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My Wedding Ceremony - 2

Then, came the part had been dreading. The preacher asked me to bend over and touch feet of my groom and follow his sentences as ritual.


I slowly started bending over and realized that my huge petticoats and gown were covering Kiran’s shoes, so moved back little but then his shoes were far away from my hands. It was going to be very tough, so I decided to stand straight and decide on strategy, as soon as I started stretching up, priest warned me to stand but keep bent over, “Unless and until the vows are not complete, bride is not allowed to stand straight” he said, I heard all the hall burst into laughter, Sonali, Aditi, Piyu and Kiran also were enjoying my uneasiness.



Piyu then advised me to clutch the petticoats and gown in legs and try tying the shoe laces. I did it with embarrassment and shame. My cock was almost an 8” long. I was bent down at Kiran ’s feet for almost 30 minutes then priest asked me continue to stand bent over touching Kiran’s shoes. They were heavy leather shoes.


My face felt hot with embarrassment.  I then followed preacher’s lines “I accept you Kiranji to be my wedded husband. I promise to be faithful to you, to give and to receive, to care and console, to inspire and respond. I will serve you when we are together. I hereby offer Kiran the submission of my person and myself into Kiran guidance. Through my acceptance him as my husband, I willingly expect to be trained, guided as necessary for lifetime. I agree that during our marriage life I will be under the complete control of Kiran . I as a wife I will practice the virtues of loyalty, obedience and respect. I accept that this wedding will bind me as a wife to Mr. Kiran and is dedicated to the accomplishment of its goals.”


I wanted to run like hell. I am not entirely sure I can go through with this. Actually being ... MAN, it's a terrifying thought! Making that kind of commitment, spending the rest of my life as a wife of this person, being completely and totally subordinate to him.


“Do you, Kiran take this woman Shilpa in Bridal gown and veil, to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold in sickness and in health?"


My heart was beating at an unbelievable pace. My face felt a rush of blood. My tongue barely moved as Kiran  said, “I, Do" My cock always responded in a most positive manner to this form of stimulation, growing to its fullest.


I was shivering and had to balance my bent over position in my heavy gown. I was grinning with most of my front teeth on display, as groom looked me over past my veil. Now I was his wife in the veil & bridal gown.


I looked at Piyu.  She was smiling, her hands up to her face as if she couldn't believe I had really gone through with it.  Well, I had a husband now. I was going to live out my life as a wife. And serve my husband, as a wife should be.


I did remember though, having to look at my new husband, and to make a vow to honor him, to serve him, and to obey him. When I vowed to obey him, a strange little glint came into his eye, for just the briefest moment. But, I had seen it. Then he took my hand and asked me to stand straight he then placed the wedding ring on my figure. My hands were trembling at that time. I was now a married woman. My maleness was hard as a rock. As ritual Sonali & Aditi produced a handcuff and locked my right hand with Kiran’s left hand together.


I heard the priest say those magic words: "By the power that is vested in me, by the territory in which we live, I now pronounce you to be a husband and wife.”


It was official. I was now handcuffed to my husband.  I was a woman, a married woman now! I was a WIFE NOW! I got a shiver of embarrassment.


Clearly, the innocence my white gown pretended is a farce in the light of my humiliation and subjugation.  "My husband" I whispered to myself. I was almost embarrassed by saying it, but no one heard me in the excitement of people clapping and the organ music. The photographs showed me smiling radiantly as I walked into the enslavement of Kiran. My head down with shame everyone was celebrating my new status as Mrs. Kiran  Sareewala.


I was a married woman ready to take her place in society.

I was a married woman ready to submit to her husband’s conjugal desires.

I was a married woman ready to start a new home with my new husband.

I was a married woman to wear sarees and serve in-laws.


Whatever it was it was too late to have cold feet now, I was committing myself to spend the rest of my life as a wife, a Bahu in fact. Then a second thought came into my head and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.


Then I endured the long greeting line. All the ladies laughed at me and congratulated me on getting one of the best husbands in the county. Everyone who attended the reception was thrilled and happy for us when they came through the reception line. I was still in heaven and Kiran  and I considered each other married to one another. I was now Shilpa Kiran  Sareewala. Mrs. Shilpa Sareewala. I was a married woman and wanted to remain so the rest of my life. I felt so protected by this strong, handsome man who is now my husband!


I sensed all eyes upon me as walked carefully with my bouquet in one hand and the other, held by a tall, handsome gentleman. No doubt, we made a nice looking couple. While we walked I glanced around the entire room. It almost made one feel like a queen and king looking over their subjects. Oh the worst part was I was the queen a man dressed as a queen!


I found that I could quite enjoy the experience of so prettily swirling in my gorgeous gown while making walking with my husband. I was swirling around in my huge petticoats & gown with my fully erect cock; as he spun me around, my bridal gown flew high, showing of my frilly cotton petticoats. I was enjoying my new status as a wife. He was my Prince Charming and I was completely lost, totally mesmerized by the passion that invaded my young and excited body. It was wonderful to be treated like a real woman.


I of course smiled and kept trying to move closer to Kiran , to make it look like all I wanted to do was for him to get me away from there. The ceremony went on for what seemed like hours, and I did not know about the other brides, but standing in one place for 3 hours in a huge bridal gown was not that easy. My feet were KILLING me, I started to shift back and forth as the pain started to run up and down my spine, standing still in uncomfortable clothes was difficult my feet and thighs were aching! Kiran was sitting on the chair to take a rest, but as a bride I was not allowed to sit.


I very quickly, too quickly for my own comfort, got used to feeling of my husband’s presence besides me, and his power on mine, and raising my face to look at his face like an obeying bride was a loving embarrass. I was feeling no pain, and enjoying every second of being the bride, the most honored person at a wedding. What a feeling was that now I was a wife I have a husband too. Now I was under total control of my husband Kiran . Kiran was meeting various people and I was following him like most obedient wife. I felt myself surrendering to my husband. I was convinced that I had truly become a fulfilled wife at this very moment.  I was content. I was confident. And, I was ready for my Wedding night. I wanted desperately to serve Kiran as my husband, and have his control over me.


Each step I was following him was requiring lot of efforts! Thanks to my voluminous petticoats and heavy bridal gown.


Finally Piyu said, “Come on, newlyweds, let's cut the cake and open the presents."


As we approached the top of the great staircase the hubbub of talking below got louder. Piyu went on ahead to warn the guests and then we stepped on to the landing and began our slow and stately descent, Kiran  in her beautiful black suit and me in the loveliest bridal gown. The guests below burst into spontaneous applause as I set foot on the first step. It was hard, beneath that mass of frill of my petticoats, for my foot to find the stair. I made sure that it was secure before I moved my weight on to it and then began the descent with Kiran  at my side. Whether he would have been much help had.


I stumbled I do not know but he was not tested. I put a dainty toe on to the next step and the gown followed, swishing against the carpet and caressing my thighs beneath there.

   Magazine Cover Men


The gown, my petticoat, the occasion all made moving like a female easier for me. Cameras flashed and there was an admiring murmur coming up to greet me. My cock spent an awful lot of time fully erect. The official photographer asked the crowd to move away and sent us back up the stairs to make our descent again for her benefit. Going back up the stairs was more difficult than descending as my gown kept getting caught beneath my sandals and I had to lift the gown and all its petticoats while letting my long hair slip down over my lower arms. It was a wonderful experience. The photographer sent Piyu up to tidy up my petticoats and then I made the descent again, this time for her alone. I had to make several descents because she wanted pictures of me alone as well as with Kiran but I did not mind being the center of attention. My lovely gown with its lacy bodice gave me such pleasure. I knew I was a stunningly beautiful bride. I was enjoying the Bridal Gown!


Any movement that I made, any squirming, rewarded me with a higher plateau of arousal as the cotton of my petticoats caressed my erect cock.


I was Mrs. Shilpa Sareewala! Wow! The change in my life was just starting to hit me. I had been single, now after the “I do's" I was a responsible woman, a wife and of course a Bahu of big Khandan.


I have become a wife! That was happened in such a short time! No wonder I was so tense and excited! Then we walked hand in hand to the front door, he in his tux and me in my white wedding gown, Kiran headed to the car and I gathered up the petticoats of my Gown on the arm of my husband taking care of my huge bridal gown. Everyone outside the hall stopped to stare at the two newlyweds. They couldn't quite figure out why the groom looked like a woman in a man's tuxedo. I was floating on a cloud of euphoria.  I HAD A HUSBAND NOW!! Limousine pulled out from a parking spot and stopped in front of us. The back window had "JUST MARRIED" written on it. While sitting in the car I wrestled with the big cotton petticoats, trying to fit the dress into the seat with me! It looked like I had a two-foot high pile of satin and cotton on my lap

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