Sunday, 24 July 2016

My Crossdressing at Dipti's wedding - 2

In morning, I used the hair remover for my entire body except eyebrows and head and then after breakfast, Piyu entered my room, wearing a nice pink chudidar with soft translucent Chunni. She was looking so cute that I wanted to hug her and kiss a lot..

"Shilpa we have limited time, change in to this, she handed over me a white salwar kameej which I wore and came out from the bathroom, this was the first time I was wearing salwar kameej, I don't like it much but I love the soft feeling of chunni.

Piyu handed over me the matching net Chunni. She helped me to adjust it over my shoulders and gave both the ends of it in my hands

I loved the touch..then Piyu took out a wig of hair having the shoulder length hair tied in a pony tail and fitted on my head

Then came the earrings and two plastic bangles each on my wrist

"Yes Rahul!! that is all you will get today" she then walked me to the mirror...I saw Shilpa standing in the Rahul was there. As if I was transformed into Shilpa. Piyu also said “You look exactly same as Shilpa people will say you are her twin sister”

But it was boring dress..."Let us go Shilpa to market" for the first time I was going out in the world as a woman, I wished I could have been wearing saree. No one in the Haveli or outside noticed us getting out.

Walking in salwar kameej was easy, managing Chunni was little difficult on the road few boys and men did noticed us.

We then entered a fashion shoppee, I was scared now, the sales girl on counter was much younger than me and good looking in jeans t-shirt. She looked at me and said "Yes bhabhji how may I help you?" ahhhh… a cute girl called me Bhabhi.. what a lovely feeling was that…

This was the test and I passed it, Piyu then asked to show us some bangles for me..we purchased few dozens of bangles and quickly returned to our room..inside the room Piyu hugged me "Congratulations i !! No one recognized you as a man in salwar kameej..."

I removed the dress and pulled cutie cutie Piyu towards me...we landed on moon and don't know for how long we the evening we both changes the clothes and went to visit Shilpa.

At Shilp's room the air was tensed, Manu as usual was wearing a Saree, a plain chiffon yellow Saree. I always think that Shilpa also gets aroused by wearing Sarees that is why being just 18 years old she wears Sarees very commonly. When her mother saw Piyu she started "Look...what Shilpa is saying. She is not listening to me, we have to stay in the community"

When asked more about what has happened Shilpa mother told us that someone brought a message from Sareewala Family that they are going to visit Shilpa tomorrow and that is why Shilpa was nervous. It was a shock for us to know that Shilpa was a victim of child marriage somewhere in her childhood she was married to Kiran Sareewala from the Royal Sareewala family, by her grandfather, but Shilpa was not ready to accept that as had never met Kiran and she didn't believe in child marriage at same time Sareewala are orthodox family and not that modern.

It was a shock for us, an 18 year an engineering student is married and has in-laws...I wished I was at her place...

Tomorrow Shilpa’s so called Mother-In-Law, Rekhaji was coming to meet Shilpa and bring some gifts to her. They had already sent a box of clothes and jewellery as a ritual...I curiously saw inside the box, it caused my rocket to straightened up. A lovely Gotta Patti orange saree with matching choli and petticoat was there with lot of lovely bangles

But it was a time for me to shock as the name on the box was to “To ShilpaBindani”

I looked at Piyu with surprise

What a lovely coincidence!!!! Piyu was now looking at my tent Shilpa the name was enough to strain the fabric

"I am not going to marry with Kiran and I don't want to meet anyone, why the hell that woman wants to meet me? " Shilpa started arguing..her mother was helpless...

I wanted to enjoy the meeting of Shilpa with her Mother-In-Law tomorrow...I was eager to see long braided Shilpa in saree serving respect to Rekhaji...what a lovely sight will that be!!  I wanted to watch Shilpa obediently bending over to touch feet of her mother in law..

Piyu slapped me lightly on my back and we left their room as the quarrel was not going to was difficult for me to walk with tightness in my pants. I was envying Shilpa more now..I always envy her due to her thick long braid.

I wished those gifts Saree etc.. and visit of Mother-In-Law were for me...I would have loved to meet my MIL in saree...( Continued in next post..... )


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  1. Rahul will you marry me ? I am looking for a cross dresser man who can become my wife.

    1. Hey, I am already married, and I am loving this life of a crossdressed wife. I have forgotten that I was a man a few months ago