Monday, 2 January 2017

My Wedding Night - 1


I had never thought of such day would come... that I would be dressed for my wedding as a Bride that too in Bridal Gown and veil. My face and chicks were hot due to the shame.

I was washed over by the realization that I had dressed in a perfect bride’s outfit and I am now a newly married woman. I was supposed to be the groom but it was too late. What was going to happen? I felt my stomach curl inside; I was trapped in the gown.

I knew that I was blushing madly and I would have done anything to stop blushing.

I was starting to understand what women give up when they get married. I sensed all eyes upon me as we were seated in the limo with my bouquet in one hand and the other held by a cute, handsome gentleman. No doubt, we made a nice looking couple

Now I as a beautiful Bride was being driven to the house of this man who had just taken ownership of me, as though my wishes did not matter. I was excited to be with my husband, but I had zero control over myself! This really was my fantasy come true, I was so turned on by the fact, that I didn’t know where this was heading and had no control over events.

Kiran seemed so matter of fact, so level headed. I smiled at him. My cock was pressing against my petticoats now and I just can't touch it. It felt so huge inside.

We smiled all the time during the drive and felt the brand new feeling of being married girl. It felt so new and exciting! To be a Bahu of a big khandan…but from inside I was scared a lot I was thinking of my then in-laws my Nanadis and Devars and not to forget my Sasuji and their dominance over me.

By now the limo had drawn up to a forbidding looking stone house an Old Haveli. After a little difficulty untangling in gown and petticoats I came out of the car. Taking care of my huge bridal gown and petticoats, and holding my dress up with both hands, we went into the house. I was the princess with my charming Prince; I followed Kiran up the short flight of steps and through the doorway. We then entered into my husband’s haveli.

We were welcomed by Rekhaji, my mother in law wearing lovely golden and red silk saree, I noticed that Sonali Aditi and My friend Piyu had already reached the home and were changed in to more confortable dresses like salwar kameej and skirt top.
Sight of Piyu made me relived.
What now? Please, please don’t get inside, I begged my husband in my mind. I don’t want to go in his Haveli! I don't want to go to my Sasural! I am not a woman I am a Man. But my transvestite persona was enjoying my difficult situation.

My mind raced. It was almost a dream come true to see what it would be like to be someone's wife. But how could it feel if I live here for my entire life as a Bahu of this khandan? Was I ready for that yet? How something like this work would and what else would I have to do to make it convincing?

Suppose this was my real wedding then???... I will have to spend my whole life in a Haveli dressed in either Ghaghra-Cholis or Sarees with my face covered in ghunghat.

I will have to live in mother-in-law's dominant laws and I will have to touch her feet again and again

I will have to clean the elder brother-in-law's room and I will have to pull down my ghunghat again and again...

I will have to sweep the younger sister-in-law's room and I will have to listen to her taunts again and again...

I will have to cook at my husband's house and I will have to bear his dominance again and again...

"I'll do it," I blurted out with my cock scaling new length but my whole body went taut with fear for a second.

As we entered the main hall there was several women to welcome us. I was trying to see at them past my veil. I felt scared and shivering while standing there. I wondered what this wedding would do to me. I was going to become a Bhabhi of somebody… Aditi & Sonali's Bhabhi. I wasn't Rahul anymore. Before couple of hours I had become a wife. Heck! I was now a Bhabhi as soon as I became a wife. I laughed for the first time that day. I am so going to make Aditi & Sonali call me 'Bhabhi' , ShilpaBhabhi. My cock was straining against the folds of my petticoats & huge gown.

Although they were younger than me it is compulsory to a Bhabhi to touch her Nanad’s feet. Then I bent down before my Sister-in-laws Sonali & Aditi both were in Jeans & T-shirts. I looked at Aditi & Sonali past my veil. They were smiling, their hands up to their face as if they couldn't believe I had really become their Bhabhi. I blushed with fear and shame & my own cock sprang to life amidst the petticoat and folds of my Gown. My mind was focused on the thought of what I was doing here…standing in front of a Aditi & Sonali  fully attired as a bride, and was going to be their Bhabhi.

“ShilpaBhabhi do not look so confused soon you will know everyone. It is in these families that you will have to make your reputation as a good devoted daughter-in-law.” Aditi said solemnly and asked me to touch her feet as a respect.

What could I do? I knew that Aditi wanted me to touch her feet, like any other Bhabhi would. She knew the degree of feminine humiliation that she was putting me through. I hated being a bahu. I hated myself for wanting to touch her delicate feet with respect. I weakly began to lower myself to bend before Aditi., I opened my eyes. I tried to see through my veil Aditi's jean clad feet with sports shoes were in front of me. This had to be the ultimate humiliation. I loved the sense of feminine submission that I felt as I watched my mehandi tipped fingers reach up and touch her shoes.

My Gown was swishing against my legs and my thick hair were moving with my head. As I awkwardly bent down to touch the feet of what seemed to me hundred men and women they said “Look at her… she does not even know how to touch the feet properly”. I was a little helpless Bahu bending before everybody they were enjoying it.

This is a dream come true. It is hard to describe the intensity of my feelings.  I had fallen so easily into this role of a daughter-in-law of this home being dominated by my in-laws.

"Shall I go to the bedroom and wait for you, Mrs.Shilpa? And off course I want you to enter our bedroom as an Indian Bride Dulhan…. I want you in Ghagra-Choli " Kiran  asked me

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"You know once inside I'm expecting you to perform your wifely duties," he said with the cutest wink.

Ohhhh I had not thought about it…. I was expecting enter the bedroom in my bridal gown only and within half an hour Piyu will will take me out or at the most I will have to remove the gown and wear a simple Salwar Kameej but…. Now I will have to wear a Ghagra-Choli.. a bridal Ghagra-Choli..What the hell I am doing it ??? I looked at Piyu for help but she assured me by her head movement and eyes…. Oh no ….Why a Ghagra-Choli ????

I actually wanted to wear a simple T-Shirt and a Shorts but… I am a Daughter-in-law now and have no right to choose my clothes…..

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( Continued in next post..... )

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  1. ShilpaBindani your life is so sweet, I would also like to marry Kiranji, We both will wear Sarees Ghunghat and serve our in-laws.
    - Rajkumar

    1. Raj Kumarji,
      I'm already devrani of Shilpabhabhi. We both are serving our in laws in the most obedient way one can think of. We always wear either heavy lehenga saree or rajputi poshak as per order from our in laws. Obviously with all the jewelry and our heads are always covered with long ghunghat and heads and waist are always bent over in front of our in laws.

      Aapki pyari Vilpabhabhi.

    2. Rajkumarji, you can also join us as a bahu of this haveli, but you will have to change your name to something obedient