Sunday, 12 February 2017

My Wedding Night - 6

BUT when I looked at Kiran I found that she has removed the false mustache and her face was cute as any other girl. I liked Kiran at the same time and I liked the way she was having the control over me.


As a sign of appreciation my dick started pushing the fabric ahead.


"I wanted to make a MAN my wife!" she told me. "I've always wanted it. I always wanted to punish a crossdresser man."


I sensed a difference in Kiran’s voice. I saw a sign of dominance in Kiran eyes

"Rahul I am now going to call you Shilpa only, I really think we can make this work. Piyu really cared about you, and thought we would make a great match. I know about your situation, and you can either have life like wife or not that is entirely your decision. I am Kiran , I am genetically female but I like to live like a boy a man . I am heterosexual and have always wanted to have the best of worlds in a lifetime mate. I think I have found that in you. Why we've chosen you as Bahu of this Khandan Shilpa. Your basic problem, as indicated in that movie, your habits of cross dressing and a lack of respect for women especially the girls in your college, you enjoy imagining them to punish. It is therefore my intention that, while you are in my custody, you will be made to dress and appear as a Wife, Bhabhi & Bahu, and we know that you like it very much. We were knowing from the day one that you are Rahul and not Shilpa. Your Mother in law, Sonali, Aditi everyone knows it.

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Ahhhh… names of Sonali & Aditi made me nervous.


"I'm not gay and I know I can't really BE A MAN. But at least I can live like one." She explained, adding. "I just want to live with the freedom a man has, to act like a man, to dress in clothes that don't bind and restrict. I want to give orders and be obeyed and I want to be taken seriously! Thanks to Piyu who gave me a lovely male bride like you”


Her intensity and certainty was charging the air and I was breathing hard, as if I'd been running.

Not quite knowing what to do next, I stood there.


“I have an offer for you, you stay with us as my wife, I will pay you 4 lakh rupees per month. As per the rules of trust, I am supposed to stay with my wife here in this haveli at least for a year. You stay here as a Bahu Bindani of this Khandan for a year and then we will set you free.”



Standing there in handcuffs and ballgag I was unable to express anything, but I liked the idea. I looked at the floor, ashamed. I knew what she was going to say. I knew that because she was my husband and because I was the girl that I was going to do anything that she wanted me to. Worse, I wanted to.


"You made a vow when I married you that you would obey me. Do you intend to obey me, Shilpa?"


I wanted to say Yes and No at same time


“Do you Shilpa agree to be my wife for next one year?” She asked me again


I wanted to say yes but the ballgag muffled my voice


“Do you agree Shilpa”? she asked again and switched off the lights then removed the ball gag, still keeping me tied in handcuffs.


“Rahul this is the last time I am going to talk to you addressing you as Rahul that is why I have switched off the lights, because I don’t want this to happen it in light and again. From this moment you will she and not he. And I will be he and not she, also no one in this house will mention that you are a man, you will also not disclose to anyone that you are a crossdresser man”


“Yes Kiran yes I agree” I don’t know how I managed to say those words.


Kiranji then touched my erect cock from outside my Ghagra and tried to jerk it. My cock responded immediately to that soft touch of real woman. Kiranji laughed a lot, “A Dulhan with COCK!!!” said she, I wanted to cum desperately I wanted to touch and throw my payload out but Kiranji kept me aroused.


“Shilpa, the lights are still off, let me tell you that occasionally we will swap our roles for few minutes in the night in dark. Where you will be MAN and I will be WOMAN, but apart from that you will always be a woman and my wife. But as you have agreed to be my wife, you will never get a chance to become man for next 1 year, because the Trust people are going to secretly make sure that, I have married for real and my wedding life is going properly.”

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“Let me tell you one more thing that Piyu also received 10 lakh rupees and Shilpa’s mom too received 20 Lakh rupees, Now I will deposit 48 Lakh rupees in your account but you will get to access the account only after one year, and today only you will talk to you family and tell them that you have got a good assignment and you will be not in touch with them for a year, and as token we will send you them 10 lakh rupees”


I was not able believe on ears. Everything was coming to me as a dream come true.
My drear Bhabhis and Devaranis What are you waiting for ? Why are you not putting your comments ??
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  1. Rahul aka ShilpaBindani, do you receive Murga Punishment from your Husband ? do you enjoy it ? and does he use Danda to spank you ?
    I am also a Man and I want to wear Saree and become Murga