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My Engagement and I am the Bride to be - 1

Thank god Shilpa's sister Alvira had already left the Haveli, because I was feeling uneasy in her presence as she is a cutest girl and I don't want to be cross-dressed in her presence.
Piyu brought the news that, my (Shilpa's) in-laws have arrived and neighboring room was given to them, they were 6 to 7 women. I stood up immediately. "They seems to be very very rich, they come in two Mercedes, and you will love your mother in law, she is cute old lady with long knee length hair"

She came up behind me and gave my ass a gentle squeeze saying, "Enjoy yourself being daughter-in-law and remember to just look down and serve your MIL. She laughed, playfully slapping my firm buttocks. I grabbed my chunni and made my way to the room given to my in-laws with Shilpa’s mother. I was now holding the tray of water glasses. I was scared a lot to face stranger women.

As we entered the room,

I heard not one word. My mind was focused on the thought of what I was doing here…standing in front of a crowd of people fully attired as a woman…suddenly aware of the tactile sensations of   the chudidar and net chuuni

I saw few women relaxing in sofas . I walked over towards an elderly woman supposed to be Shilpa’s mother-in-law. I kept the tray on centre table and bent over to touch her feet, Then I  started serving glasses to everyone. Shilpa’s mother-in-law Rekhaji was wearing a heavily worked golden saree with broad borders. Her hair also were long, neatly tied in a single thick long braid, which she had kept on front. I liked Rekhaji at once, she looked strict and dominating. I would like to get punished by such a lovely MIL...

Rekhaji, My mother-in-law ( Shilpa's MIL) called me "Shilpabindani, you look marvellous, but why are you wearing the chudidar? Didn't you like the saree we gifted you?

Shilpa's Mother in law

 "I missed the heartbeat, I stood silently with my head bowed down.

"Bahenji, we want to see our bahu in Saree" she told to Shilpa's mother in rather firm tone

I looked at Piyu, she was controlling her laugh. I was now scared a lot and started sweating, Rekhaji then stood up and walked near me, holding my hands said “Look! She is not even wearing bangles given by me, to complete the ritual we want Shilpa in proper attire, Aditi and Sonali are also on the way, they want to gift a few things to their Bhabhi"

Ohhhh I don't know who Aditi and Sonali were, of course they could be Shilpa's Nanandis...

And this old authoritative lady wants me to wear that orange saree, I dreamt about yesterday.... I don't want to face women knowingly or unknowingly in saree...though I love cross dressing, facing young girls while cross-dressed in reality was not my cup of tea...

"Please be seated ji, we will make Shilpa wear saree and come back" said Shilpa's mother... And we headed back to our room..

"Oh I can't wait to get Rahul into a Saree", exclaimed Piyu. “ Saree !” My face was red with the embarrassment."Piyu I don't like the idea" said I  

“Don’t worry, Rahul!! this is a dream come true...don't lose the chance...few minutes in saree and then you will be free. Anyway it was our original idea isn't it?”

Piyu then took  the Saree off  the gift box and held it up examining it. She then walked over to me and asked me to remove my dress and to wear the matching orange petticoat, blouse. I then went to bathroom  removed my chudidar  & then slowly slipped in to the petticoat and blouse. The fitting of blouse was perfect and the petticoat was also a full & thick one with lot of frills the heavier one, I had a second thought immediately, I asked Piyu to handover me one more petticoat the white one, which I wore inside the orange petticoat,  as I was now on full mood...

Piyu quickly came near to me with that Gotta Patti  Saree in her hand. That was Shilpa's Saree, she then helped me to wear that Saree properly. While they both stood back and appraised the Saree, as I held pallu of the saree in my hand.

My Saree to meet Rekhaji

My wigged  head then was covered with pallu of my saree . She then walked me to the mirror. I practically died; the reflection was that of a pretty young girl in a very pretty Saree. How could I face anyone like this, I would never live it down! I fiddled with the pallu of my Saree and swished the Saree with petticoats around my legs, causing girlish sensations to flood over me. I was breathing hard and trying desperately to hide my feelings from Piyu.

I walked over to the centre of the room with the petticoats moving sensually between my thighs creating a wonderful frou-frou effect 

"Well you must be feeling pretty good judging by the state of THIS" Piyu said running her hand over the Saree and the erection tenting the folds of my Saree. 

I watched, and felt my cock grow strong in my saree, Piyu smiled at my embarrassment and watched my face color up. I was clearly taken with the profusion of frills and thick cotton fabric of my petticoats. 

Shilpa's mother then said Alvira is coming,  Shilpa's younger sister Alvira a tom boyish  slim, apparently weak & younger girl, in her early 16 walked into the room. She was wearing a white T-shirt and blue skirt. Her eyes registered shock, when she saw a boy standing there in Saree & blouse. I was breathless and red-faced standing before Alvira. I wished it were all a bad dream. "Oh my God, what on earth's going on?" Alvira exclaimed, breaking into a smile.

I tried my best to hide my bulge

I didn't know whether to be excited or nervous. I guess I was both. I couldn't bear to look at Alvira; my face was burning in embarrassment.

"He's going to be Shilpa now in saree  . Doesn't he look a sweetie?" Piyu said in a funny voice. Alvira came near me with a funny face and bent down "Rahul !!! You are wearing Saree???"
The petticoats I am Wearing
"Look, he's even wearing PETTICOATS" Alvira shouted, lifting my Saree to show them my petticoats.

I mumbled and felt my face as red as a boiled crab. I felt Alvira's hand on my cheek pause for a moment before it lifted my chin and her eyes searched me. "You'll look great in Saree Rahul!! Believe me, nobody will mistake you for a man, ever again." Said Alvira. Piyu then helped me to wear the bangles 12 in each wrist.  

Now it was time to reduce to the earth “Facing in-laws in saree” My cock started growing with full acceleration. Actually I was eager to  bend down at each feet of women from my in-laws, the saree and petticoats keeping my male ego locked inside and the golden opportunity was around the corner.

"Oh Shilpabhabhi !!! You are cute, the saree looks great on you" It was Sonali and Aditi my Nanandis..Sonali a lovely short 17 years old girl in blue Salwar Kameez and Aditi a tomboy with short hair in jeans and t-shirt of same age of Sonali 

My Sister in Law Sonali Ji
My Sister in Law Aditi Ji

I was shivering now.,.why am I facing these cute ladies in saree as a crossdresser. I liked both the girls immediately BUT..,I am their BHABHI and no more an young MAN. My instrument is locked in side the folds of saree. 

"Now you look as our true Bahu" said Rekhaji, she then hold my hand and walked me to the low stool at the center of the room. I sat on the stool taking care of my pallu and saree. As usual both the petticoats protested making lot of noise.  

My cock was a foot long now, what I am doing here? What if Smitali arrives here? I am man not a woman...but no one was in mood to hear what I was thinking...

Rekhaji then gifted me one more saree now a yellow Kota Doria ..then she signalled Sonali and Aditi, who came forward with a jewellery box they called Piyu and Alvira for help, I was completely unaware of what was going to be...I looked at Piyu she smiled and with Alvira started inserting more bangles from the box to my wrists, at the same time Sonali and Aditi sat down at my feet and started tying heavy anklets to my feet... What a picture was that... Anklets was a new thing for me... 4 cutest girls were busy in completing my journey to womanhood their soft hands touching my body and the embarrassment of being in saree was killing me. My cock was straining my petticoats and was dancing on every sound of my bangles and anklets... The giggling of cuties' was putting me on a newer height I wanted to release the payload... this was the dream come true...and that happened my instrument sprayed half a litre liquid inside my petticoats and saree. This was the biggest orgazm of my life, thank god I was wearing two one except Piyu noticed my excitement... She too became horney... I was relieved now and wanted remove the saree and change in to comfortable male clothes but this was not going to happen... 

Rekhaji then helped me to stand up, my wrists were heavy due to 36 metal bangles in each wrist. The anklets were also heavy and lot of tiny bells attached made sweet sound, my head was still covered with my pallu.

"Bahu now time to take blessings from all" I understood, and bent again at Rekhaji's feet and touched it, I was about to straighten up again, another woman accompanied her, started singing a folk song and asked me not to straighten up until the song is complete, the meaning of the song was something like a daughter-in-law is praising her mother -in-law for her kindness.. All young girls were sitting comfortably and enjoying my Punishment like position, my back and legs started paining but the song was not ending, my cock was rubbing inside my petticoats, the embarrassment was at peak and again I experienced a massive ejaculation and a heavenly feeling spread all across my body. I wanted this… I wanted to stand bent over wearing saree....

After the song ended, I obediently touched feet of other old ladies. I stood up, feeling very feminine and very embarrassed. "Why did you stop Shilpabindani? Get blessings from your nanandis also"

Ohh…. this was cruel, A man was made to wear saree and asked to touch feet of cutie cutie girls much younger than him...

Without thinking twice, Piyu led me to Sonali and Aditi I bent at their feet to touch their soft and silky feet. The third explosion occurred, this time the biggest and wettest, almost all the white petticoat was wet now. My cock slowly stopped dancing after complete satisfaction... I noticed that at the same time Piyu also closed her eyes and enjoyed massive orgasm but the wetness got concealed under her full skirt.

I liked Shilpa’s role  Shilpabindani. There was no hurry for me to revert back to my real identity as Rahul right away and I was having fun. It was actually exciting being Bahu of Rekhaji for a while and I got caught up in the role I was playing. I had completely taken over Shilpa's identity, including her Saree and in-laws.

Rekhaji then thanked all, wishing me that Kiran and I will get married soon and I will enter their Haveli as a wedded wife of Kiran...she then asked Shilpa's mother to plan for engagement ceremony.. The thought of engagement, wedding and becoming wife of some one brought forth blow inside my petticoat, now I fear that the orange petticoat also was getting wet...

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"Now onward don't remove the bangles and anklets we gave you, also wear saree as far as possible because after marriage you will have to wear sarees only at our home" Rekhaji told me in authoritative tone, I hated Shilpa, why Shilpa has to have all this fun ? bangles, anklets and sarees ?? Why can't a boy be a bride ??  Rekhaji then gifted me more Sarees

Sonali and Aditi also then left promising me to meet soon

I with Piyu rushed to my room to change in to male clothes, inside the room Piyu closed the door behind and pulled me to the bed. I some how managed to remove all the female clothes and jewellery and jumped on the bed, we played WILDEST GAME....( Continued in next post..... )

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