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Piyu caught me cross dressing in Saree - Part 4

Ohhh... I am locked here in handcuffs dressed in female clothes Saree and petticoats....standing with wrists tied in handcuffs above my head and someone has just entered my room.....what a shameful situation I am in !!!!!.....this Ghunghat over my face is not allowing me to see, who is it ?????

I was scared from top to bottom...but was of no use...I will have to wait for the key..

I desperately tried to look, who was it.. I saw the lovely legs in  a long flared khaki skirt  and sandals..I have seen those legs and sandal somewhere....

Piyu Skirt
Piyu Skirt

Oh ...the cold cotton skirt and those beautiful legs. I should have been wearing male clothed instead of saree..

Someone came near to me. I can hear the breathing...a hand approached towards my Ghunghat covered face, I wanted to shout but the gag was not allowing and I was able to make a sound something like amm..ommm...m...

I saw the hand, it was a very delicate hand with painted nails of long fingers. A beautiful diamond ring was also adorning one of the finger.. Oh I know that ring.. I daily see that ring in someone's fingers.. The hand slowly raised my already dropped head by pushing my chin  up..

"Rahul ??" The voice called me..Ahhh .. That's Piyu...

"is that you Rahul?? In saree? Such lovely saree Rahul !! , you look beautiful in saree Rahul. What shall I call you Rahul? Shilpa ?? ??? " She was asking me

It was a shock for me, how does she know my secret female persona name.. ?I have never told to anyone...
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I wanted to ask her and explain her but my answer was "mmmm..ummm. Uuuu..mmm"

"okay don't tell me, I can see you have done a great job...though being a man...wearing a Saree for man is not easy" she was now teasing me...

I wanted the key to swing me as soon as possible " Shilpa! Is that your correct name Rahul ?? And is this the key, you are waiting for?" She hold the handcuff key before my Ghunghat covered face..."don't worry I have removed it before the ice melts, now I will give it to you when my mind will melt for you"

She then pulled a chair and sat exactly opposite to me. What a terrible seen was that a complete man was standing in saree helplessly before a lovely women in jacket t-shirt and skirt.

I tried to get myself released from the handcuffs but only thing we can hear was lot of noise from bangles and anklets due to my desperate efforts to release my self. And my heavy petticoats made fro fro sound.

"Nice music Shilpa , keep dancing, I want you to dance..I am ready to watch your dance for entire night" Piyu was determined to tease me

Oh... Standing like this for entire night..? I was already wearing   these uneasy clothes and standing in uneasy position for last 3 hours...

I wanted Piyu to remove my Ghunghat and the mouth gag. But she was not in mood to. Then she suddenly stood up and went behind me.

"Why this injustice Rahul? Why your feet are firm on the floor??  And for Shilpa and me, you always fantasize that we are standing uncomfortably on our toes"

Oh..... God.... I prayed...but no does she know my fantasy's ?

I can now hear the mechanism working... Oh.. She was using the remote...I felt tension in my hands. I had lift my ankles to ease the pull. She had raised the handcuff, so that my toes were only touching the ground...My anklets made tinkling noise again. My petticoats also got lifted making frou frou noise. I was pretty uncomfortable now...
Raised Ankles
Raised Ankles
"Nice saree, let me check your petticoats " said Piyu and then sat on the floor. Slowly she raised my saree a little " are wearing two petticoats...." she then slapped on my feet "this is my petticoat, you thief, my mom sent this to me, so that I will practice wearing it. Anyway it's good that you wore it now, I can see how it suits inside your saree." She then stood up and came near me and caressed my saree clad bottom saying

 " Good !!! So Rahul congratulations for your new Avatar Shilpa !!!! We must find a suitable groom for you, you need a good husband now as I can see you could be nice wife of someone. And yes you will be my Bhabhi. ShilpaBhabhi"

Ohhh what she is saying??? I am a boy not a girl, how can I marry a boy ?? It was a very embarrassing situation for me. And Bhabhi? How can a boy be a Bhabhi?? And of course I never want to be Bhabhi of Piyu, I in fact want to marry a cutie like Piyu.

Piyu then sat in the chair again

 "So !!! You want to know, how I am here at this time? How do I know about Shilpa Bhabhi? How much do I know? How do I know about your fantasies ?? A few  days ago I found a pen drive on stairs. I. Was not knowing its yours but when I opened it, to my surprise I found your photos wearing sarees, and  morphed photos of me and my friends on saree clad actresses also the word files where you have written your fantasy...lovely Rahul"

Then I did some research on cross dressing and I realized you are a straight person and in fact you will give infinite pleasure to women ..but then aunty once told me that you might have stolen her petticoats and I decided to catch you red was my plan to put the petticoat out for drying to trap you.."

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I was shaking but was relaxed to know that Piyu knows what is cross dressing .

" But you must be punished Rahul for stealing" I tried to look at Piyu...ohhhh she was  carrying a cane in her hand, a 2 feet cane, my favorite tool I used in my fantasy to keep my self under control. Piyu sat on the chair again taking care of her great skirt.

  I was burning inside due to humiliation and shame

" Now stand here in saree and ghunghat, I want to give you what you wanted, here is your beloved laathi.. In your fantasy you smack us on our bottom, now you will see how it feels to receive the laathi on bottom"
My Lathi
My Lathi
After hearing that I tried a lot to get rid of the clutches of handcuff. But only bangles and anklets were able to make sound...

Piyu walked behind my back and spanked my bottom 10 times, though the blows were lite, the pain due to embarrassment was high. It was my fantasy coming true

Piyu then lowered the chain, keeping the handcuff intact, she then made sure to keep other end of the chain in her hand.

She then pulled the chain I was now able to walk small steps. She slowly took me to the full length gym mirror in my room.

What a embarrassing scene was that, a cross dresser man completely dressed in saree and Ghunghat was standing handcuffed helplessly with a cute sexy girl in revealing shirt and a. Lovely skirt. And a nice haircut. The saree clad person was under complete command of the girl due to the handcuff and chain.

Piyu then noticed tenting of saree and smiled. She then removed my handcuffs and allowed me to change the clothes. Quickly !!! I was a man in t-shirt and shorts. The TENT was still there. Piyu switched off the lights and I soon was appreciating her skirt and soon we enjoyed the sensation. That was the sweetest night for me and Piyu.

We slept like wooden blocks till morning.

When I woke up in morning I found Piyu was not around. And there she emerged from kitchen carrying tray of tea wearing same skirt and shirt. “Rahul, I will call you now Shilpa only when we are alone, Listen to me I have an Idea…”

I was not knowing that this morning was going to change my life and I was going to become a real Wife, Bahu and Bindani… ShilpaBindani….( Continued in next post..... )

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