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My Crossdressing at Dipti's wedding - 1

What a lovely feeling was that, Piyu and I were completely satisfied last night and now again we were sitting very close to each other. My left hand was playing with her skirt and my right hand was caressing her long straight hair.

"Rahul ! You gave me the greatest fun of my life... You know, I have done lots of reading about cross dressing and I know that men who love cross dressing can give explosive pleasure to a woman when engaged in cross dressing act, and you have proved that..."
Piyu was saying with her mesmerized brown eyes. I gently pulled her hair.

"Rahul.. I have decided to help you.. I will help you to be Shilpa..rather my ShilpaBhabhi and in return you give me the pleasure" she added
It was a win-win situation for me. Before I said anything, she went ahead, "While at Dipti's wedding I will help you to slip in as a woman, you will accompany me as my Sister-In-law...ShilpaBhabhi"
"But Piyu, how is it possible? People will recognize me, a man in Saree? And where will I change my clothes? "

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Actually the concept was lovely, in fact thought of it caused my shorts to bulge, Piyu sensed it and slapped lightly on the bulge
"You naughty girl, eager to get encased in petticoats & sarees again?? "
"Rahul you don't worry about that, we will be staying in big Haveli with large number of rooms, no one will notice a man in shirt pant entering a room and coming out as woman in saree...and to make it little easy you will have to wear salwar kameej for few times. And about your hair also I have thought of using a wig"

But you don't care about it, it will be a surprise for you
I liked the plan, she then took some of my body measurements and smiled saying, "Wait for 10 more days..Shilpa... It is my responsibility to give you pleasure of sarees but at the same time you need to fulfil my demands for ‘THAT’ “

What about Smitali ?? My crush ?? I want Smitali, I can't live without her. After Dipti's wedding I was going to propose Smitali..I will take help of Piyu. "Piyu ! I want you to talk to Smitali for me" I some how managed to say so..
I saw strange smile on Piyu's face
"Oh Rahul !! you like her??.. But you know you should marry a man instead of a woman..else how will you get a chance to wear sarees and serve your in-laws ??" She said so, laughing hysterically and that caused my rocket to charge again…
"Come on Piyu !! I have proved, I am a man"
"Oh sorry sorry Rahul, I was just kidding, I will sure talk to her"
For 10 days I was in clouds and heavens. I visited Dipti's home many times with Shilpa and Piyu. I even accompanied them in shopping. Piyu secretly teased me at Saree and Jewellery shops.
I used to shiver and sweat at the thought of the coming days. Do Shilpa and Dipti know my secret? What if they catch me in saree there?? Whenever I saw at Shilpa's face I imagined my self at her place. Due to facial similarities even the saree shop keepers thought I am Shilpa's brother. I eagerly watched Shilpa trying sarees, lehengas at shops. It was fun to see Shilpa's uneasiness with braid of her long hair. Every trial of dress she had take care of thick long braid.
I was sure that Piyu was also buying sarees and other things for me, I had transferred few rupees to her account.
Finally the day arrived, the final exams were over and soon after the results we will move ahead in life with career or advance study. But mean while I was going to experience a dream come true situation, fantasized by every cross dresser on the earth. I was going to attend a marriage as a woman, and that too marriage of my close friend. I will act like a woman for at least 4 days. Most of the time I will be wearing salwar kameej, sarees and if lucky Ghaghara choli...
At the same time all those nights I was going to enjoy lovely Piyu..
Dipti and her family had already gone to their native place. Piyu, Shah Aunty and I took a train with all our luggage, Piyu was wearing nice blue jeans with white cotton shirt. Lovely Piyu...I noticed that bag the tag was written "Shilpa" on it, I know it was my bag, full of sarees and other fineries'
In train there were lot of couples and families where in most of the young women were wearing sarees with their faces covered in ghunghat.. A large stimulation for me. Piyu looked at me with a mischievous smile..."soon you will also be in saree and ghunghat, ShipaBhabhi…"
We reached the small city, a huge Haveli was assigned for wedding guests not far from the wedding Haveli where Dipti was staying. We three got separate rooms on ground floor Shilpa, Alvira and her mother were allotted room on upper floor. Shilpa came down to meet us, a lemon yellow cotton chudidar with stiff netted dupatta, she was looking marvelous. She bent slightly to remove her sandals and her knee length braid gave away falling at her feet in front ohhhhh....the sight of her braid caused a huge ‘Single Post Tent’, Piyu was looking at my tent the evening after bathing Piyu entered my room with lose hair white skirt top...for two hours we were on the Venus...
"Shilpabhabhi, tomorrow we will try putting you in salwar kameej and go out side for few minutes..just to make sure everything goes perfect afterwards "
"And don't be excited, because I don’t how many times you will get chance to wear saree, at the most 2 to 3 times and that too not for main ceremony"
I felt sad and I was not aroused by the thought of wearing salwar kameej. I want wear saree and participate in wedding as a woman let us see....( Continued in next post..... )

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