wife for now on-- a very pretty young Bahu of this house. And yes-- you do have to wear cute clothes like Sarees and make yourself up. Otherwise how will you keep your self-pretty? Being pretty is very important for a young Bahu, isn't it?"


"Ji Hukkum”


He grinned, "Good Bindani! Now I will not have to turn you bend over and spank you till you obey me."


I looked up at him, startled. I knew that he would do that to, if he thought I needed it. I also knew that there was absolutely nothing that I could do about it either.


"Now, I want you to prove to me that you obey & serve me the way a new wife should respect her new husband."


"What do you want me to do, Hukkum?"


"I want you to come over here, and bend over in front of me. I want you to touch my feet once again. Then, I want you to ask me if I will let you massage it for me. Can you do that, Shilpa?"


I slowly stepped with my heavy Ghagra and took the five or six steps over to where he was standing. I stood there, feeling so weak and in his control. I flushed, because I loved the feeling. I looked up at his eyes, then over his dhoti-kurta and down at his feet. Very slowly, I allowed myself to bend till I could touch his shoes. I looked up at my husband. I looked straight ahead, at his feet.

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I bent till his mojdi were right in front of my eyes. I just could not believe what I was doing. I touched them with my hands. I quickly slid his feet out his mojdi and slowly started massaging his dhoti covered feet. He kept telling me how good that felt. As he relaxed and I massaged his feet. I was effeminate, and I was kneeling, before my husband, and, I was really serving him. He was a real man, and, I somehow had the sense that I was honoring him for what he was.


My husband was fully relaxed, enjoying the powers of being husband in his comfortable bed. He was enjoying my dilemma as I was being punished before him. The effect was delightful.


I kept my eyes fixed on floor past my suffocating Ghunghat, my head hung forward, Kiranji was seeing that I was struggling. My face was red & blushing with both shame and pleasure.


I moved my head back and I looked up at him. Kiranji was smiling down at my submissiveness.

My cock was hard and long, Kiran then asked me to change into a simple white cotton salwar kameej and switched off the lights. I slowly entered into bedsheet to find Kiran waiting for me, I and Kiran swapped the roles and I ran my drill machine hardest, we don’t know when we went into deep sleep.
I woke up one or few times and was scared at the thought of living life as a Wife or Bahu Bindani for a year and that too with a Strict  & Punitive husband and dominatrix Monther-in-law and Sadist Sister-in-laws. But I was going to get a chance to wear lot of Sarees and Ghagra-Cholis.....

Tomorrow is going to be my first day at Sasural ( in-law's house) as a newly married woman. Will I  a MAN be able to handle the burden of wearing Saree and play the role of Bahu & Bindani ( Daughter-in-law ) ?
My drear Bhabhis and Devaranis What are you waiting for ? Why are you not putting your comments ??
( Continued in next post..... )
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  1. ShilpaBhabhi good that you accepted to be Bahu of Sareewala Haveli, now I am coming there to live, I am going to be your Jethji ( Kiran's elder brother )
    I am very strict and expect my crossdresser Bhabhi at my feet near my jooti.
    Be ready to respect and serve me
    Kunwar PahaadSingh

    1. Kunwar Jethaji Saaheb, Paai laagoo
      You are most welcome

    2. Good Bindani, serving me is not easy, ask your Jathani ManjuBindani
      I expect my crossdresser wife and Bhabhi not to sit before me nor to stand straight but stand bent in 90 degree before me, I make ManjuBIndani walk also in bentover fashion with me inside the haveli
      Kunwar PahaadSingh

    3. Kunwar Jethaji Saaheb, Paai laagoo..
      Aapki sewa mai aapki dusri bindani Vilpadaasi bhi available hai. We never ever sit in front of our patidevji or jethji or sasurji. We always stand as bent over in front of all the gents of our khandaan. We only sit at their feet near shoes if they order us. Our head is also always covered with ghunghat from our rajputi poshak. Our head and eyes are always face ground in front of the gents of the family. That's how we respect our elders and gents of our family.
      We love to serve our in laws in any possible way they ask for.
      Jethji please order us so that we can serve you in best possible submissive way.
      Aapki pyari Vilpadaasi

    4. VilpaDaasiBhabhi, It is good that you have accepted the submissive role so fast, All crossdresser Bhabhis should follow you,ShilpaBindani and my Wife ManjuBindani
      Now keep practicing bending over
      Kunwar PahaadSingh

  2. My Dear Bhabhis, please be ready I am coming to give you Murga Punishment, What a picture will be when ShilpaBindani, ManjuBindani & VilpaBindani will stand before me in Murga Punishment with their faces covered in Ghunghat.
    Loooooooooooovely feeling
    Rajkumar PahaadSingh

  3. Rajkumar Jethji saheb, Aapko paai laago..
    We're waiting for your orders and punishment. Please make us murga wearing ghaghra choli and ghunghat in front of you.
    Aapki Pyari Vilpadaasi..

  4. Rakhi
    Dear shilpabahu....
    Please write next part of story.We want to know about your first day in haveli with your saas.
    We are waiting for your storiessss.......

    1. Yes RakhiBahu the blogs are published now please read with ghunghat over face and a heavy nosering

  5. Can anyone accept me as their bahu ?I am a crossdresser.. Typically I wear saree,with ghunghat n niqab.i want to punished by women n want to serve them

    1. Yes Sunanda Bahu, you can enjoy life like me, but you need to practice wearing Sarees and Ghungat and doing all the house work then only you can become a Bahurani Bindani