Sunday, 18 December 2016

My Punishment and Glossary

Today is a normal saree with Pallu covered head day. As a convention I selected a dark pink net Saree having broad red border. I also selected two pink frilly petticoats. I love the privilege of this saree selection. When I was a boy I used to have a choice of only two jeans and few T-shirts to wear. Now I have 200 Sarees and plenty of matching petticoats. Most of the Sarees I have in my cupboard are actually gifted by my Mother-in-law, She wore them once or twice and gave to me her Bahu.

I wore the Saree properly over two petticoats, kept my long braid on back and covered my head with long Pallu of my Saree. Pink Saree & cold cotton petticoats caused me a huge erection. I then proceeded towards kitchen and my usual duties of daughter-in-law. Walking with erect cock is fun, but thoughts of lost independence and my old MANLY days haunt me. I have a HUSBAND now to control my male egos, a boy has a husband and mother-in-law, to mold his behavior…

Saree Face Changer


I picked the tray of Tea and Snacks from kitchen and carried it to the dinning table. I served tea and snacks to my husband and in-laws, Rekhaji my mother-in-law opened my blog on her iPad and started reading it. She also read the comments. I was standing there obediently waiting to be released, my face was not completely covered with ghunghat but it was pulled till my eyebrows, as it is not needed to keep ghungat on daily basis. I saw her face changing, she asked my husband to join, both discussed and summonsed me. Sensing the seriousness in her voice, I promptly pulled the ghunghat over my face and stood before them with my head bowed and eyes on floor, my hands full of bangles held neatly at front in most submissive manner.
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"Shilpabindani!! " my sasuji called me with her husky and heated voice
I missed my heart beat, I bent a more in my waist to express my obedience.
"Do you think the readers understand what you write? You use many Hindi words in your posts. How will non Hindi readers will understand it? Do you have an explanation? " asked Rekhaji
I immediately realized my mistake, I  pulled my ghunghat more bent over to touch feet of my sasuji

"I am sorry, I accept my mistake, hukum"
“Do you agree that you have made a mistake?”
“Ji Hukum ! I your Bahurani made a mistake”
"Correct the mistake immediately, stand bent over here as a punishment and add a new post explaining meaning of each word...Kiranji don't allow your wife to leave this punishment position till then"
Immediately a laptop was set on floor and I was ordered to type this special post, I will continue the wedding story from next post, but till then all the cross dressing men, boys, bahus, bhabhis, brides please read and understand meaning of each word... This will help you also in future if you decide to become a cross dresser wife like me.
I am standing bent over with my face covered in ghunghat, I am typing on laptop making lot of sound of my bangles, my back and legs are aching. My husband is sitting on a chair besides me with his lath in hand, whenever he thinks I am going slow he is using it to strike on my butt, a lovely sensation passing through my body.
Bindani is a word, originated from hindi. In a dialect its pronounced as Bee-nd-ni. Bindani (Bee-nd-ni) means housewife. In day to day talks bindani (bee-nd-ni) is used by elders to address daughter-in-law and newly wedded woman in family.
Say bindani and picture gets potrayed of a lovely young woman wearing colorful Saree or Ghaghara-Choli lot of jewellery and face covered with Ghunghat.
I am addressed by all the elders as ShilpaBindani
Bahu or Bahurani:
It is similar to Bindani, Daughter-in-law addressed by her elder in-laws
I am addressed by my Sasuji as ShilpaBahu, Bahurani or just Bahu
Sas or Sasuma or Sasuji
Mother-in-law especially Husband's mother, addressed by daughter in law.
In my case, Rekhaji is Sasuji, whom I must respect same as my husband Kiran. Rakhaji and Kiran have ultimate authority on me.
I am expected to cover my face with ghungat and obediently stand before her to accept the orders.

Brother's wife, I am now Bhabhi of two cute girls, sisters of my husband Kiran.
Whenever Sonali and Aditi addresses me ShilpaBhabhi, my male ego gets hurt.

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Patidev or Patiparameshwar:
Husband is addresses by wife, Kiran is now my Patidev, he is a god to me, it is pity that I have borne as a man and I should have become Patidev of some cute girl but now the story is lifetime responsibility is  to obey and serve my husband

Husband's sisters, it is my bad luck that I have two sweet looking Nanads, who expect me as their Bhabhi to serve and obey them.

Husband's elder brother
Husband's elder brother's wife
Husband's home, my sasural is a prison for me now, I am not allowed to step outside the compound walls alone.

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It is the end of Saree, by which I am required to cover my face as and when required. It is difficult for a man like me to remain veiled in ghungat but as bindani I am expected to spend most the time in ghungat.


Nathani or Nosering:
A heavy gold big nose ring is always attached to left nostril and equally heavy chain is attached from it left ear. Nose becomes heavy and the chain keeps brushing on chicks. Nose ring puts lot of restrictions on speaking and eating


Payal or Pajeb:
Heavy silver anklets attached with tiny bells, Bindani must wear the payal always. My payal also make lot of lovely sound

Made of gold, silver or glass. Married woman like me is required to wear dozens of bangles in both the wrists

Braid or Choti:
Long thick hair tied in a single braid. My sasuji also has long braid, I too have to manage my knee length braid.
Whenever a mistake happens by me, my choti is the first thing grabbed by my husband or sasuji, to pull and jerk it, to teach me a lesson

Lath or Lathi:
A 4 feet long piece of bamboo stick, oiled and polished. A handy tool used by my husband to keep me under control. He spanks my saree clad bottom whenever he thinks I made a mistake.


Done !!! my cock is straining my petticoats…ahhhh… ahhh…….  Smack smack
My husband is smaking by bottom…oh.. the bullet is fired…. my INSTRUMENT has sprayed the load on my petticoats from inside. Ahhhh this is the massive orgasm I have received in last few days…..
My husband has noticed my mischief
“Shilpa !! I know what have you done … It is a time for Bahu Corner punishment now….”
To cum without permission is a big mistake and now I will have to stand in the Bahu Corner for entire day..keeping my hands on back… I will describe that punishment very soon.. in my next blog….


( Continued in next post..... )
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  1. Bhabhi !!! DO you really like to be punished ? I have various ways to punish a NUT like you.
    I guarantee you I will reduce all your male ego and heat
    contact me I would like to become your Nanad

  2. Nanadji
    I would like to get punished by you. I will be in my traditional Rajasthani poshak with ghunghat on my face and round nose ring attached with chain.

    1. No problem, I can treat you and ShilpaBhabhi together
      you both can expect to dance on my orders.
      Poshak has to be heavy, And forget sitting or relaxing, because you will be either standing or bending-over in my presence.
      Anushka Saheba

  3. Nanad saheba Pranam!!
    Aapki sewa mai haajar ho gayi.. Heavy poshak aur sari jewellery pehenke.. Maine ghunghat kiya hua hai aur bend over position mai aapke saamne mera head aur aankhe jhuki hui hai..

    1. Pranaam Sweekar hai Bhabhi!
      Now keep standing bent over when I will mix one kg of wheat and one kg of rice in a plate and keep it before you. I will also place an empty plate. Your task is to separate the rice from mixture and that too only one grain at a time and place it in empty plate. I want you to count the rice grains loudly
      You are worth only to perform this tasks Bhabhi...
      -- Rajkumari Anuskha Sahibaa

    2. Don't you have name Bhabhi ? I want you to come up with a good submissive name for yourself.
      Else be prepared for next punishment..
      ( Hint: you will have to clean and polish footwear of everyone at your Sasural )
      -- Rajkumari Anuskha Sahibaa

    3. Paay laago Rajkumari Sahibaa,
      This task is so difficult but I'll perform as it's your order and anyways I don't have any choice of choosing tasks. This'll definitely take some time but I'll try to make it as quick as possible.

      My name is Vilpabhabhi, but you can call me as you like. Bahu, Bahurani, Bindani, Naukrani, etc etc.. I'll be obliged to polish as many as shoes you give me. I'm lucky that I got you as my Nanad sahibaa, who can keep me under control and keep reminding me of my status.

      Aapki Pyari Vilpabhabhi.

    4. Vilpadaasi, How dare you complain about task as difficult ? and my tasks are designed to take longer time so that you crossdresser bhabhis will understand the pain. If you finish them quickly then I will have to assign more tough tasks

      You have committed two offences, and now worthy of proper Crossdresser Bhabhi training.

      I want you to dress Ghagra-Choli, Ghunghat properly with jewelry etc..
      and hold a 15 liter full pot of water on your head with both the hands.
      Stand still like that till further orders, without slightest movement
      -- Rajkumari Anuskha Sahibaa

    5. I'm sorry Rajkumari Sahiba
      Please muje maaf kar dijiye
      Aagey se aise galti kabhi nahi hogi
      Mai abhi Ghaghra choli aur jewellery pehenke aur ghunghat karke khadi hoon apne head pe 15litre ka paani se bhara hua pot leke..
      Aapke aur hukum ka wait kar rahi hoon
      Aapki Vilpadaasi

    6. VilpaDaasi Bhabhi, Lot of mail ego is still present in you, You gave me information which I already know..
      You need to be punished properly.. Anyway I want to know the details what color of Ghagra, which jewellery you are wearing. What is going inside your mind... How this punishment is reducing your maleness ?
      Lot of heat needs to be removed from you
      Now keep standing, I have once made a Bindani to stand like this for four hours
      -- Rajkumari Anuskha Sahibaa

    7. Rajkumari Sahiba paai laago, I am really very sorry if you felt that I have male ego, but that is not the case. Its just because I am still adjusting to my new role of Bindani, bhabhi, bahu, devrani of this khandaan. I assure you that it I will never happen again. Please forgive me for my mistake. I am wearing pink lehenga, orange choli and pink dupatta as ghunghat (Poshak) along with all the jewelry. Head pe maang tikka, long dangling earrings, big round nose ring with chain, two big and one small necklaces, 24 bangles in each hand matching with Poshak.. wrist band, Kamar bandh, pairo mai heavy payals, rings.. haatho mai bhi poche.. rings attached to chain.. These jewellery makes me real bindani. Your punishment also makes me feel the same and yes as you're saying my maleness has totally been removed. I've genuinely started feeling like the bahurani of this reputed khandaan. What are the orders hukumji? Aapki pyari Vilpadaasi!

    8. Paai laago Rajkumari Sahibaa,
      Aapki Vilpadaasi ka pranam!
      What orders do you have for me?
      What tasks you have for me?
      I'm bending over in front of you nanad sahiba wearing maroon and green poshak with ghunghat covering my head and face. I'm also wearing the most beautiful nose ring attached with chain.


    9. VilpaDaasi,go to the she rack, without straightening up, I want you to walk in bend over position .. then clean every shoe with the frill of your petticoat that too standing bent
      There are 450 pairs, I want you to clean all and then polish to mirror finish
      Start now ....
      -- Rajkumari Anuskha Sahibaa

    10. As you say hukum!
      Your orders are my command.
      I've already started cleaning and polishing of 450 pairs. Nanad Sahiba, you're so kind, who does so much to make me feel like your personal daasi. I'm so glad and lucky to have you as my nanad sahiba whom I can serve in most feminine and submissive way.
      Aapki pyari Vilpadaasi

  4. Shilpa Bhabhi, comments to approve kijiye taki nanad saheba ka hukum maan sake aur unki sewa kar sake please...

    1. Sorry Devraniji, I was busy in performing tasks assigned by my Sasuji to clean 100 kg wheat grain

    2. No problem Jethaniji, I would love to accompany you for this task assigned by Sasuji. We could share the load and get appreciation from Sasuji for performing the task quicker and better.

      Aapki Pyari Devrani Vilpabhabhi

    3. My Chhoti Devrani, VilpaBindani, I liked your name.

    4. Thank you Jethaniji. Paaye laago..
      which task are you performing? What did Sasuji doing? Any punishment?
      Which saree and jewelry are you wearing?'m

    5. VilpaBindani I am good, I am writing the blogs about my weeding night, but have you finished your tasks ? AnushkaBaisa has given you a task to stand with pot on head...
      I am wearing a kota Doria orange Saree with red border

    6. Shilpa Bhabhi paai laago, I am reading your next part of your blog. Its going really well. As I said above I am wearing Pink and Orange Poshak with lots of bahu jewellery. Obviously with ghunghat and bent over. I have followed Nanad Sahiba's hukum. Now waiting for their next order. on My Punishment and Glossary

  5. Shilpa Bhabhi,
    It seems that you're very busy with household tasks.
    Please tell me if you need any help in domestic chores.

    1. VilpaBahu,I am always busy in serving your Jethaji, my husband Kiranji & our Sasuma Rekhaji.
      I heard you are enjoying shoe cleaning task, I also had performed that task once. It is a lovely experience taking care of shoes of your in-laws

    2. Yes Shilpa bhabhi,
      I know you would be busy serving our in laws but if you need any help, let me know. You know that I love to serve in laws and yes I performed shoe cleaning task for Rajkumari Nanad Sahiba. It was a super nice task. It is indeed lovely experience of taking care of shoes of our in laws. It reminds us of our status is in their feet. I was wearing leheriya poshak with ghunghat and stood in bent over position while cleaning 450 pairs of shoes of my in laws.
      Aapki pyari devrani Vilpa bindani

  6. Pranam Shilpa Bhabhi
    How are you doing?
    How's things going in new married life?
    Why have you stopped writing blog?
    Also what happened to our Nanad Sahiba and Jethji Sahab, they're also not ordering anything?
    I'm in so much love with this Ghaghra Choli and Ghunghat. You know Bhabhi my favourite ornament is my nose ring attached with chain. It reminds me of my status in in laws house.

    1. Today my Sasuji made me stand near the desk and asked to write my blog, I stood for 5 hours with Ghunghat over face and completed two blogs