Saturday, 28 January 2017

My Wedding Night - 4

"This is it!" I said to myself as we headed the bedroom. This was the night I would actually consummate my relationship with my husband, my master we were now married. I didn't know whether to be excited or nervous. I guess I was both. This was the night I would actually consummate my relationship with my master, my husband. I closed my eyes and stood at the door, taking in a deep breath. Tonight I would be his wife forever. I would be his woman forever and ever. I was thrilled and giddy with delight. I was now Shilpa Sareewala. I was a married woman and wished remain so the rest of my life.


My hands were shaking as I thought of going in to the bedroom. Dipti and Piyu slowly pushed the doors and held it open for me. Rekhaji then slowly pushed me inside and closed the door behind me.  I stepped into the room before my courage deserted me, and made myself take each step, one at a time, shaking almost visibly from nervous fear, I made myself take that first step. It had never failed to please me to see my petticoat peeping from border of my heavy Ghagra. As I looked ahead through my Ghunghat I could see my husband waiting for me, my heart racing uncontrollably, I realized what a privilege it was to serve my owner in person. Absolutely terrified of getting anything wrong, then,


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I began tentatively, trying to remember how Bollywood actresses walked in movies while playing shots like suhagrat - in those halting steps that every bride uses. I clutched the milk tray firmly in front of me as I began my walk towards the throne like chair where my husband was waiting. My Ghagra billowed and swayed in front of me with each halting step as the petticoats I wore rustled loudly in my ear.


The bedroom was HUGE, and featured a large king sized four post wooden bed. I saw Kiranji, he was wearing Dhoti-Kurta with a big pagari and false mustache. I missed my heartbeat when I saw a laththa (thick 4 feet long bamboo stick) in his right hand. The site of the stick made me feel a little nervous.


My payal were adorning the ankles. The anklets making the most seductive and provocative sound that no red blooded groom is able to resist. Also known as jhanjhara, the anklets were fashioned in the form of a single chain or paizeb, a heavy thick chain of silver with an edging comprising clusters of tiny bells. My pajeb and bangles ringing with a sweet tune of jewelry will be something a bride can experience. Walking towards him with my face down covered with Ghunghat  , no eye contact , lot of sigh and shame on my face , little nervous and fearing . I stood in front of him like a doll. I was utterly aware of the female clothing that I was wearing. I was the Bahu of this family. He was the MAN, and I was his complimenting woman in Ghunghat.


I sighed and blushed again. I put the tray on the table and bent down to touch his feet, as an obedient wife. I felt the full weight of the Ghagra, Nose ring and jewelry as I bent down. I was helpless!! Trapped!! Under the powers of my husband. At a man's complete mercy. It was magnificent! And all of a sudden my cock sprang into life, it became hard and long. Okay !! So my cock liked my submissive pose and position.


I was standing bent over in front of my husband, as taught by my Mother-in-law I first touched his left leg then the right one and then clasped by both palms and kept them touching the floor near his feet. I saw he was wearing a leather mojri a traditional footwear. Rekhaji had told me not to stand without permission from my hudband. I stood there waiting to be dismissed. Desperately awaiting my husband’s permission, his words.  Helpless. I was his slave. Willing, wanting, ready, Obedient, polite, respectful, wearing beautiful dulhan dress in my full submission and eager to obey and yet still almost terrified at what was to come.

My mouth was dry and my hands trembled. I was a twenty-three years old man, but I was dressed in a Bridal Ghagra Choli, and it was my wedding night! I was actually married to this handsome tanned muscular Husband Kiran . My friend Piyu had brought me to the altar, and given me to Kiran , to serve and to obey.


My back and thighs started aching so I decided to stand as my remaining male instinct suggested. Before I get up even an inch, Kiran tapped my wrists with the cane and pointed me to keep standing bent over. At that very moment the room was filled with naughty and mischievous laughing of girls and boys, I slowly looked at the door and I could see everyone standing at the open door and enjoying my submission.


“Kiranji !! Shilpa is new to this Bridal rituals please do not punish her for her mistakes!!” said Dipti & Piyu with great laugh. My Instrument reacted to their comments erecting extra-long. Rekhaji then closed the door again.


As the minutes ticked by I became more and more nervous. I felt both terrified and yet aroused at the time. I was on a knife-edge of arousal and frustration.


I wanted this to stop soon and Piyu to come inside the room to relive me from my duty of a dulhan and wife.


My face flushed with the deep shame I was feeling. I was ashamed of my feelings, because, I wanted to do this. This was so perverse and so wrong; yet, I wanted to do everything for this true man whom I had just married. I wanted to serve Kiran …. I wanted to massage his feet I wanted to obey his every order. I wanted Kiran to smack my Ghagra clad bottom with the bamboo cane he is carrying….


I was still bent over and looked at the door though past my ghunghat, it was locked. Kiran slowly stood on his legs and walked towards the door carrying the cane in his hand, his leather footwear made the authoritive sound. After locking the door from inside, he went to my backside. Due to bent over position I was not able to see what he is doing. Suddenly I realized he held my hands and helped me to stand straight, he held both my bangle full wrists tightly in his hands. And slowly walked me to the dark corner of the bedroom, he was on my back side, at one place he slowly raised my hands above my head.. I was scared now…I want Piyu to enter the room ….BUT it did not happen. A heard a clicking sound and cold metal touched my wrists, the familiar metal touch of handcuffs. Oh I was now handcuffed securely in suspending cuffs from the ceiling. I opened my mouth to explain that I am Rahul and not Shilpa and I am man not a woman. But my mouth remained open because of the ball gag pushed by Kiran. I was able to say something like “ummm…ommmm…” nothing else.


Kiran then came near to my ghunghat clad face and pulled my nosering with his figures, and then what I heard was shocking


“Shilpa !!! lovely name for a MAN right ? you are Rahul !!! right?? That is year real name correct??”


Ahhhhh I am handcuffed not able to speak …. And Kiran has found the truth …. What is going to happen to me….??????

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( Continued in next post..... )
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  1. Vikky.
    Hai shilpa bindani.Thanks for post this story with in 6days.
    I think your 'MIL' gives you more freetime now.we hope you will post next part of story soon.we want to know your wedding night, did you get caning from him.Did he blindfold you over your ghungat with duppatta while he cane you.we are waiting for your stories.we hope you post stories within two three days. All the best Dear Shilpa bhabi.

    1. Hi my devarani VikkyBahu Thanks for your comment, No ! my MIL is not giving me free time..
      The tasks and punishments take lot of time, especially when I am wearing these heavy Sarees & Petticoats
      But I keep writing my story else every night I have to stand in a pillory as a punishment

  2. Lakshmi.
    Shilpa bahurani.Please post stories.we are waiting for your stories.We cant wait more.
    Plzzzz post at least two stories per week.

    1. Dear Lakshmi, I will try to write the stories but I spend most of my time bending over at feet of my in-laws.

  3. Rakhi Bindani
    Hai r u ?, plzzzzzzzzz upload stories.we need to know about your wedding night, did he punish you?.

  4. Hi RakhiBindani,
    Saree Pranaam, I am good, I will upload the next part soon... yes he punished me and made me to accept his authority over my life
    I enjoyed being obedient to husband

  5. We need more sex from piyu with shilpa

    1. Shilpa has become a wife now, how can she have sex with Piyu ??