Friday, 28 October 2016

Wedding Preparations 2

We returned to the Haveli, and started packing for my wedding...Kiran's town was 18 hours away from Dipti's in-laws’ town.

Once all my (Shilpa's) sarees, petticoats, ghagharas were packed. We started our journey towards my Sasural town... The feeling was nice day after tomorrow I will be the bride in lovely gown...

And for the forthcoming wedding night, I was praying that Piyu will take me out of our bedroom and keep me away from the real MAN Kiran

My head was heavy due to hair but soon I become used to it, I was playing with my yellow net chunni

After a long journey we finally reached the town, it was almost a city and we were provided a big Haveli to stay in. It was going to be dark soon and I was just a night away from huge petticoats and gown

Piyu immediately assigned a bedroom to me and left to make the final arrangements.

We only 4 people were there, Shilpa's mom, Alvira, Piyu and I.

I had a quick shower and changed in to a T-shirt and track pant and went the hall, Alvira smiled at me and said "You look good in male clothes, imagine it was your real marriage, then this could have been your last chance of wearing t-shirts and pants, because after wedding it will be only sarees" Piyu and Shilpa's mom also started laughing. Thought of wearing only sarees for rest of the life made me nervous but my MAN inside achieved new length.
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I was now really missing thos menly clothes I wore in my friend's and relatives's weddings 

Piyu arrived after hour or so and told all that arrangements are over and everything is ready

The quick plan is as follows, said Piyu.

"Tomorrow morning after shower and break fast we will go to "Manva Boutique" where Shilpa will be changed in to Bride, then to hall, a wedding… then small reception..….some food photos. In the evening around 6 PM. Newlyweds Kiran and Rahul go to their home, then the wedding night, I take out Rahul from the bedroom, till afternoon next day, we stay with Shilpa's family and then travel back to our Haveli"

I had to grab a pillow to conceal the excitement in side my pant. Words “Newlyweds Kiran & Rahul” converted my track pant into a tent.

After dinner, I slept on the bed fiddling with my cock. I was becoming more and more nervous with the thoughts regarding tomorrow's wedding. As if it was my real wedding. I heard the soft knocking on door... Piyu slowly entered into my bed...she checked my bulge.. As I was quite, she guessed my anxiety and assured me not to worry, she then switched on the light and showed me bundles of 1000 rupee notes, "See Kiran has kept his promise " I kept that money deep inside my bags.

"Rahul, now have a good sleep, tomorrow is your wedding and you have to be a good bride for entire day" said she

I kissed Piyu, she quickly disappeared from my room

I have wanted to be a bride ever since I saw the Royal British Weddings. I fell in love with Princess's  gowns! Even though I was pretty much a typical boy, I always used to daydream about being a bride or a princess - especially wearing a pretty bridal gown or being fussed over. I wanted to know what it felt like to wear a really gorgeous Bridal gown, with full-length petticoats and layers and layers of satin. My bridal dreams probably grew out of those young "GIRL" desires.

Wedding Gowns, Brides-Maid's Gowns, Bridal Petticoats and more, I had never been exposed to this, what I had experienced is wearing sarees, which are easily available even Ghaghara-Choli was out of my reach.
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But I made my mind, that after these two days I will never cross dress, I will good money by tomorrow engineering results will soon be out.. I will find a good job and marry a lovely girl like Smitali or Piyu even Alvira will do and yes I can try Kiran's sisters Sonali and Aditi...
thought of Kiran made me nervous, what if he knew that I am not real Shilpa but a MAN with a HUGE INSTRUMENT behind the gown and petticoats ? and he will be wearing a Pathani or a Suit then... I will be reduced to earth in front of him for sure( Continued in next post..... )
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