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My Wedding Night - 2

Aditi & Sonali then led me to the side by room, where there were large cupboards full of silk Ghagra-Cholis, Ghaghra-cholis some heavily embroidered with gold and silver threads and matching petticoats. There were jewelries silver and gold everything required in the traditional lady's wardrobe. Piyu also was with me. Piyu was given the task to transform me into Indian bride from the western one. No one except me and Piyu were in the room.


Piyu helped me to remove my gown..I wanted to f**k sweet Piyu but Piyu stopped me.


"Piyu I am tired of the heavy dresses enough of this cross-dressing, why Ghaghara choli now? What is wrong in this bridal gown.?" I agitated


"Shilpa behave yourself, you are no more a MAN but a newly married Bahu of a Royal go and have a bath"


I had a good bath, keeping my long hair still tied in a bun, untouched.


I was in my bedroom, naked and on the verge of ejaculation, as I looked at the red bridal Ghagra-Choli, and three full size petticoats neatly arranged besides a full sleeved ruffled choli had lain out on the bed for me to wear. It had already been bad enough, having to bathe in scented bubble bath and then to have Piyu look at me naked with useless erect cock. I hated every minute of it, but I wasn't going to let her know. I thought, I was man enough for that, at least.


"Isn't this Ghagra-Choli sweet Shilpa?, If that doesn't give you a perfect look, nothing will. See Rahul!!! You love cross dressing and you dreamt of wearing these clothes, now you are getting the chance. Only one hour…then I will get you out of your bedroom. You can then wear male clothes and we can even enjoy our usual game..." saying so she caressed my hard and long cock.


Piyu then gave me two white petticoats. each was full and heavy with lot of frills at bottom. I slid in to it. Then she helped me to wear the matching choli it was full sleeved and made out of same material as that of Ghagra-Choli. Then she gave me the matching red petticoat, the Ghagra-Choli was still to come.


I wanted to yell out that I wasn't a woman, but I didn't dare. Already my boyish bravado was disappearing. The girlish sensations around me had an unnerving effect on me.
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Piyu then lowered  the huge beautiful raw silk translucent Ghagra-Choli from my head. It was heavy ...heavier than the gown.  The Ghagra-Choli had pearls sewn on the chunni, small with an iridescent shine to them. It seemed to be purposefully selected the full sleeved choli . It was giving a slight reminder of my past days being a man in full-sleeved shirt.

The Ghagra-Choli had a golden border, lined with small mirrors & bells, which tinkled deliciously at each movement. She then wrapped the heavily worked chunni and fixed it properly in my Ghagra.


I was then asked to sit on a stool; I gathered my Ghagra-Choli and sat delicately making sure my Ghagra-Choli plaits were arranged about me on the floor. Piyu then pushed twenty-four silver & golden bangles in each wrist. My hands suddenly became heavy. Then time for Payals, she tied double chained  payals in my feet they were also heavy. Then a silver waist belt having lot of tinny bells was tied around me. Then a huge Zanzra was attached to my waist. All were now making lot of noise.


Then Piyu walked me a few steps to check the fitting of  choli, Ghaghara and the petticoats. Three full size cotton Petticoats were moving sensually between my thighs creating a wonderful frou-frou effect. The Ghagra-Choli and thick petticoats prevented me from moving very faster. I eagerly complied, the cold, thick petticoats caressing my legs my heavy translucent bridal Ghagra-Choli caressing every part of my body. The waves of femininity that were sending electric sparks all over my body were almost as good as orgasm.


I envied the freedom that the young girl, Piyu was enjoying, Jeans, T-Shirt and

Shoes. A wave of despondency surged through my body; I felt the shame and humiliation at being presented to the young Bahu, Bhabhi in these stupid clothes Ghagra-Choli and petticoats; and how superior I would have felt if I’d met Piyu or Sonali as a Bride in Ghagra-Choli. I was imprisoned in these wifely clothes! …. I was paying a very high price for my behavior.


I was scared of being discovered I was secretly enjoying what was happening to me. It's a good job my Ghagra-Choli was doing as my throbbing cock was rock hard again and pushing the front of my petticoats out .Piyu noticed this and squealed "Look your MAN loves this...look it is pushing the folds of your Ghagra-Choli out. Stand up Shilpa and the fullness of your Ghagra-Choli will hide it".


As I stood up I felt the frills of my huge petticoat around my ankles, which felt very sexy. The feel of the Ghagra-Choli that hugged my body was fantastic. The layers of cotton petticoats were flowing around my body. I almost swooned to hear the sound they made as I moved my legs under them. The whispering rustle was so prettily feminine. The petticoats were thick & heavy, so they caressed my cock, driving me wild with passion over the sensuousness of my Ghaghara.  I had never felt this wonderful in whole life and hoped it would never end. It was the sweetest of self-imprisonment. The sounds of jewellery allied with the wicked susurration of Ghagra-Choli whispering over cotton petticoats excited me to a fevered pitch.


Piyu then opened the door to allow Sonali, Aditi and other young girls & women from neighborhood, relatives to enter the room.


"Wow!!! Bhabhi you look so sweet in the dulhan Ghaghara-Choli.. Kiranbhai will have a shock"


Both then looked at me very closely, it was good that I was standing..hiding my erection from anyone below my Ghaghara.


Sonali then informed us that my mother-in-law was expected to come there at any time.


"Bhabhi you are lucky, you will get a chance to wear the most auspicious nose ring of this khandan tonight..." Said Aditi


Ohhh the nose can a man wear a nose ring? But I am not a man anymore so I will have to face it...and I no choice now....secretly I wanted to know how it feels when a big nose ring is cock started lifting my petticoats again. Half an hour then I will show Piyu how strong MAN I am.. I thought in my mind..

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I saw Rekhaji arrived there with a wooden box in her hand. As a respect I bent a little in my waist, adjusted the chunni of my Ghagra-Choli, made sure that the pleats of my Ghagra-Choli were properly arranged and bent over to touch Rekhaji’s feet as a respect.


Rekhaji came forward and said, “Bahurani make a practice to keep Ghunghat in presence of elders. Serving, pleasing and respecting your in-laws with face covered with Ghunghat will become your biggest single duty and will reap you great pleasure and reward;”


I sprang to comply, her sharp tone bringing me a little out of space. Piyu helped me in covering my face with ghunghat of my chunni, I perched before her, feeling terribly insecure, my gaze lowered. I didn't dare look up as she walked close to me.   


"How do you feel?" she asked me.


"Ji Hukum?" I simpered in reply.


"How do you feel Bahurani, standing here in that Ghagra-Choli and Ghunghat, How do the clothes feel? I myself have selected this Ghagra-Choli"


"Good Hukum." I answered almost too quickly.


"Good, you dreamt to be Bahu of our Kahndan and now we have let you. The Ghagra-Cholis and Ghunghat are an essential part of your life here, when you deal with people they will know your position, your status as Bahu of this haveli. Do I make myself clear?"


"Yes Hukumji.", I feared that my erect cock was going to tear my petticoat. It was the biggest erection I had got but well concealed under my Ghaghara. If I get a chance I was ready to enter any cute girl there, in fact I could have satisfied multiple women was my arousal...I was feeling proud of my great erection it was almost 9 inches now.


She then opened the wooden box she had brought. Inside the box there was biggest nose ring with a heavy chain. She then pushed my ghunghat back a little….. oh NO SUCH A BIG AND HEAVY NOSERING WITH CHAIN??? I was scarred …. I closed my eyes and was waiting for it….

( Continued in next post..... )
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  1. Shilpa, you write such a nice story, it is my dream also to become a dulhan , ghagra, ghunghat & nosering
    Please write what happened next..