Friday, 25 November 2016

My Wedding - 2

"Shilpaji you look incredible. What does the gown feel like? How do you feel?" asked Manva.

"Completely unreal," I said, putting my hands down by my side and resting them on the fabric.

"I can hardly tell that there is a body under this gown at all."

I began to experience that wonderful, submissive feeling that came when I wore such clothing.

"The total weight of your gown and petticoats is almost 16 KGs, You would make a stunning bride in that gown, Shilpaji" she said and I had to agree.

My Cross-dressed Wedding Gown

"You know, you are getting married to a suitable man in suit, you will look a fantastic bride in a wedding gown." Manva said after a while.


'Come off it Manva, of course I am a man! I'll be the groom and wear a Tuxedo or Jodhpuri at my real wedding, how can I be in gown?' I protested inside my mind.

Manva stepped back, admiring the view. "Go ahead Shilpa" she said, "Swish it around a little. Have fun with it."

I spun my hips left and right, watching a pool of frill and ruffles at my feet swirl around me. I reached down to caress the folds of cotton & silk pushing it this way and that and watching the results in the mirror.

And yet I was completely happy with that gown. It was beautiful and I felt amazing to be wearing it. I expressed my joy with Manva she said with laughing. "I doubt whether you will be able to get down the aisle to your spouse in it properly!"

I paraded once more round the room then very carefully stood in middle of the room. The gown, with me in it, nearly filled all the space and there was barely room for others to stand. They walked me up and down to get me used to the volume of the petticoats. The gown was heavy and constricting, and the petticoats rustled loudly with every step I took. The gown flowed around my lower body. It was wonderful to walk in the bridal gown and I felt so feminine as it swirled around me and as the petticoat frills dragged on the carpet. Walking in gown with erect cock was fabulous. Turning was an interesting problem because I had to be very careful. Manva told me hold up the hem at the front to avoid tripping over, and that a glimpse of frilly petticoat was a surefire way of attracting attention from anybody.
Crossdresser's Petticoats

As I walked, I was very aware of the motion my legs imparted to the heavy petticoats and the bridal gown and it further intensified my arousal. I had become very aroused and had lot of trouble in walking with erect cock. I shivered the feeling of being a bride, warmed my body temperature.

"That's it, swish those petticoats look up and smile. The more petticoats for you to feel the burden of womanhood” Alvira teased me. I was red with shame. I was looking at Manva she was wearing a black cotton trouser & a black kurta. How confident she was in male clothes! And a MAN like me was confined in the Bridal gown.  All other girls were enjoying my transformation from Boy to BRIDE.

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The voluminous petticoats seemed to take on a life of their own, swishing noisily around my legs, and with every mincing step I could feel the petticoats tugging deliciously on my legs and caressing my penis. Now I was locked in my gown I couldn’t reach the back, so I was bound in that gown until someone can unzip it for me.

Shilpa's mom walked over to me, kissed me on the cheek and said with a mischievous glint to her eyes, “Yeah! You are a very beautiful bride. Nothing makes a boy look more feminine than in a wedding gown! Piyu told me that you are nervous about the wedding plan doesn’t worry of your groom. You are going to go weak in the knees when you will see your groom, while walking down that aisle! Shilpa Take some time to enjoy how pretty you look and feel.  Think about your wedding and of course. Take even more time to think about the lustful fun you would have been having on your wedding night at your Sasural! If it was a real wedding?"

"It's time now little bride, time to go to your husband" Manva snarled.

Ohhhh I don't want to go... I don't want to face Kiran in wedding gown as his bride... Sonali and Aditi will also be there ... Why did I agree to this??? But who will listen to me now? There was no going back now... Manva said the limo has arrived, I started slowly lifting one petticoats and gown made lot of noise but soon my other feet followed, Manva showed me how to lift the gown slightly with both the hands while walking. Alvira was enjoying my torturous walk..

Finally the car arrived at the front of the parlor. Manva and her assistances helped me to sit into the car .It is very difficult to sit in a car in bridal gown with so much petticoats. It was a remarkable feeling to be sitting in a car dressed as a bride. I was terrified.  There I was, sitting into my car seat, dressed as a Bride, with my face covered in veil, for the entire world to see.

When I got in to the car the wind caught my veil and it felt fantastic!! I felt like a queen! Car dropped us at the backroom of the hall. Everyone helped me get out of the car.  All the girls helped me to freshen up my makeup and puffed my bridal gown.

Somebody said hall was packed with men and women. The runway thrust out into the crowd, everyone had come to attend this wedding , including cameramen from national papers as well as local ones and there was even a crew from the television station. I felt very exposed but at the same time very excited. Without looking under my gown, nobody could tell that I was really a man. As I gaze at the image, I have become a bride about to be wed. My heart sank but I knew I had no choice for I now knew what was about to happen. I was about to become the bride. My member was rock hard. I was not able to even touch it due to my huge gown.


"Noooo!!!" My whole self -- body and spirit -- screamed a denial. I couldn't be that. Being a bride in huge gown was barbaric and demeaning. It meant a loss of self and humiliation. I'd just managed to excavate my self-esteem from the subbasement where it had been hiding. I didn't want someone taking it from me. Plus I had some huge vanilla misgivings. What if someone who knew me found out? What would they ever think of me? It's so wrong, this wedding thing.

 ( Continued in next post..... )
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