Sunday, 2 October 2016

Marriage Proposal - 1

Finally Dipti's wedding was over, Piyu and I were sitting on cozy chairs in front of the reception stage. Piyu was wearing a nice black one piece with pearl jewellery, and as usual I am wearing a heavily worked maroon Anarkali dress my head covered with dupatta, sign of I am being a bride to be soon. My dress was brushing with Piyu's sandals. I was aroused more due to Piyu's looks in that dress, how confident and graceful she was...


But more hardness was caused by Dipti's dress, Dipti's husband was wearing a heavy Jodhpuri and Dipti was wearing a huge bright Yellow Ghaghara Choli, with broad golden border and a net chunni, lot of jewellery and a knee length thick braid of hair flowing from right shoulder. She was wearing a heavy and big nose ring with chain, this nose ring has great significance in their community because it is gifted and attached by groom by his hands to bride's nose, after wedding.  Bride is not supposed to  remove it for a month...oh and forgot to tell you that Dipti's face is covered with ghunghat of her chunni.

I was enjoying Dipti's movements, I wanted to replace Dipti, I want to know how it feels being a newly wedded dulhan. Every elder from the relatives going to wish the couple was stopped by Dipti's mother in law and Dipti was made to touch feet of that elder. It was not easy for Dipti to manage the Braid, Ghunghat and Ghaghara while bending over. And I was dying to replace her..i was day dreaming that Kiran and I are standing as newly married couple on the stage. It started creeping slowly in my thoughts....can I replace Shilpa in her wedding also? Is it possible? What if tomorrow Kiran's family insists for wedding? Real Shilpa has still not returned, can I play the role of bride in wedding? I started loving this possibility, I suddenly realized that Piyu was looking at me and laughing..."Dreaming of being bride Dulhan Rahul? Shall I check with Kiran? " I innocently said "ammm yes no.." Piyu started laughing hysterically.

"Rahul it is true, I was not going to tell you this so early, because I was not sure how would you digest it...believe me or not..Kiran's family wants a quick wedding, we told them that it was okay till engagement but Shilpa is not ready for early Kiran said he understands but the legal problems are pushing him for wedding"

I was shocked and delighted at the same time, Piyu stopped me from saying anything and continued "Sareewala Royal family has worth around 2000 crores and Kiran is the only heir , but as per family trust rules if Kiran don't marry within a year after his father's death, then all the property will go to trust and Kiran will get only 2%. Kiran's father died last year now he has 20 days to marry and he must marry his child bride Shilpa"

I was now all my ears, my dress started lifting due to the erection

"There is one more problem, Kiran and Shilpa are already married as per Hindu way in childhood, now they can't marry again as per Hindu law but they can choose another way...Kiran is thinking of western wedding, the trust wants a attend the wedding that is all.

I was red hot now, bride in white wedding gown....a lovely dream of mine...
"Kiran said, Shilpa can marry me and go back to her home then she can come back to her husband's home whenever she is ready"

Piyu gave some time to me to digest

"Rahul, don't think much, I have told Kiran that there can be a wedding but there will not be a wedding night, Shilpa will enter your room on wedding night just to fulfil the trust and community need, but you must not touch her. Shilpa will then secretly exit your room and go to another room.  Next day you must send her back to her home."

"Piyu, enough is enough, I am not going to marry now someone, I am a Man"

Piyu started laughing "Oh Man, look at yourself, you are wearing a anarkali dress and dupatta, see Rahul no harm is there, anyway I have read all your fantasy stories. You have dreamt about wedding gown and a wedding night as bride, you are getting a chance it is safe and I will company you at your sasuraal, it is a ritual that bride can be accompanied by her chosen friend for few days at the in-laws house."

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I felt that my body was pushing me towards it

"Rahul, and Shilpa's mom has said that she will pay you 1 million rupees, if you play this last role, it will be small wedding in a hall, very few people will attend the wedding. The hall is in Sareewala province under trust's authority, few trustees are good and has agreed to give quick certificate"

"It will be a quick wedding, we will be provided a Haveli in Sareewala's town, in the morning we will prepare you as bride, Kiran and I have already ordered a fullest while silk gown. A wedding and then in the evening all the people from community will meet you and send you in the room for wedding night, in night I will take you out to my room. Then in the morning you will have snacks and tea with Kiran's family and in the afternoon you and I will travel back to a hotel and back to our business. Kiran will get the property back as per the law and you will get 1 million from Shilpa's mom and 2 million from Sareewala family as a bridal gift, you will also get many sarees, Ghagharas, petticoats and jewellery to enjoy your cross dressing activities, Shilpa's mom has already agreed."

" So Rahul! Please don't think much  3 million rupees just after becoming  engineer, not a  bad deal"

Ahhh... It was such a nice plan I wanted to kiss and hug Piyu

I almost made my mind to agree

"Rahul, only thing is remaining now we must attach the semi permanent extension hair to your head, Shilpa has long hair we will need long hair for your wedding night , else everyone will doubt that you are not Shilpa but someone else"

I liked the hair idea, it was part of my regular fantasy.

"So Rahul, we have appointment tomorrow for hair and nose hole, don't worry the hole will be very small not visible at all, but enough to carry a biggest nose ring, and the wedding is after four days."

I sprayed the load inside my layers of anarkali, Piyu sensed that and started laughing again.
"Just after four days?? Vow" I said it and felt immediately that I shouldn't have...I was embarrassed now

Piyu took my hand in her hand and assured me "Don't worry Rahul...every thing will go smoothly and I will always be there with you"

We then slowly left the venue and reached our rooms, inside room I pulled Cutie Piyu towards me and landed 30 kisses on her. She was excited by the concept of putting me in wedding gown... we became a single body on the bed...

For entire night I was dreaming about the whitest, fullest wedding gowns, ghaghra cholis, but thought of real wedding and becoming bride of a man called Kiran was scary. And also the wedding night...Though I always dreamed of a wedding night but never had thought of my fantasy coming to real..( Continued in next post..... )

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  1. Such a lovely story Shilpa... Please post the wedding details soon.
    Your Devarani
    Rahi Ghunghat

    1. Sure Rahi, I must get time from Punishment I receive from my Husband and Saasuji
      Do you also like Ghunghat ?

  2. Come on Shilpa bindani.. start writing your blog.. we're waiting for you..
    You won't even believe.. I'll be going through this in coming four months..

  3. I downloaded all the phone apps and tried wearing Sarees and Ghagras, the apps are too good