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My Wedding Night - 3

My eyes were closed and I was waiting for the nosering….Please don’t do this to me.. I don’t want to wear a nosering…but at the same time my other mind was wanted to feel the heavy metal caressing my chicks and nose.

The clip clinked as Rekhaji fastened the nosering to my left nostril. My nose suddenly became heavy and I felt the pull on my nostril due to the nosering. The chain was then tucked in to my hair above my left ear.  Fingers tilted my chin, her signal to raise my gaze to her. I swallowed hard as I did so opening my eyes slowly.

"You are now a complete Bahu of this Royal Khandan," my Mother-in-law said. I gulped and swayed slightly as I stood there, my nose beginning to ache from big nose ring with heavy chain running to my hair.. . Now anyone can take control of me by holding the chain tightly... 

It was the most embarrassing moment of my life, to wear a heavy and big nose ring despite of being a perfect MAN....this nose ring has made me a complete woman..shame on me... suddenly I realized that I have lost my stiffness ohh what a shame I am no where a man now....I started trembling I wanted to check my it has become soft? Suddenly my erection has this the effect of nose ring..?? Oh no ....Have I really become a woman and wife ???

I lost my remaining male-ego. This nosering ritual gave me intense pleasure to be reduced to nothing more than being a Bahu in her Bridal Ghagra-Choli on her first night. My dick was lost  and I wanted to check it but it was not possible now..due to the heavy Ghagra and multiple petticoats.

I looked at piyu  past my ghunghat. She was smiling, her hands up to her face as if she couldn't believe I had really become a dulhan . I blushed with fear and shame & my own cock lost somewhere amidst the petticoat and folds of my Ghagra-Choli. My mind was focused on the thought of what I was doing here! Standing in front of these women in Ghagra-Choli & ghunghat fully attired as a bride, as a newlywed Bride! What will happen now???


I had thought that if Kiran really thinks I am Shilpa and tried to grab me inside that bedroom then I will show him my member and explain him that I am not real Shilpa but Rahul…..My hard member was the passport for me to come out of my bedroom. But now I have lost the erection…what if Kiran could not see my instrument and assumes me  as a real woman???

After removing the Gown and wearing the dulhan attire I have not seen into the mirror, I now wanted to look at myself in Ghagra-choli.

Finally I was allowed to see in the mirror, as I saw myself, I nearly fainted I had to swallow, really hard. From head to toe, everything that defined me as a male was gone. There in the mirror was a beautiful young bride, dressed in the most resplendent wedding Ghagra-Choli you can imagine. She was truly a vision. I couldn't believe it was me in all that silk finery. When I turned, she turned, when I moved my hand, she moved her hand. When I touched my heavy nosering she also touched her nosering. "Oh my!" I thought it really was me! I moved back in fear. The payals that I was wearing rang out as I moved with. The modification that had occurred already I could feel my self being physically molded into my new social role of a daughter-in-law of this khandan. By my appearance, society would expected me behave and act accordingly.

"ShilpaBhabhi you will have to be very careful while walking in this Ghagra-Choli with Ghunghat over your face" said Sonali.

“You must be particular in covering your face with ghunghat before your in-laws”

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So thorough was my transformation that there was now no trace at all of the young man I once was. I was now a beautiful young girl, a virginal bride about to be given to a strong virile man in matrimony, I found myself standing slightly bent at my waist as an obedient Bahu. I found that I liked having my body encased in that heavy Ghagra-Choli & Ghunghat.

Ladies were seeing me as a goat that shall be chopped soon by lion called Kiranji . I too was shivering with fear and time ahead me. I saw towards some of them for help but no one was ready to cooperate. I saw some girls laughing very cruelly and wishing me great luck for my night ahead. Some ladies really looked at me with all the pity as they realized what I am going to get. I wanted to  touch my nose ring again and again. it was giving me a immense pleasure.

Where is my cock ? why have I lost the erection ?? I was scared now.. Have I really become a woman ?

Ladies were laughing at me, while enduring these taunts from my in-laws and ladies from community, I managed to remain quiet. Embarrassed and blushing madly. I was waiting, losing all track of time. Just waiting, locked, helpless, alone and fully dependent on my in-law’s will.

As a Bahu of this family, I was going be transformed into ShilpaBindani, a lovely, mincing Bahu whose only desires would be to revel in her extremely delicate and increasingly radical feminization and to serve my husband and his relatives in any way they required. My bold, brash and arrogant male self will be destroyed and replaced with the dainty, ultra-feminine personality of a Bahurani.

I had been summoned to stand still with my face covered with Ghunghat, but knew not what lay in store for me but didn't care as the dream had come true I was thinking my wedding with Kiran , hi which had destroyed my masculinity. Kiran  enjoyed the wedding by taking over my life to turn me into the perfectly sissy-wife. I was standing there nervously awaiting the Omni-potently the moment’s arrival. I stood without moving for over an hour amid the girls my mind racing, was it a cruel joke. I felt quite nervous; I knew that in a few hours time I would be in our bedroom with my husband, as a woman. The thought made my body tremble, both with apprehension and anticipation. In many ways I probably felt like any bride on her "wedding night”.

Now all I had to do was waiting! In the suffocating Ghunghat of my bridal Ghagra-Choli, the sensations I was experiencing were enhanced to the point where I could think of nothing else. It was distinctly uncomfortable for me. My heavy nose ring with a heavy chain imposed their will upon my nose. With my hands full with heavy bangles, I had to stand forward at a slight angle suitable for my position as a new bride. Any movement that I made, any squirming, rewarded me with a lot of noise of my jewelry. Time seemed to go very slowly, making it seem like hours.



I was very anxious standing painfully alone in the middle of all the cute girls. All the friends of Sonali & Aditi were relaxed and sipping gingerly on cold drinks. I was a meek little mouse in a room full of hungry cats. I had my face covered with Ghunghat of my Ghagra-Choli. My hardness lost and I was not able to find the answer

Then came the really bad news.... "Oh by the way, Dipti and her husband are coming to meet you, Shilpa" Piyu mentioned almost casually.

"Dipti & her husband?" I gasped

Just as she finished, Dipti and her husband burst through the door and into the room. I looked up hesitantly and they both gasped. Dipti has always been a lightning rod. Today wearing a nice plane yellow saree with green border a true newly married girl she was. She was one of the most beautiful women that God has ever created. A tall, striking lioness - long auburn hair, green eyes, a smile that lights up a room, and a body that normally graces a dancer - firm, hard, sexy and sensuous. Her husband  6 feet tall and wearing jodhpuri and having broad mustache was equally good looking.


"Oh, God - look at that. Shilpa," Dipti cried out in disbelief. "Oh! It is! You're right, Piyu ". Then she came very close to me and whispered, "I know Rahul it is not easy to be bride.! Rahul sorry ShilpaBhabhi you are looking so beautiful," unable to stop her and jumping up and down with delight. Dipti reached into her handbag and pulled out a small pocket camera. She flashed off three pictures in rapid succession.
Dipti then touched my big nosering and applied a slight pull on the chain.."Lovely feeling isn't it ? Rahul? ahhhh   what a pain I am too a man but I am wearing Dulhan dress. I wanted to hide from Dipti and her husband but that was not going to happen…

I lowered my ghunghat covered face due to shame…

“Piyu !!! my college friends also have come to meet me they are also coming to meet Shilpa” said Dipti

Ohh Dipti’s college friends means senior students mu college.. I started trembling


I could hear their footsteps racing and suddenly I felt panicky again. I looked quickly in the mirror. What I saw there almost made my heart stop. I was a girl; there was no denying it.  I had always fantasized about this, about my college girls finding me dressed in woman clothes, about having to stand before them in a Ghagra-Choli blouse but this was different. Here, I was trapped, there was nowhere to hide all I could do was wait helplessly. 


I was to be seen by some senior girls and boys from my college, in this ignominious condition. The shame of it came home to me. I looked piteously at Piyu. But there was no sign of relenting in her face. Luckily, I thought, the girls will not recognize me. It is only Shilpa whom they will see with the ghunghat over her face. I slowly pulled my ghunghat more on my face.


I heard a light quick step outside and Nidhi, Mona, Sumona, Karishma.. lovely girls of twenty in a smart jeans & t-shirts with sports shoes ran into the room, they were also accompanied by some boys. A bright fire was burning on my face now due to shame; I turned to hide my face in ghunghat as long as I could. There were about twelve girls and boys altogether, mostly known to me and all of them whom I had known as a BOY. I was introduced to them as Mrs. Shilpa , Dipti explained how I had marry so hurriedly. I had to stand and listen, but my cheeks burned with shame.

I was standing there, amongst those smartly dressed college mates, unable to sit, unable to talk. I felt terribly humiliated. I found it difficult to breathe. The boys were looking at me, this was the most embarrassing and humiliating moment of my life. Despite of being a boy I was going to be wife of someone


"You are our Bhabhi – a Bhabhi to ALL of us," Mona gushed, cooing with happiness.


“Mind your Ghungat doesn't blow up, Bhabhi" Swati teased me. "What if everyone saw your big nosering? Don’t you fill the weight of your nosering?” This thought had occurred to me, and every time my Ghunghat blew lightly up, I began to grab them just like any woman. This caused all the females to burst out laughing. I was near to tears, so humiliated did I feel.

 "Look, Bhabhi is even wearing many PETTICOATS" said Nidhi

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 "Good. Now I can get a better look at our new Bhabhi." Sitting on the bed, she began lifting my Ghagra then petticoats. "Look at all the frilly petticoats girls, so many layers and all thick cotton, aren't they pretty" she said counting them out loud... "one... two... three... Goodness, all those petticoats, and no wonder your Ghagra-Choli is standing out like that." I wriggled as she continued to pile on the humiliation. "Now then, we all know how newlywed brides love to wear their biggest nose rings with chains too."


As the minutes ticked by I became more and more nervous. I felt both terrified at the thought that soon my Nandis and Saas would take me upstairs to my husband.


Into this one magical moment when I was finally going in a bedroom of my husband as a Dulhan in Ghagra-Choli for Suhagrat the wedding night.


Rekhaji pulled my ghunghat properly in front and handed over a heavy tray with glass full of milk and said, “ Bahurani serve this milk to your husband and not forget touch his feet properly”


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My in-laws, Piyu, Dipti, Her Husband, College friends all then followed me upstairs to the bedroom where my husband was waiting for me. All were laughing and making fun of me. My Ghagra-Choli was swishing noisily around my legs my nosering was caressing my face. My face was burning in humiliation as I was led out to the bedroom, accompanied by my in-laws. It was an unforgettable moment as I made my way up the bedroom. I kept my eyes in front down through my ghunghat and took very short steps in my huge petticoats and Ghagra-Choli. I began to panic, my stomach lurched and my cock was still missing. With my Ghagra-Choli & petticoat, negotiating stairs required my full attention. The frill of my petticoat allowed me to place only half the sole of my feet on the next tread, if my other foot is right next to the riser. The Ghagra-Choli required my one hand to lift it while negotiating stairs & the other hand was busy in holding the trey of milk. The whole way the sound of swishing Ghagra-Choli & petticoats was deafening in my ears.

 I was envying the girls and boys now...especially boys because they were never going to wear Ghagras or Sarees like me... They were smartly dressed in t-shirts and shorts all masculine and enjoying their life..

The door of our bedroom was visible now, I was going to enter that door alone… Husband is waiting inside. I don’t know what has happened to my maleness. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN INSIDE?????

My drear Bhabhis and Devaranis What are you waiting for ? Why are you not putting your comments ??


( Continued in next post..... )
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  1. My my !! Such a strange story ShilpaBindani !
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    You love it ? Swati