Friday, 28 October 2016

Wedding Preparations 3

The morning arrived sooner than I would have liked. I was up half the night thinking about what today would bring. 
Piyu came into the room and shook me gently. "Come on sleepy-head. It's 6:00 am and we have a dozen things to do before we go to the boutique", she left only when she knew I was awake.
I staggered up and removed the shorts and headed for the shower. As I lathered myself up, it felt strange until I remembered that I  have no body hair and my head is heavy due to extra hair weight.
After the shower I sprinkled powder on my body and went back to the bedroom. Piyu had been kind enough to lie out some clothes for me that I would need to wear to the boutique. I sat down and put on the cotton orange  salwar-kameez she had left.
After a quick breakfast we left the house at 8:00 am and headed for the boutique. There was a lot to do.
It was a big boutique, Manva the owner was alone waiting for us, cute face in denim dungaree.
Few boxes were arranged in the main room, I shivered when I saw up the one rack full of boxes with my name on it, "Shilpa." It was a name I was going to be called from today.
 Manva told, my gown is inspired by British weddings, also added to the excitement. I could hardly wait to transform into a bride.
Manva gave me a lite t-shirt like slip and a lose cotton boxer pant to wear, I did so quickly in changing room and back.
I stood in the center of the room, with such a minimal clothing, I felt like being naked, With that the Piyu and Alvira were in hysterics at my red-faced humiliation. I was now  facing a curtained wall. The rack and the boxes were on my backside.
Manva arranged a small ladder behind me and climbed on it and started with my newly attached hair, she swiftly retied them so that the weight was distributed on my neck and shoulders.  I was then asked to wear the white bridal sandals. I immediately wore those and was ready for the bridal clothing.... 
She then asked Alvira to climb the ladder. I closed my eyes with excitement..I hear the box being opened and rustling of fabric, Alvira lowered a huge cotton petticoat from my head down. Manva tied the string at my waist. It was heavy and I watched the broad frills at the bottom, it was a full size white petticoat,
Ohhhh .....I see one more petticoat lowered before I digest the first one Manva was quick to tie the second petticoat at my waist....
Manva was the boss there, "One more petticoat" she said authoritatively, Immediately one more similar petticoat follows. Three thick cotton whitest pre-washed petticoats with lot of frills tied to my waist. They were tied so that their frill was just touching the floor. My legs now disappeared under the expanse of cotton material and lot of frills. Piyu & Manva sat down on the floor to tease out each layer properly and adjusting the frills fluffing them to give them more volume.
All of sudden Piyu excused us and went out side, I felt alone without Piyu... and to my surprise Piyu returned with one more petticoat "My Petticoat", this was gifted to me by Piyu, washed and cleaned petticoat in Piyu's hand. Immediately my legs turned to rubber as Piyu carried it in my direction.
Piyu handed over it to Alvira, she dutifully lowered it from my head, Manva tied the third petticoat to my waist. I was speechless, feeling dizzy due to the combined weight of four petticoats and thought of wearing heavier gown and carrying it for entire day...
"Look Manvaji, She's so excited that she's about to faint." Said Piyu
"That's common among brides who are about to get ready for their 'big' day," Manva smirked.
I was not particularly happy with the boxer shorts because I always like to be wearing nothing inside the petticoats, now the shorts was restraining the bulge. I wanted my erect cock to enjoy the layers and layers of cotton petticoats rustling over it.
All of a sudden Piyu sat down and lifted my petticoats a little and put her hand a quick jerk she pulled my shorts and removed it from my legs...Ahhhhh my INSTRUMENT instantly sprang to life. There was absolutely no place for it to erect..the cold cotton touch to my bare legs and thighs was fascinating. My MAN was getting caressed by my petticoats.
"That's it, swish those petticoats look up and smile. The more petticoats for you to feel the burden of womanhood” Piyu teased me. I was red with shame.
Manva asked her assistants to join and let Piyu, Alvira and her mom go to change clothes. Piyu and all left the room and I was now standing their on the mercy of Manva and her assistants.
"Shilpaji now its a time for gown, hold your breath, once we pull the zip on its back, you ! on your own, will not be able to remove it because your hands can't reach it is your last chance to think about wedding...I always ask this question to my client you agree to be a bride?"
I was speechless, I was enjoying four petticoats and my MAN was waiting for the wedding gown..MY WEDDING GOWN, I will do anything to wear bridal gown now. I will obediently serve my in laws, wash their feet, massage my husband's husband.... my groom Kiran will be wearing nice suit and I am also the man will be wearing a wedding gown .... but let me wear the gown please please please please

This was my last chance to say no before Manva and team puts me in the Bridal Gown, suddenly I thought of My Groom Kiran... oh what a lucky man he is... He is a MAN and he is going to be a real Groom and going to wear real groom's clothes, groom's tuxedo or suit,

I was getting very jealous of Kiran the real MAN and I am here though a complete MAN was going to be a Bride....Oh please.... someone stop me from becoming a bride....I can hear the opening of big box containing "The Wedding Gown" behind me.

Manva was waiting for my answer...Shall I say to the Wedding Gown or No ?? I was not able to make my mind.....

My Wedding Gown

My Wedding Gown

( Continued in next post..... )
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  1. Hey Bhabhi, please move forward, I want know your wedding story.
    If you don't write I will kidnap you and punish you hard and make you stand in murga punishment

    1. Paai laago Jethaji, please do not punish me

  2. Hey bhabhiji I too love saree and ghum that..wear those whenever I am alone..can I be your choti bahu?I will draw my ghunghat over my face Infront of u ..(that's my dream)

    1. Sure SunandaBahu, my Devarji also wants a naughty wife to punish. yes at our Sasural Ghunghat is must
      I would like to come to your house singing
      लो चली लो चली मैं अपने देवर की बारात लें लो चली मैं