Friday, 18 November 2016

My Wedding - 1

Manva was waiting for my answer.. She asked me again

"Shilpaji it is your last chance to think about wedding...I once again ask you this you really agree to be a bride?"

I once again looked down at my petticoats they ballooned out with lot of frills flouncing in four layers, petticoats were eager to give my gown its fullness and the hint of feminine frills under my gown were going to kill me.

I said “Yes ! Manava Yes, I want to become a bride and I want to wear the bridal gown now”

“Great Shilpaji, once you wear the gown, I promise! You will never want to come out of it”

I stood there thinking, my knees shaking, hardly able to believe that I was going to be a bride of someone.

For what seemed an age, I stood there, my eyes closed, unable to believe what was happening, I can hear the rustling sound of fabric behind me.

“Hold your hand straight up”, Ordered Manva, I raised my hands up.

"Look Manva ji, She's so excited that She's about to faint." Said one of the assistant.

"That's common among brides who are about to get ready for their 'big' day," she smirked.

Together they lifted the heavy gown over my head. One of the assistants was already ready on the ladder. The  team of three girls slowly started  lowering it over me, I felt dizzy with the pleasure of the sensation of the gown; I could scarcely believe that a beautiful gown was mine and that I was going to be seen by the whole world wearing it  and I could feel the silky and linen material brushing against my face. Brushing over my hands and arms and slowly it reached my waist. My petticoats stopped its fall.  The the balloon sleeves, and collar was brought over my shoulders. Both ladies labored to get the dress positioned properly; twisting the hem and straightening the bodice so it was in place. They spread the skirts over the petticoats, fluffing them to give them more volume. I just stood and watched in disbelief as my transformation into a blushing bride was nearly completed.  

Then Manva stepped behind me and placed one hand on the zipper. "Take a deep breath and hold," she commanded. 

Slowly I felt the zipper being worked past my waist, up my back, and finally ending between my shoulders. As she zipped the gown I felt it around my body as it slowly sealed me in. The skirt of the gown pushed firmly against the petticoats, which were fighting to maintain their bell shape. Manva tugged at the zipper a few times and hooked the top together. I immediately felt the enormous weight of it. It was much heavier than I had anticipated. The material of the skirt was rich shiny silk on outside and heavy linen inside.

The incredible feeling of being enveloped in this magnificent finery is simply indescribable! And on account of the zip on the back, I need assistance to get out of it - how I do love to be made to remain dressed, waiting patiently to be released! I was now totally locked in to my own clothes. Now it was not possible for me to run away. I was now a “Don’t runaway bride”. I enjoyed the sensation being bride; I felt the weight of the gown on my shoulders & waist. It was definitely heavy, but softly femininely uncomfortable. My cock was almost 8” inches long and pressing hard on the petticoats. My cock started tightening and growing at the thought of my helpless. I wanted to see myself in a mirror. 

Dulhan Face Changer

I calmed down a little, Manva then attached 2 platinum pearl earrings to my ears and a pearl necklace started glistering around my neck. I realized that I am standing like this for almost 2 hours. My legs were aching now ...weight of the gown and petticoats was also punishing my entire body...I wanted to sit down so I started looking for chair...I realized it was very difficult for me to make a slightest movement...

Finally, the task was finished. Then she stepped in front of me and nodded with silent approval. The gown fit beautifully.

"Heavy, isn't it?" Manva nodded at me.

I remembered the lines from magazine ‘The Bride’; a woman’s wedding day is a very special day in her life. In addition to being joined with her husband and of the burden and commitment that goes with that, she also get to dress in the most beautiful, the most feminine of outfits; The Bridal Gown.

 "All wedding gowns have to be heavy to remind the bride when she's saying her vows, the burden of responsibility she now has in looking after the marital home, her new husband and in-laws."  Added Manva.

Manva guessed my uneasiness and said "You are a bride Shilpa and you should now look forward to your wedding and the responsibility soon landing on your your in-laws you will mostly be standing and very rarely will get a chance to sit"

I wanted to laugh, because Manva seemed to be unaware that I was going to be a bride and a woman till tomorrow afternoon. But I chose to keep mum.. I now desperately wanted to see myself in mirror. 

The wall before me was curtained but Manva went ahead and opened the curtains to reveal the full size mirror. It was amazing! Before me appeared a real girl, dressed in her wedding gown. How long I stood there staring at myself with no evidence of maleness left, running my hands lightly along the cool silk of the gown, my fingers shyly exploring the gorgeous gown, savoring with a mixture of fear and awes the feelings that assaulted me.


The immediate feeling I got that, the bride in the mirror is not me but real Shilpa. And I am her master, I must punish her, I must teach her a lesson, I wanted to tie both the wrists of the bride in the mirror, above her head in suspending handcuffs and cane her...

My gown actually started lifting due to my enormous erection. I somehow, controlled it. There was absolutely no place for my cock to straighten up as every inch inside my gown was filled with petticoats. My gown and its petticoats were occupying two feet space each side of my body.

I was now scared...what if Kiran also thinks so?? I remembered on engagement Kiran was looking at my petticoat frills peeping out from my Saree and he was particularly enjoying when I was handcuffed with him...

What if Kiran makes me stand in handcuffs?? And if then finds that his bride is actually a Man?? How much will he cane me? I think he will keep me standing like that for entire night. He may call Sonali, Aditi and Rekhaji to our bedroom, then they all will laugh at me... Then they will use cane on my bottom to punish me??  They will then handover me to police in the morning...

Please.... I don't want to become a bride or wife..I wanted to remove the gown... I tried to reach the zip but in vain...

 "No no we cannot remove the a ritual once you wear a wedding gown, it has to removed only after the wedding. Now your in-laws only will remove it in the evening.  By then you must carry the weight of wedding gown and petticoats and enjoy the burden of being Bride today..." Manva stopped me from unzipping the gown..

I then stood gaping, with my mouth wide open at the reflection from the mirror. I couldn't believe it. There standing in front of me was a gorgeous bride to be. No mistaking it. There stood the image of a virgin bride Shilpa staring back at me. I stood there speechless, staring. Just then the door burst open and in came Shilpa's mom in white silk saree. I was embarrassed, but luckily they closed the door behind her.

"Wow," said Shilpa's mom,. "She's stunning!” she squealed smiling.

I was again at a loss for words. Just then, to make matters even harder for my poor mind to comprehend, Alvira walked through the door. I felt like the whole world had stopped. my my..... Alvira was looking so gorgeous in her bridesmaid dress that, I for a moment forgot about my situation, Alvira's dress was a half sleeved white one piece dress, tight top with a flared umbrella skirt just below the knees. Hair tied in a crown with a silver tiara and all pearl jewellery...with white sandals. I wanted to kiss her but soon I realized the weight of petticoats and gown pressing the adventure happening inside..

Alvira came running towards me..."Shilpa you look very very pretty... You are the perfect match for Kiran. The gown is lovely and full just like British princess" She then touched my gown, she then fiddled with the frilly hem of the gown and told me how good I looked, she then tried to squeeze the hobbled gown and petticoats with her weak arms but she couldn't...due to resistance of petticoats inside the gown. She suddenly started laughing, which made me very nervous...

"Where is Piyu?" I asked her

"Piyu is preparing, she will meet us at wedding hall" said Alvira

She laughed mischievously and lifted the gown a little to expose my struggling petticoats. She counted the petticoats again.

"Good punishment for you, enjoy 4 petticoats"

Manva then asked me to close my eyes... I was clueless, now what?? I wondered and closed my eyes

I can feel something done with my head, I opened my eyes to realize that a veil attached to my head. Manva slowly lowered it cover my face. It was difficult to see through the veil. The veil was magnificent in its own right. It consisted of three layers of net with an embroidered border. Manva arranged the net very carefully so that a layer of it fell in front of my face. I tried to see past the veil, but it was too tightly woven for me to see through it. I was in my own little bridal world. I was now confined to my bridal world. I knew I looked fabulous. but it was always a part of my fantasy, now I was a complete bride.

I want Piyu besides me..I am scared without her...Manva also changed into nice dress and said "The limousine is on the way, which will take the bride to the venue"

I skipped a beat ‘The time has come’
( Continued in next post..... )
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  1. Shilpa, I will really love to keep you handcuffed in wedding gown & spank your ass. You are very naughty
    - Rajkumar KiranSingh

  2. Hukum Maafi, maaf kijiye, Paay laago Rajaji

  3. Hi Shilpa, I am a Man but You know now days I read your post wearing Saree and Petticoats. I also Cover my face with ghunghat. I keep my laptop on floor and bend over as if my husband has punished me to read your post
    Please write about you wedding, Do you have the gown still with you ?

    1. That is good, wear a big nosering also, it feels lovely when you stand bentover with heavy nosering in nose.