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My Wedding Ceremony - 1

How could all of this be happening? I thought back to when I was a young boy for last 23 years. I would never have thought that someday I would be marring somebody in a Wedding Gown as a bride!

All the while trembling and whispering softly, "Please don't do this to me, please! I don't want to be a bride; I don't want to marry a man. I'm a boy! I'm not a girl!" Piyu  Not seeming to hear or pay any attention, "I don't want to be married to a man. I don't want to be the bride! Please don't make me be someone's wife; I'm a guy, not a girl!"

My legs started to shake and at that moment the organ struck up the wedding march again. "Here comes the Bride!" rang out through the hall and I took my friend Piyu’s arm once more. It is hard to describe the intensity of my feelings. I had fallen so easily into this role that I truly felt as if I was a bride being walked down the aisle by my best man. My legs and hands were trembling.

I began to panic inside…was it too late to run? I looked out through my tightly woven veil at the audience and saw all the people who had gathered to see the wedding. All I could do was stand here and think about what was happening to me.

"Here your dream comes true Rahul ! The actual wedding ceremony, a reception and…..your wedding night! You will be marrying a MAN, you know." Added Piyu

"Tonight you will have to have a WEDDING NIGHT as a cute Bride. It's what women do when they get married.  You will  fully realize what a girl experiences when she becomes a wife."

"So, you expect me to do whatever is expected of a bride? I'll have to server him glass of milk then touch his feet?” I asked her in disbelief.

“Yes Rahul Yes” Said Piyu

Piyu once again whispered in my ear, "One final note, Shilpa!!! Just because you’re a MAN and going to be married WOMAN, that doesn’t mean you can let down on any of the rules. It won’t be allowed, because you are going to become a Bahu for them. Your husband is the prince of this royal family. They expect their daughter-in-law to be equally cultured and respect the old values”

Piyu again whispered to me; "Imagine Rahul, this was your real wedding, the vows you make today will be the most public sign that you would always have to wear Sarees. After today you would have never be able to wear trousers again. But as I said earlier tomorrow afternoon you will become a man again..a free MAN.."

My one mind was not happy with this. It wanted me to remain a woman and Daughter-in-law for life time

She laughed again with her big smile. “Imagine it was your real wedding, So because you’ll constantly be striving to be the best wife your husband could want & a best Bahu your in-laws could want. For instance, you’ll never let your elder in-laws see your face because you will always keep your face covered with Ghunghat. Of course your life will be full of housework, cleaning, washing and all kinds of other things you’ll be doing there to serve your in-laws, always remember that you must keep Ghunghat”

My bridesmaid Alvira  processed in, smiling brightly, moving elegantly down the aisle to the altar. The hall was enormous, and the trip took some time. The guests watched politely, but what they really wanted to see was the bride. Finally, the  bridesmaid took her place.

Grumbling under my breath, I gave in, taking Piyu's arm with one hand, while using the other to lift my huge bridal gown just enough so as not to trip over the draping garment, but  enough to reveal my rustling petticoats. As Alvira neared the top of the stairs, I became nervous. .

"Hold on tight, we must now walk to the altar" Piyu whispered under my breath.

I stiffened, apparently having also realized that the staircase was going to be the make or break obstacle of their getaway.


"You can do this, Shilpa," Piyu whispered for my support.

"Just take it one step at a time, and don't be in a hurry”

I heard Piyu inhale deeply. "Ready?" Piyu whispered.

"Let's do it," came the whispered reply from me

A few steps from the floor, I dared a look around past my veil. To my horror, I realized that my descent had become the center of attention.

The music stopped, and silence fell. Everyone got to his or her feet. When I entered the hall, they all collectively gasped. Surely, there had never been a more exquisite bride. There was a rustling sound of my huge petticoats and gown. Everyone in the hall turned to look at me. I was aware of a communal intake of breath as inquisitiveness changed to admiration and disbelief. The day was beautiful with sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows of the hall as I began my stately progress up the aisle.

I could feel every eye in the hall on me and me alone. Oh I could never hope for such a moment again if I lived forever! I wished the walk down that aisle would never end! And yet, on the other hand, I don’t know what was waiting for me there. I was striving to see Kiran through my veil. My veil was a thick white that covered my face completely. There would be no turning back now. 

I knew that I could not turn back and run, and we slowly started down the aisle, I was on autopilot. What was I am going to do?


My gown was so full that there was barely room for Piyu and me to walk side by side. To walk in the heavy swishing bridal gown with their numerous petticoats caused a lot of quite pleasurable sensations in me. It was an unforgettable moment as I made my way up the altar. I kept my eyes in front down through my tightly woven veil and took very short steps in my huge petticoats and gown.


I was aware of a figure on the stage dressed in a black suit. I nearly fainted when I saw Kiran in front of me. He was now donning a handlebar thick mustache. Quite nice looking and he was going to be my husband for next 24 hours. And to kill me almost my two future sister-in-laws Sonali & Aditi were also standing beside my groom Kiran. Both the girls were wearing lovely dresses and were trying to judge me… their Bhabhi….As per the ritual, My Mother-in-law Rekhaji was not allowed to attend the wedding.


Why had Piyu gotten me into this? Did he know who or what I was? My cock started growing against my cotton petticoats and I am embarrassed to realize that there's nothing I can do to hide my erection, I could feel the eyes of the rest of the hall staring at the back of me and could not help but feel nervous.

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I had left my male persona at the door. I was now a woman going to stand before her groom, relatives and other loved ones ready to pledge my commitment to my man. So this is what it felt like. Mmm…..!


I was too scared to actually pay any attention to what was going on. I desperately hoped no one would guess what was really under my gown. My cock was straight and was rubbing on petticoat. I was shivering with shame. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. My legs were starting to get weak.


Piyu led me up to groom’s side, and leaned down to whisper in my ear “Eager to become a wife Shilpa? Just be a good Bride, Shilpa you're lucky to have a husband like this. After tonight, you'll most likely want to kiss the ground. You must take care to savor every moment. Store away the memories of this day. In the future, they will help you get through the more onerous duties a wife is always burdened with"


I noticed that Kiran’s shoe laces were not tied but dangling loosely. Piyu immediately told me that as a ritual new bride is required to bend over and tie the groom’s laces as a part of the wedding vows.


I not only was nervous but apparently very excited too because my cock was straining hard against the front of my bridal gown. I stood there helplessly as my cock grew like never before causing my gown to push from inside, the material was being pushed out. I had my own agenda. I was so eager to experience life as a married woman. My stomach lurched at the thought of being bride because my shame was to be witnessed by a crowd of stranger. I was standing onto the dais as a truly blushing bride, totally humiliated and close to collapse at the thought of the ordeal now only minutes away now that I was able to be pretty and sensual. The feel of my petticoats swishing against my legs and of my huge, heavy gown, with the veil, moving with my head was an experience I would never forget. I felt myself begin to blush.


I looked at the priest through my veil and then looked at my groom. My groom gave me a ravenous look, and my cheeks turned pink with fear. I smiled shyly back and blushed with embarrassment. I felt my knees go weak. Looking into my groom's eyes I felt my heart skip a beat. He was so cute and strong and forceful. I felt smaller, weaker, and helpless... and it was a real turn-on. My erect cock was lifting my petticoats.  I felt obligated to do something. I was, after all, his future wife. I moaned and writhed passionately now, my maleness stripped away.

My body, trembling with excitement at the thought of being a wife of somebody for life, it sent my blood rushing uncontrollably to my midsection. I turned to face the young man I had seen before. He had dark short hair, and was wearing a tuxedo. Just like I had thought I would be wearing. But here I was, wearing a wedding gown, and being told that I was going to a Bahu of a big Khandan. I could clearly see his face now. I could feel the blood rushing through my body as I stared at his feet.  I could feel my legs starting to tremble and that butterfly feeling deep at the bottom of my stomach begins to start fluttering. Then I felt a burning sensation begin to start spreading on my cheeks and I quickly looked away. I bet he was laughing at me inside his head.


The priest began the ceremony.


This was the moment-- This made it all worthwhile--all the hard work and the sacrifice, even the many humiliations--just to be standing here now, the blushing bride on her wedding day. What a lovely feeling! I was going to marry today. I was going to become a wife of somebody. After few moments I was going to lose my freedom I was going under control of my husband. To be honest, I was too scared to actually pay any attention to what was going on. My mind was focused on the thought of what I was doing here…standing in front of a crowd of people fully attired as a woman, as a bride…suddenly aware of the tactile sensations of this very feminine Bridal gown and the delightful caress of my veil.


My heart soared! It was going to happen; it really was going to happen. My attention was drawn back into events as I heard the priest start to speak

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of Shilpa to Kiran ."


Now I stand ready to take the other ring from him. Nervous, all I heard was the priest. He said, “We are gathered here to join this man, and this woman, do you Kiran accept this woman Shilpa as your wedded wife?”

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He slowly walked over to stand in front of me. For the very first time, I was impressed with two things. I had seen Kiran earlier at my engagement, but suddenly, I was aware of his power now. I was also aware of his tall strength. Kiran was at least three inches taller than me. I blushed when he stood in front of me. I felt so weak and vulnerable. He was holding my hands and saying, "I do.” Kiran held my hand tightly as though I might try to escape his clutches but I knew that all attempts of escape were over now. I could never escape him and I would be Mrs Shilpa Sareewala until I died. Despite Kiran’s happiness, I was still struggling to come to terms with the enormity of what had happened. Kiran had taken steps that I would be his wife and not want for anything in the future. All I must do is look pretty and do all the things a young wife must do. As the bride, I was experiencing a touching and pleasurable sensation. I was shivering heavily in my veil. My face felt hot and I knew it was scarlet with embarrassment. I wanted to shrink back down into my huge Bridal gown & veil


He was my Prince Charming and I was completely lost, totally mesmerized by the passion that invaded my young and excited body.


Then, came the part had been dreading. The preacher asked me to bend over and touch feet of my groom and follow his sentences as ritual.


I slowly started bending over and realized that my huge petticoats and gown were covering Kiran’s shoes, so moved back little but then his shoes were far away from my hands. It was going to be very tough, so I decided to stand straight and decide on strategy, as soon as I started stretching up, priest warned me to stand but keep bent over, “Unless and until the vows are not complete, bride is not allowed to stand straight” he said, I heard all the hall burst into laughter, Sonali, Aditi, Piyu and Kiran also were enjoying my uneasiness.

 ( Continued in next post..... )
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  1. Ohhh Shilpa reading you story means spoiling my pants, Why can't I get a chance to wear petticoats like you ???
    Why I am a man ??? where on earth will I get chance to become a bride ?? Can you make me your Devarani ?
    Do Kiran have a younger brother ??

  2. Dear NirmalaBindani, In that case you must wear petticoats and saree to read my blog, so that no one will notice the wetness. Yes you are welcome to become my Devarani