Sunday, 12 February 2017

My Wedding Night - 5

“Shilpa !!! lovely name for a MAN right ? you are Rahul !!! right?? That is year real name correct??” 
Ahhhhh I am handcuffed not able to speak …. And Kiran has found the truth …. What is going to happen to me….??????

Trying to look past my Ghunghat, I perched standing there with my hands locked in handcuffs above my head, feeling terribly insecure, my nose ring shivering due to shame and fear. My gaze lowered through the Ghunghat. I didn't dare look up as my husband is circling me with the cane in his hand. Soon I found I couldn't take my eyes off the cane that he was flexing in his hands.


How come Kiran know that I am a MAN and not a woman? I am Rahul and not Shilpa? Who told Kiran about this role swap? I wanted to know the answers and I wanted to explain it to Kiran and go back to my normal life of a fresh engineering graduate BOY as early as possible.


I want to run….this is something wrong happening.. I am a MAN… I should prove that now and I should get rid of all this.. I wanted Piyu to help me…I started making movements to release myself from the handcuffs.. I tried to pull my wrists…


BUT nothing helped, only lot of noise was produced by bangles, anklets and other jewellery. My Ghagra & Petticoats also fluttered a lot and made rustling sound….


Kiran raised the cane and landed it on my bottom for 10 times without stopping. A sweet pain ran though my buttocks to entire body and my cock grew 10 inches.


“Nice performance Rahul Sorry Shilpa Bindani !! Let me make you more uncomfortable”

Saying so Kiran pressed a button on remote, soon I felt the pull on my wrists and found myself standing on toes only.


“More you do the drama Rahul!! More cane you will get on tour buttock!!!” Said Kiran in firm voice.


I wanted Kiran to remove the ball gag, so that I could have asked him to call Piyu and help me to explain everything.


But I was completely at my husband's mercy. It was an amazingly stimulating situation. I found myself wishing I could play with my dick; I was so horny. I needed to just jerk off. It gave me intense pleasure to be reduced to nothing more than being a bondage sissy in Bridal Ghagra-Choli & Ghunghat. My dick was rock hard and I was aching to touch it. My nose ring was also shivering due to the constant arousal.


Once again my husband exclaimed, "Rahul you look so darling and I’m as thrilled with your bridal jewellery & lovely Ghagra-Choli as you appear to be from exhibiting them. You are so cute. You are an ideal Dulhan”. 


I can feel the weight of my heavy Ghagra and Petticoats. My Ghagra was riding up and was showing my huge petticoats with lot of frills. "That’s the nastiest, but most thrilling scene I’ve ever witnessed!" Kiran cheered. That sounded much better than whore and slut. After all, I was just someone who was finding the true self tonight. Not a loose man, but a woman an obedient wife only interested in serving her man Kiran.

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Kiran was treating me like a real newly wedded wife.


I not only was nervous but apparently very excited too because my cock was straining hard against the front of my petticoats beneath my Ghagra. I stood there helplessly as my cock grew like never before causing folds of my Ghagra to lift up almost few inches as the material was being pushed out.


"I have never been more serious about anything in my life. Now, I want you to answer something. You remember today we made you my wife and attached your nose with our royal nosring and chain?"


As if I could ever forget. "Ummmm” I said, I wanted to say “Yes”


“Be uncomfortable Rahul and let me show you a movie” Kiran said so and switched off the lights and started the big flat TV on the wall. I was still standing in the suspended handcuffs with my ball gagged mouth. Unable to do anything but to watch what is happening past my ghunghat.


I saw myself on the screen walking to college with Piyu, the secret camera zoomed and showed my hands secretly touching Piyu’s cotton skirt, then few more shots where I was caught secretly touching & pulling long braid of real Shilpa. Touching Sarees of girls from my college on festival days. Next a secret camera recording of my crossdressing sessions in my room. Sarees, Ghagra-Cholis. My self-punishments handcuffs, I am trying noserings, bangles and anklets. Etc,..

Then it showed a medical certificate where it was mentioned that I am not a woman or a gay but a perfect MAN.


My heart bits increased and I started shivering... I was totally exposed…I once again tried to release from the handcuffs but received 15 more strikes of cane on my ass.


Then there started next movie where there was medical certificate of Kiran. To my amazement Kiran is not a MAN or Gay but a complete woman. And then Kiran’s old photos in girls school uniform and one or two even in Saree, but then afterwards all the photos where Kiran was wearing male clothes.

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I was relieved to know that Kiran is a WOMAN and not a MAN, But then what is happening now!! Why she has tied me here? Why she married me?
“Rahul I hope you have understood now, the wedding for 2000 core of trust need is real, I am also a crossdresser but I love to wear male clothes and as per the trust rule, MAN only, can receive the inherited amount. So I was searching for a MAN who loves crossdressing, I spent a lot on searching such person and accidently I found your name from one of my friend, we then approached Piyu and videotaped you secretly. And the trust was also pressing for my wedding so we decided to trap you and put you in the role of Shilpa.


I wanted to shout and tell her that enough is enough, I want to go back to my real life now..
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