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My Crossdressing at Dipti's wedding - 3

I slept on bed dreaming about tomorrow, Shilpa and her saree..... All of a sudden, I heard loud knocking sound on my door, It took some time for me to come to my senses...I looked at my watch it was 6:00 am ..I opened the door Piyu and Shilpa's mother were standing outside..I asked them what happened. Come inside as it was cold outside

They both glanced at me and I think it was Shilpa’s mother who first began looking at me like she was sizing me up. No words were spoken, but I had the sneaking suspicion that she was up to something and her gazing at me was giving me the creeps, like I had done something terribly wrong. I quickly grabbed a glass of water.

It was Piyu who spoke first. "Rahul, We would like to speak with you", she said in a rather calming tone. They walked near me and I felt like I was being doubled teamed. Without saying why, Shilpa’s mother asked me to stand straight and slowly turn around. I stood up quickly and started to turn while my eyes were glued to her staring me up and down. She ordered me to turn again, slower this time and I of course did as she said. "He will do just fine", Shilpa’s mother said to Piyu. "We must start first thing right now."

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And without another word, she went outside. I just looked at Piyu with this big question on my face of ‘what was that all about?’ Piyu told me to ‘sit tight’ and she also went outside. I could hear some whispering, mostly from Shilpa’s mother but I couldn’t exactly get the gist of the conversation. I knew it had to be about me, so I  stood in the doorway. As soon as they saw me, they stopped talking and both looked at me.

Both of them again entered my room Piyu closed the door behind her.

“Honey, we need you to do a big favor for us," Shilpa's mother began.

"No, he WILL do this," Piyu interrupted with an accent on the ‘WILL’ part. 

What followed could be best described as a good cop, bad cop scenario. Shilpa's mother was talking with her almost pleading tone but Piyu with her sweeping authority over me. I was still trying to piece together what going on when Piyu put her hand on my shoulder and led me to the mirror and had me sit on the stool.

"Look into the mirror Rahul and you know it, you look as if you are Shilpa's twin brother,"

"Yes I don't deny, but what it is all about? What have I done? What has happened??" I added

"Rahul!! Shilpa is not in her room, her one bag and shoes are missing, it seems that she has left the city keeping behind the heavy, wedding related clothing. And I think the child marriage thing has caused this"

Shilpa's mother started crying "I think she might have gone to Nainital to her aunt"

"So what is the problem, do you want me to go to Nainital to bring her back?" I asked, though I realized that I have missed the Shilpa & her Saree from Mother-In-Law show...

Shilpa's mother now more content,  began her story with how unfortunate we are that Shilpa ran away. I just nodded my head and was hoping she would get to the point a bit quicker .

"Please Piyu, just tell me what you want me to do," I said in frustration. 

Piyu began to falter a bit in her speech, "We need you to fill in for our friend Shilpa for some time," Piyu smiled mischievously after that

"No one yet know anything about Shilpa’s disappearance and if her  in-laws come to know the fact, they will create lot of noise  and complain to the community heads. This  may even become a cause to break Dipti’s wedding. So Shilpa’s mother want a replacement for Shilpa so they can declare her disappearance only after tomorrow.”

"A Replacement? Replacement for what?" I asked. 

Piyu looked over at Shilpa’s mother and then looked back to me. “You and Shilpa look very similar and you know it. We need you to go in her place for her Mother-In-Law's visit."

Piyu just hung open. I couldn’t even begin to find the words to respond to such a wild idea. I now know why was I the one selected to do this task? Before I could speak, Shilpa’s mother took a step closer and explained again the disaster their family may face if I didn’t do this. She said it was my duty to help the family and I shouldn’t make a fuss over a small favor. .

Small favor? This was a monstrous favor to ask of a 23-year-old boy. Pose as girl  before her In-Laws?  Though I was secretly feeling very lucky now, in fact it was our original plan for me to wear sarees with Piyu , but that was secret and we were not going to tell anyone. But this plan looked dangerous for I was actually going to replace someone

"Wait a minute, won’t they all know I’m not Shilpa ?" I asked.

"They have not seen Shilpa recently,"  Shilpa’s mother responded. "You are the exact height as her and with a few adjustments, your face and figure can be the same also”

 "But  I can’t wear woman’s clothes before, Shilpa's in-laws they will catch me laugh at me, it’s too embarrassing."

"No one will laugh at you dear. You can easily pass as Shilpa I will help you in makeup, Please, do this for us” Shilpa’s mother pleaded. I looked over at Shilpa’s mother and saw that determined look on her face. I felt I had no choice in the matter. I guess I had to think of it as acting since I was to play a role that I was not normally. I saw Shilpa’s mother smile.

Piyu announced to us it was DONE and that we would start first thing right now. I asked Piyu what she meant by that and she said I was going to have the necessary trials done to have Shilpa’s role.

I thought about that for a bit and tried to decide what that meant. I attempted to picture Shilpa in my head and how I was different. I know Shilpa have long hair she always tied them in long thick braid reaching up to her knees and that meant I would need them too. That would probably be   accomplished with  wig Piyu already have. .

But I really don’t want to Saree before stranger, especially Shilpa’s mother, Shilpa’s younger sister Alvira and of course Shilpa’s in-laws. I hoped they will ask me to wear Salwar Kameez.

"Oh I can't wait to get Rahul into a Salwar Kameez", exclaimed Piyu .

“Salwar Kameez again Shilpabhabhi" Piyu said it into my ears,

My face was red with the embarrassment. Thought of meeting mother in law felt easy to me. Thank god they don't want me to wear saree for the meeting. “The meeting will not take more than 30 minutes, Rakhaji will come here, hand over some gifts to you, you will have to serve them water and tea, that all” added Shilpa’s Mother happily.

After tea and quick bath we gathered in Shilpa 's room, Shilpa’s first year dental student sister, Alvira was also there now, she was wearing a nice grey t-shirt and light blue denim full skirt with her long black hair kept loose on her back. One more cutie I adored….

Shilpa's mother then took the dress off Shilpa's suitcase and held it up examining it. She then walked over to me and asked me to remove my shirt pants and to wear the bright orange salwar kameej. I then went to bed room removed my male clothes I was fully naked & then slowly slipped in to the dress. The fitting of dress was perfect . Piyu quickly came near to me with that net yellow and orange Chunni in her hand, she then helped me to wear that Chunni properly. While they both stood back and appraised their creation, as I held end of the Chunni in my hand. I felt shy as the women giggled over my discomfort.

It was now Alvira’s turn to be shocked to see a man wearing Salwar Kameez, “He is in fact Shilpa” said she.

Now it was a wait game, we must wait for my Mother-In-Law to arrive. I the 'Male Daughter-In-law'' was waiting to meet her; touch of net chunni was taking my rocket on newer heights and the cuties Piyu, Alvira in modern clothing like skirt t-shirts were killing me.( Continued in next post..... )

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  1. Hey Shilpa, I am also a man, I want to be your Devaranai do you have devar ? I am also ready to wear sarees and serve in-laws. Shilpa can you become my Jethani ?

  2. Hi Shilpa , I too want to be Bahu of your Saasuji
    -- Nishi