Monday, 12 September 2016

My Engagement and I am the Bride to be - 2

Oh...the wedding engagement thing...It happened so fast I didn't get time to protest or stop it. Now officially I am engaged to a man named and soon to be a bride and was it possible? How can a man named Rahul be a bride and wife?? But it has happened and I'll have to be Shilpa for next few days...

 let me explain you how a boy ended up been engaged with a boy. I played the role of woman or bride as Shilpa and my husband or groom Kiran.

I really never wanted to experience the engagement...but after my first meeting with Shilpa's in-laws Rekhaji and Sonali and Aditi, Piyu used to tease me calling me Shilpabindani instead of my real name Rahul. For two days we both enjoyed my cross dressing sessions in pre wedding ceremony of Dipti. But just a week before the wedding date, we realised that real Shilpa was not returning and I'll have to continue playing her role. Piyu in fact was preparing Shilpa's dresses for me. So that no one will notice that Shilpa is missing from Dipti's wedding.

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I think it was Monday in the morning there was a loud knocking on my door. I opened it hurriedly sweet Piyu with Shilpa's mom were at door, after usual discussion Shilpa's mom put the bomb.."Rahul, Rekhaji is in a hurry, they liked you means Shilpa very much and till we are here they want to go ahead one step.."

"What one step?" I asked

Piyu was staring at my bulging.

"See Rahul you have started this now you finish it, Shilpa is not going to return, and we don't want to spoil Dipti's wedding"

"I agree but what I have to do now?"

"Nothing much...there will be a small engagement ceremony between you and Kiran tomorrow and then they will go to their home happily"

"Engagement???? Do you want me to get engaged with Boy?? How can Rahul a boy marry a boy Kiran ?? I am not going to wear those sarees and touch feet of strangers any more"

"Rahul please try to understand..Dipti's wedding is under threat and Piyu told me that you love wearing Sarees" said Shilpa's mom

"Oh... Piyu what are you doing? "

"Rahul don't be childish, I am coming to you room tomorrow to prepare you for the engagement, be ready with all hair removed" said Piyu in her authoritative voice, which was difficult for me to deny.

I actually was very excited to enjoy my own engagement as a bride in saree but thought of real man Kiran was scary....

But I always wanted to experience how it feels when you get engaged in saree and jewellery to someone....

And you know the rest..

Piyu entered my room"Shilpa let us be ready and go to sangeet ceremony of Dipti" oh I had forgotten that we are here to attend Dipti's wedding..

Piyu selected a simple cotton red Anarkali for me. A red Anarkali with broad golden border with as usual red dupatta. The Anarkaliin normal style..and my head covered with my dupatta, as I am engaged woman and soon going to marry...I don't like to wear Anarkali but it is much comfortable than the Saree.

Piyu changed in to rather ethnic dress a grey and golden Ghagra Choli with net chunni.( Continued in next post..... )

My Anarkali
Piyu in Ghagra Choli




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  1. Shilpa you are so lucky...

  2. Hi Shilpa, Are the noserings are really Heavy? how do you handle it ? Can we speak & eat with Big Nosering and Ghunghat ?

    1. Yes Dear ! Noserings are big and heavy, It is difficult to speak and eat when we are wearing them. When I bend over to touch feet on in-laws, it puts weight on my nostril