Friday, 28 October 2016

Wedding Preparations 1

I was little scared now to enter the Bahurani beauty parlour, but Piyu and Alvira helped me towards it. It was a good parlour in posh locality, inside Kareena, a square faced slender woman and her two assistants were waiting for us.

"Welcome Shilpaji! " kareena welcomed us with assertive smile and took me towards the inner room. Kareena and her assistants meant only business and not even once showed interest in why this short haired boyish girl wants to have long hair and pierced nose etc..and I am sure, they were not at all interested in knowing what exactly is inside my Salwar.

In the inner room there was a huge German made machine. Kareena then asked me to sit on a chair and applied a thick rubbery solution to my head and eye brows, which dried quickly, she said it is a protective shield. Then she instructed Piyu few things, and all expect Piyu and me, went outside.

Piyu helped me to remove all the clothes. As I was used to be naked before Piyu, we did not feel anything wrong. Piyu then opened the machine as instructed, it was of a phone booth size. Piyu then asked me to enter it and covered my eyes, ears and lips with same protective material. Once I was inside, she closed the hatch and started the machine. Slowly the alcoholic smell was filled in the machine and few bright lights were blinking, then the ammonia smell, then a warm liquid was sprayed over my body, I also smelled it of beer...after some 10 minutes warm water was sprayed and a buzzer started ringing. Piyu opened the hatch, she then asked me to have a shower in the bath attached to that machine. Once I was out, Piyu took me to the full size mirror and I was shocked, all my body hair were removed except eyebrows and head. My body skin was clean and shining.

I changed into my salwar kurta and went out side, Alvira too looked shocked to see my clean skin

"At least for a year, you will not have to bother about body hair Shilpaji" said Kareena with a cute smile

I was then asked to sit on parlor chair. Piyu quickly put a towel on my lap to cover my erection if any , I smile at her, such a lovely lady Piyu, hope I will make her my wife one day...but today she was working hard to make me some one else's wife...

Kareen brought a German made laser instrument near my face applied a cream on my left nostril..and pointed the machine to it. A small button press a slight pain and done!! My nose was pierced with out blood, a clean hole almost invisible...I felt my member charging up. Now my nose was ready to wear any big nosring.

Kareena then sprayed a liquid on my boyish small length hair. The spray can was written big A on it with usual name etc. she then rolled my chair towards another German machine having a dome hanging from above. Kareena then sprayed Can B inside the dome. After 5 minutes she sprayed liquid C on my head and inside the dome. She then slowly brought down the dome over my head and completely covered my hair with it.

She then started explaining the mechanism A is positive charge B is negative charge. The dome has hundreds of long hair strands in it which are charged negativity my hair charged positively. And C is a strong organic glue sprayed on both the sides. Now every single hair of my head will attract a long hair from dome and the glue will do its job. The special light inside the dome will harden the glue.

"So how to separate the hair again?" Asked Piyu. "There is known way we can separate, we will have to cut the hair that is all"

Ohhh so I am getting lovely long hair dream come true..I was more Shilpa now
My new long hair
After 10 minutes, kareena removed the dome and quickly tied whatever new long hair I have in a big bun.

"Shilpaji don't touch it for 48 hours at least, your hair are now thick and long, the extension hair have perfectly matched and glued to every strand of your natural hair. "

"But Kareenaji , Shilpa is going to marry day after tomorrow" Piyu asked

"No problem, as it is going to be western wedding the bride will go very well with simple bun of hair, for wedding night, you can think of some hair style"

Ohhh the wedding night!!! in all my dream come true...I was scared of this part

Aaahaaaa..... towel on my lap was now taking a form of a tent. I tried to press my INSTRUMENT

I also liked the idea of hair bun and wedding gown.

My head was feeling heavy now due to added weight of my long hair....i was not knowing how long they were, But I was eager to have a at least a  foot long braid of my own..i wanted to know how it feels and I wanted to play with it just like real Shilpa ( Continued in next post..... )
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