Friday, 9 September 2016

My Engagement and I am the Bride to be - 3

Piyu told me to sit in the room until asked to come to the main hall. My right hand still holding my pallu over head, I thought why am I on the opposite role at this engagement? '

What a lovely moment it would have been, if it was engagement between me and Smitali or Piyu or the new found girl’s sisters of Kiran, Sonali and Aditi!! I would have been wearing a Jodhpuri and the girl in nicest saree. She will shyfully touch my feet and I will accept her as my bride to be....but today I am a cross dresser man wearing the saree and waiting here to be called to meet my future husband and in-laws. I wanted Shilpa to return as early as possible so that I will be released, because though I love wearing sarees and my fantasy coming true. I don't want this to happen in reality, After all I am a man with proud INSTRUMENT.

Engagement Saree Crossdresser

I heard the chats from the hall. I never wanted to be cross-dressed before a real man. It was hurting my ego, I was praying real Shilpa to arrive before I meet Kiran. After some time  Shilpa's mom and Piyu came to my room, Piyu was having a nasty smile on her face, "Kiran is very cute, a perfect husband for you, Rahul oh…. Sorry Shilpa" I wanted to run from that place at once, but again my cock wanted me to attend my own engagement in saree.

Piyu asked me to follow to the kitchen. In the kitchen Shilpa's mom told me to carry a big tray containing snacks and cold drink glasses to serve to all the guests. The tray was heavy they asked me to carry it carefully. Now my both the bangles clad hands were busy holding the tray, was difficult to walk with voluminous petticoats and saree.  Piyu literally dragged me towards the hall, I was feeling very embarrassed in front of the guests.

All the eyes on me, I started serving the dishes, my petticoats, anklets and bangles making lot of sound. I started shivering when it was a time to serve the dish to only man in that hall, my future husband..oh how can a man have a husband?? I slowly went before a boy who was wearing a black Jodhpuri, and a red pagri on head. I know  he is Shilpa's husband Kiran. I hope he was not looking at my straightness inside my saree. After serving the drinks, Shilpa's mom asked me to touch feet of everyone, oh again bending over before cuties like Sonali, Aditi Both were in brightest Anarkali dresses looking very very sweet, there sweet laughing sound was audible, oh I wanted to be a man in front of those cuties. But I was in a man in saree.

I bent to touch Sonali's feet, "Bhabhi you look so beautiful and the Saree is very nice" saying so she brushed her cute cute hand over my butt. I sprung up to life. Then Aditi I touch her feet too, she was sitting next to Kiran a boy a man Kiran, I slowly bent over to touch those feet, why a man in saree touching feet as a respect of another man ?? I don't know but it was making my instrument longer and longer.  Once the punishing feet touching ritual was over Rekhaji asked me to sit in front of Kiran, which I obeyed.

Sonali Ji

Aditi Ji
I sat on the sofa opposite which  Kiran was sited, taking care of my saree and pallu over head. My head was bowed and I could only see Kiran's feet. I wanted to see how Shilpa's husband looks. I slowly raised my head and looked at him, he was surprisingly cute, a girlish face. He is looking a smart and confident. But at the same time, I saw a different glow in his eyes as if he was judging me, and was dreaming to enslave me. He looked at frills of my petticoats peeping out from bottom of my Saree, and I saw a strange  smile on his face.
He was enjoying his to be wife's uneasiness in saree. I tried my best to hide my petticoats peeping out from my saree.

Rekhaji and few ladies then helped me to stand, Kiran was also asked to stand in front of me, my right hand was busy in maintaining my pallu covering my head, but with left hand I was free to play with my MAN, Piyu came near me to stop my left hand from playing with my cock.

What a shame and embarrassment!! A man was going to be engaged with a man. And I was playing role of a woman. With my bangle filled hands we exchanged rings. Everyone in the room clapped then as a ritual I was made to sit with Kiran on royal chairs. Sonali, Aditi and Rekhaji then gifted me a saree and all other accessories. I was then supposed to wear that Saree and come back. So Piyu again helped me wear the new saree a saree given my in-laws to me. Once done we walked into the hall, Kiran was already waiting for me his a ritual I was made to on my husband's left side,

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On Rekhaji's instructions Sonali stood up from her sofa and came near me, She then took my right hand in her hand Kira's left hand in other hand, before I could understand anything Aditi snapped a handcuff in our wrists. My right hand was now handcuffed to Kiran left hand. I was now handcuffed to my husband, I was now enslaved to him. I felt very embarrassed, I had never expected this.. I am a man and not a woman I am not Shilpa but cross dresser Rahul. All started laughing at our situation, everyone enjoying Groom and Bride handcuffed together. Before I could say anything Sonali said this is a ritual as per Sareewala Khaandaan and the handcuffed will be removed only at the end of the engagement ceremony
Such a lovely ritual

Suddenly  I felt a pull on my right wrist, Kiran was going towards Rekhaji, I immediately had to follow him...we both husband wife to be bent to touch her feet. It was very easy for Kiran but for me taking care of saree petticoats and jewellery while walking and bending over was difficult. We then together started touching feet of every elder present there. People were admiring my saree, and very appraising saying what a lovely couple...

Once the bending over was done we were made to sit again on a big couch..but due to the handcuff, it was difficult for me to sit, but my husband Kiran was already sitted so I had stand besides me. The girls were laughing and giggling at my discomfort.

Soon Sonali arrived with a Thali containing mehandi cones, she said its instant heena mehandi, Aditi and Alvira held both my hands straight and before I protest Sonali started the red color designs on my hands till my shoulders it was quick drying heena, on the palm she wrote Shilpa and Kiran. I was unable to say anything my hands were looking more girly now. All of a sudden those cuties lifted my saree and layers of frilly petticoats and Sonali worked on my feet both my feet till knees were covered with red heena designs. While holding the frills up.. Aditi said "Heavy petticoats!! How to you manage to walk Bhabhi?? Kiran your wife likes multiple petticoats to wear...ha ha ha "   all laughed at that cruel joke.

Then at the dinning table I had to face many difficulties to eat as my right hand was handcuffed to Kiran, once the food was done it was time for my release I wanted to change in to my male Avatar as early as possible and wash the heena and get rid of saree and jewellery..

The handcuff was finally removed, Rekhaji told me to wear sarees only and said we will decide on wedding date soon. I was so aroused by now that my member was straight and hard, I noticed Piyu was also aroused due to humiliation I  receiving.  We all then went out side the Haveli, I was shyly following Kiran my future proud husband..oh my god, I can see the Mercedes car a big one with a Audi, Kiran and Rekhaji sat in merc, Sonali and Aditi in super rich royal in-laws then left
Once my in-laws left I jumped to my room Piyu also joined me, it was difficult to control a foot long stick inside my saree, we entered the room, while I  removed all the Shilpa things, Piyu was already ready...we together flew to Bahamas, Piyu was making loud noises but soon it was over and we calmed down to sleep...

In the morning, I woke up with a pain all over my body, wearing a saree and jewelry for yesterday was taking toll, Piyu had already gone to her room. I went to bath applied lot of soap and took a hot shower, feeling very nice my shock the heena mehandi was still on my hands and feet, I applied the soap again and tried to rub out the red design from my skin but no help. The bright red colour was still there, I got scared and called Piyu to come to my room, she rushed in, a white sleeveless t-shirt and a orange cotton skirt...I wanted to pull her again in to the bed, but she said "What happened?" I showed the heena to her" ohh it looks to be semi permanent heena, it will take 10 days to fade, what will you do Rahul now?" I was scared now, 10 days how can I go out with this girly bridal mehandi on my body? "We have a solution," Piyu added "Anyway you wanted to cross dress in Dipti's wedding, right Rahul??, then why don't you remain Shilpa for next 10 days, wedding is after 8 days, enjoy the cross dressing" it was a scary idea to remain as a woman for 10 days, at the same time I liked it, " you will have to help me Piyu"

"I am always there to help you ShilpaBhabhi, if you give me the SWEET every night"

"Done then, Dipti already knows that you are playing Shilpa, so don't worry. Wear as petticoats and sarees you want to behave like a bride to be as your soon going to wedded off to Kiran"

Thought of Kiran, brought a fear back to my mind...( Continued in next post..... )

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  1. Hai shilpa bhabi plz plz write more stories

    1. I will write more, but I want you wear Sarees only while reading my blog, will you ?

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  3. Yes I will write more about my life, But my husband and in-laws should give me some time from the house hold work. It is difficult to write blog when my face is covered with Ghunghat

    1. Hai shilpa Bindani.I know your situation, I will pray for you to get enough time for story writing.what type of housework you are doing, Is your work starting in early morning.will your in-laws punish you for your mistake?.If you don't mind plss ask 1hr in everyday for story writing......we are waiting for your stories

    2. Yes, Punishments are part of my life, I will write about that more.. but just to give you a hint. Standing in a bent over manner touching thumbs of my own feet is a common punishment for me for my mistakes.

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  7. Hi Shilpa, I also love crossdressing, but it is true that wearing Sarees Petticoats and doing house work is difficult ? I have not tried wearing Saree for more than 10 minutes. Can you walk with Ghunghat over your face ?
    .. Rajkumar

  8. Is it only me or you too who like burqa with eye veil?
    .if u have not tried once,wear it bhabhi.
    while wearing saree do u like to show ur petticoat?how much do u cover ur face with ghunghat?I become breathless when I am in ghunghat!!!wish this can happen to me in my real life

    1. After my marriage, I was made to ghunghat for one month for 24 hours. That too with big nosering. but now I have to keep ghunghat occasionally. I wear at least 2 frilly petticoats and yes they always peep out.
      Ghunghat must cover my entire face that is the rule by my mother-in-law