Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Marriage Proposal - 2

I woke up due to loud knocking on my door, I realized Piyu had already left my room and door was not locked, I opened the door to find Piyu and Shilpa's mom at door Alvira was also with them. Oh not again.... I decided not to listen to them and take the first train to home as enough of cross dressing and playing Shilpa... I remembered the wedding thing proposal...though I would have liked to wear wedding gown and experience the bridal feeling.

Piyu in Skirt

All entered the room, Piyu in t-shirt and orange cotton full skirt, Alvira in yellow salwar kameej and red chunni..

"Rahul..there is a good news..Shilpa is ready to accept Kiran as her husband..we sent her his photos ..she liked him..she also liked the proposal of quick wedding and Shilpa to join their family only after 2 years.." Piyu started

"Oh...means i don't have to be Shilpa again" i said with big smile..

But within a moment , I realized that it also means no 3 million rupees and no chance to wear bridal gown and experience of being a newly married woman at her in laws.

" I caught you Rahul" Piyu said laughing "You are not happy in fact you look disappointed"

Alvira, Piyu, Shilpa's mom all started laughing

I tried to look happy

"Oh not at all, enough of Shilpa business..and I don't want to get caught..and the wedding night..what if Piyu don't manage to take me out of Kiran's bedroom...No no no I am going home by first train"

"Rahul dear !!!!! sit down, listen we told you half story..Shilpa can not come for 2 weeks due to landslides"

I felt blood rushing to my MAN, I started seeing a huge whitest of white wedding gown before my eyes..

Piyu slapped me on my back, and I returned to reality from the day-dreaming

I managed to say "So what?? I don't care and I am going home"

I opened the cupboard to find all my male clothes missing but few sarees and dresses

"Piyu? Where are my clothes?? " I raised my voice

"Don't shout Rahul...Kiran is going to lose 2000 crores and Shilpa's family may get boycotted from the community, you played role of Shilpa till date and now you are behaving will also lose 3 million rupees and a once in life, chance of cross dressed wedding, which you love.."

Piyu was making sense but I was scared of the wedding night and going to in laws house as a woman

" And Rahul I will always be there with you till we both come out of Kiran's Haveli, of course you can decide to live there forever ha ha ha" she started laughing hysterically  Alvira too joined her, I liked Alvira very much... cute in yellow dress.

"Forget jokes... but you have my word Rahul !! just two days and one night and you will be rich by 3 million"

Shilpa's mom stood up and took my hands in hand saying " I will give 1 million more but please accept this "

Actually I was trusting Piyu and I also saw no reason to worry and 4 million...????

I said" I am ready but I want Piyu always with me"

Piyu stood up and hugged me" you have it Shilpa" I felt my rock hard instrument touching Piyu's body and her cold thick skirt.

"You naughty boy" Piyu whispered

"So Shilpa! Kareena is waiting already in her salon, shall we move? Take a quick shower and we will go to kareena's "Bahurani  Beautyparlor"

I was ready in minutes, I was wearing the white salwar kurta with soft pink chunni, my wig of shoulder length hair tied in pony

My Salwar Kameej
Today is Thursday, wedding is on Saturday so we have 2 days in hand to prepare, lot of time actually" Piyu said in the car, Alvira was driving the car provided by Dipti's family
My journey towards the womanhood started from that moment( Continued in next post..... )

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  1. Haii Shilpa bahurani.Your stories is awesome.Tanks for post your story today becouse I am visiting your blog everyday for new new storie apdatoion.There was big delay between your stories .But i will waite for your stories becoz i like your stories & i like the concept of ghungat,heavy jewellery in saary and lots of frilled petticoats
    Please Don't write small story, plss include more things in one story part if you don't mind.
    Keep write more more stories Dear shilpabindani.
    With love...Vikkybahurani.

    1. Hi ShilpaBindani & VikkyBahurani, Paai laago, I am your chhoti Devarani NishaBindani !
      I downloaded all the phone apps and tried wearing Sarees and Ghagras, the apps are too good

    2. Dear VikkyBahurani, It is difficult to write blog while wearing Saree, Ghunghat etc.. and I am not allowed to sit, I am required to stand and type these blogs, That is why I take more time to write new blogs

  2. Shilpa Bhabhi,
    I really liked the way you carry yourself with Heavy saree, all the jewelry and most importantly Ghunghat. I'll be in similar situation after 3 months as I'm getting married in one of the Rajasthani family who has huge saree business.
    I'll be the only cross dresser bahurani of the family as I'm a male and getting married to Female; however I'll be house wife as she's managing her family business and as per their family tradition wives aren't allowed to work outside house.

  3. Continuation from above -
    When her parents came to see me, they asked my family to make me ready as girl because they're coming to see me as a daughter in law of their khandan and not son in law. I was in love with her and I wasn't not even getting proper job so my family didn't bother about it much and they're convinced to make me a girl.

    Her family gave us a time of week to get me proper ready as girl before they came to see me. I was then taught all the basic stuff which a girl should be aware of which included all the household chores, dressing of different ladies clothes, basic rules of being wife and daughter in law of Rajasthani family. How to show respect to husband and in laws, how to sit, stand, speak and serve in front of them. I was also told to wear specific clothes as western dresses were definitely not allowed. Once I was ready with basic things, her family came to see me. I was being asked to Wear Saree with bra, panty, blouse and petticoat. I was also asked to wear all possible jewellery along with Ghunghat to cover my head.
    I was sitting in like this in my room and they called me. My mother came to me and got me in kitchen to bring snacks and drinks for guests. I luckily managed that very well. After serving I was asked to bend and touch their feet at as an obidient bahu of their family. They were impressed with the quality of bahu I possess. They're agreed to accept me as bahu of their khandan. They asked my family to start the preparation of our engagement as they don't want to delay any further.
    It was then decided that engagement will be held in next week and we've to prepare lots of things. Her family have asked us not to spend anything as they're doing all the arrangements. They've given enough money to us for buying whatever we required.

    My family was happy with such arrangements as they didn't have to spend anything. In fact my in laws have given their car to us for easy commute within market.

    1. Dear Chhoti Bahu it is a great feeling when you wear Sarees and cover your face with Ghunghat
      I hope you will remain in ghunghat for rest of your life like me.

    2. Hi Anonymous,
      You are lucky that you are getting chance to become Daughter-in-law and wear Sarees
      But you must practice wearing Sarees first else it will be difficult for you
      Try these android phone apps as suggested somewhere in this blog by ShilpaBhabhi

  4. Shilpaji
    Please approve my comments so that it becomes available to everyone's view.

  5. Shilpa Bhabhiji,
    Please mere comments approve kijiye taki vo public ke liye visible ho jaye.