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My Wedding - 3

They say a bride looks radiant on her wedding day and, although technically I was not the woman, but I was radiant as a bride. The photographer girl started positioning me for the posed shots. First, she took my official full-length bridal portrait. I was holding my bouquet at waist; Alvira  teased me to smile for the Bridal photographs. A second portrait was taken with my veil lowered over face. I wanted to run but I was helpless my heart was sinking as Manva fixed my veil.

I barely noticed the flashes as the photographer snapped off one picture after another. "My humiliation will be well documented"

I thought. "How did I let this happen? Could I have been a better boyfriend to cute girl like Smitali or Piyu? I always thought that one day I'd be married, but as the groom, not the bride! Now here I am, all dressed in bridal Gown with veil over my face, Long hair, going to walk down the aisle to be wed to a MAN! Oh dear, how could this be!"

I was having a shiver going down my spine, as I know I am going to get married in wedding gown, in presence of public! Nervousness screamed through my body, I found I was totally the center of attention, girls and ladies ohhing and ahhing. My knees were shaking.  My breath seemed to catch in my throat, and my knees felt a bit weak.


We walked very slowly out the back door and over to the hall. It seemed to take forever, since I could only take about six inch steps in this huge Wedding Gown. On the long walk from the backroom to the main entrance I kept seeing faces of people, even some local college boys and girls of my age had gathered to watch the bride, some boys were looking at my voluminous petticoats and all of them were wide-eyed with wonder at the beautiful bride I had become. The breeze was cool on my face beneath the veil and it kept lifting the net in front of my face. I was radiantly happy, as a bride ought to be on her wedding day. Everyone’s eyes were on me alone; Cameras clicked and whirred as countless lenses captured my arrival. My glowing smile beneath the veil was captured on countless films. The photographer was waiting at the hall door.


I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. My legs were starting to get weak. It was all I could do to stand up. Seeing all those people made me finally realize that I was actually going to marry someone! I remember thinking: "Wow, I am getting married today! That too in a gown as a bride” It was almost uncanny.... I had always fantasized about marrying a sweet attractive woman like Smitali and Piyu living a great life with her as my partner. Now I was going to be the little bride in this huge gown to make my husband very happy. I was searching for Piyu, I desperately want Piyu to accompanying me.

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Here she is !! Piyu met me at the hall door she was now changed into best man’s dress she was wearing a nice black suit with a red tie she was wearing black leather shoes. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life. A girl standing beside me was wearing male clothes and I the true male was wearing such restraining bridal clothes going to marry an unknown personality. My cock was springing with every thought of being Bride for the forthcoming wedding. Standing controlled and enclosed like that made me feel hot, and my imprisoned manhood struggled hopelessly within its bridal prison. I tried on several occasions to bring my hands round to my front and touch my member behind the petticoats, but I could not do it and even if I had, the petticoats were so voluminous, that I was not able to reach there.

Lovely Piyu

"You look stunning," she said. "I shall find it very difficult to think of you as a male."

I was happy now! But the happiness remained for seconds a when I heard what Piyu said.

Piyu came near to me and leaned down to whisper in my ear,

"Rahul, Don’t be nervous most girls get a case of the 'butterflies' on their wedding day.  Be a good bride. As the bride, I want you to experience just how touching and pleasurable it is to be a bride. I know that you'll enjoy the sensations of being sensually transformed into becoming the most contented and beautiful Bride at the wedding.  I want you to feel yourself lusciously preparing yourself for commitment, obedience and lust to your husband.  I want you to be the center of attention and adoring eyes.  I want you to feel what it is like to be the only focus of desire and want from your husband. Your husband is really a sweet. Just between you and me, your in-laws are very dominant. See, that's like a real man you are not worth to be a man. It is better if man like you remain a housewife for entire life. Now, we must go your groom is waiting”

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I cringed a little at the thought. What would it be like going to Sasural ( In-laws home ) with a man as his bride?  The idea scared the hell out of me. My breath came in harsh gasps and I thought my knees would buckle as I gazed at Piyu helplessly who with one mistake I made that night, had captured my body and soul and taken me on a one way journey into total subjugation to her every cruel whim and humiliating edict.


I felt that the hall must be filled with angels to mark the marriage of such a beautiful bride. With a sudden pang I imagined myself getting married to a MAN. Would he know that I am a BOY in beautiful white wedding gown? Would his parents welcome me to their family? Would I be allowed to be a bride?


I was in a total shock, and was in a right state. "How can I pull this off," I asked. "I’m a man for god’s sake, not a woman; I don’t know how to be a wife or daughter-in-law of somebody."


"Look at you Shilpa," Piyu said; I didn’t need to look to see that I was dressed in a huge bridal gown and veil. "You have moved on from being merely a man in a wedding gown. You are truly a girl when you become Shilpa, you walk, talk and act like you have been a girl all your life."


 "Yes, but a wife of a man!" I added. "I am scared, Piyu, what if I get ‘read’ by someone, what then?"


I screamed in my head. "I'm a MAN - A MAN! Not a WOMAN! I can't be married to him! I can't be his wife! Oh, please! Can’t anyone hear me??"


Piyu assured me “You are a beautiful young lady, Shilpa, and it is about time you came to realize that. Now as per the ritual, look forward to bend over and tie laces of your husband's shoes after wedding. She added kissing me again reassuringly. Were this planned, a humiliation, and a kind of ego-reducing, submissive training?




Strange as it may seem, the terrible situation I found myself in, thrilled me to the bones. Sure, I was veiled and my hands were admiring ruffle silk of my bridal gown, but somehow this and the fact that I was dressed as a Bride all caused a whole avalanche of pleasant sensations in me. I tried to push them back as I knew it to be wrong for a boy to have such feelings, but I did not succeed. A strange feeling crept up and down my spine and made my cock swell.


Deep in their hearts, all would-be and novice Brides thrill at the thought of the wedding day they surrender all. They long for that one sacrificial moment when the nose ring is locked in their nose and face is covered with Ghunghat, every ounce of control and decision-making is forever stripped away.


I was too scared now. I’m going to try to be the best wife there ever was!  Wife?

How could I say something so stupid! I was never, ever going to be any body's wife!

It was going to be a perfect wedding – where I was the bride!

How could I be the bride? It was a world tossed on its head and the only thing I wanted was out! Now! I wanted this insanity to stop!

I wanted everything to go wrong! I wasn’t about to be somebody’s bride! I didn’t want it to happen.

But all I could do was stand there quietly, in my Bridal Gown


She then rearranged my veil. I was shaking. “Oh my god what have I gotten myself into!” I thought


The veil really did it for me. As if the wedding dress hadn’t been enough to convince anyone that I was the total bride those little additions sealed it.


Piyu then added. "Well Shilpa, as eagerly as you are looking forward to the beautiful moment when you and your husband say ‘I do’, I know you are also eagerly looking forward to tonight! You first night"

"Stop!" I screamed inside my head.

I stumbled slightly at the thought of my wedding night. I clutched Piyu's arm for support. She paused. "All right, dear?" she asked. I just looked at her, swallowed and nodded, and we continued. My mind continued to wander to all the images and descriptions that the Magazines had. Me, under a man. Being taken like a woman. I wondered how it would be. I began to get dizzy again. "I can't do this!" I screamed in my brain. "I'm not a girl, I'm a guy! Won't anyone please listen?"

Don’t go there, pleeeze! It’s not going to happen! Not to me, I cannot be bride! There cannot be a wedding night! How can I be married to a man? It’s ridiculous!

I was not going to be the bride in any wedding! There just had to be a way out!

Please!! I couldn't accept the fact that there wasn’t one thing I could do about it, and that it was actually going to happen!

But whether I could accept it or not, I knew that didn’t matter. I knew that because, as terror stricken as I was at the moment, I was still standing there in my bridal gown as if I was a blushing bride about to commit my life to the husband of my dreams!

The music began. Here comes the bride…… Oh! It was the time now I can’t go back. …
 ( Continued in next post..... )
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