Thursday, 24 March 2016

Piyu caught me cross dressing in Saree - Part 2

The most awaited night arrived

I had a quick dinner and checked, it was 11:30 now and all the colony was calm and quiet.

I was now eager to become ShilpaBhabhi !!!  

Slowly I opened my bag, selected the stiff net material Beige Saree, this saree is having a broad silver border and has Butti work done in white threads. A translucent, heavy but crispy saree. Then the balloon sleeved choli which was aunty's choli from her Ghaghra choli set, I had stole it when it was drying a few months ago. Then I decided to take out my own white petticoat, then I took out the red bangles set and the anklets. Kept every thing ready.
Crossdresser Saree
My Saree
Had a quick hot bath and I slowly crept into the terrace, my dream petticoat was there, I slowly removed it from the line, I felt its weight.  It was really heavy and cold and stiff. Will it allow me to walk?  I wanted to become prisoner of it. I want it to restrain my feet and my MAN...

Once inside the room, I removed all my clothes. I was complete nude now.... First came the choli and anklets. Without making noise of the anklets I reached for the petticoat, it was so thick and stiff that I felt as if it was made of wood. It was difficult to step in it, so I lifted it above head and slipped it slowly over my body. When I tied the  knot, my waist was now carrying 8 kg of fabric.
Crossdresser Anklets
My Anklets

I wanted to avoid the TENTING,  but my MAN was already pushing the fabric out. I collected all the frilly hem of my petticoat and clutched it in between my legs. I then reached for my own petticoat, though it is full size, it is nothing compared  to 40 kali petticoat, I lowered that petticoat also from my head. And then released the inner petticoat, I was able to hear the war of 2 petticoats.... inner one wanted more space to spread around my feet and the outer one kept restricting it. There was absolutely no space for my feet inside the petticoats, Both petticoats were now touching the floor and trying to suppress my MEMBER..
Crossdresser Petticoats
My Petticoat
Then I spread the neatly pressed saree and very meticulously wore it in Gujarati style. Once the pallu was fixed at its place, I wore metal bangles 27 in each wrist.

My ROCKET was now fully charged, I had to arrange my saree pleats properly again and again, because my ROCKET was trying to spoil the game by pushing the pleats out.

My transformation to ShilpaBhabhi was not yet complete, before looking in to the mirror I wanted to complete it... So I then slowly started pulling my pallu over my head to cover it. then pulled it more to cover my face as Ghunghat.... Oh .... I was now a complete and most obedient Bahu ...a Bindani in Saree and Ghunghat

Once everything was completed, it was going to be my first step in the huge petticoats and saree, I slowly raised my right foot and ohhhh I suddenly felt the heaviness, I realized that I will not be able to walk easily but will have to manage a very very small step at a time as if someone has tied my legs together. I slowly walked before mirror... Ahhh... the Shilpa Bhabhi was looking at me through her ghunghat. A few minutes ago there was a man named Rahul here, who is now converted to Shilpa. I removed the. Ghunghat a little and  I could see Shilpa in mirror, Dipti is right, except the long hair I can easily replace Shilpa if I wear girly clothes. I pulled the Ghunghat back over my face.

I then wanted to finish the ritual.... I follow this every time, I wear a saree. I walked towards the staircase which lands into the main hall of bungalow, my petticoats were making lot of noise along with my anklets and bangles. I was now Shah aunty's Bahu and was going down the stairs to serve my in-laws.

 I tried to descend but it was not easy, my ghunghat was restricting my vision. And it was difficult to land my toe on step without getting entangled in frills of my petticoats. I somehow managed, I was able to see the sofas below, I imagined my in laws are sitting there and they were enjoying my uneasiness in saree and ghunghat. I went near the sofa and bent over to touch their feet as a respect.. At every imaginary feet, I stand bent over for two minutes. So for 5 in laws 10 minutes of good punishment for me. I always connect my saree wearing session with touching feet of in laws and my imaginary husband.

After a good lesson learnt, I arranged a tray of drink glasses and food plates and served my imaginary in laws. I like to serve them in saree it keeps my MAN under control.

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Once the plates and glasses are removed , i stood there, waiting to be relieved from my Bahu's duties. My one hand busy with saree pleats and other with ghunghat over my face.

While standing there, that thought crept into my mind, what would have happened if I was a real girl and recently married and become bahu of Shah aunty ?? The thought was scary will I be able to carry the burden of saree and Ghunghat?? 

But I liked the petticoat and I wanted it for forever, what if I steal it? Aunty will think it got flown away by strong winds.

I made up my mind, but at the same time, I started feeling guilty.. And there was a solution to come out of the guilty feeling, punish the thief inside your self.....

Aahhh the suspended handcuffs are waiting in my room... What an experience will it be...

I many times  punish myself in my room while cross dressing in Saree. I stand in saree with my face covered in ghunghat, before that I make sure to shut my mouth with ball gag. And then lock my bangles filled wrists in suspended handcuff above my head. I have a timer mechanism, so for 25 minutes I enjoy the helpless cross dressed bondage situation. I wanted to experience the helplessness LENGTH was not allowing me to walk fast

I started walking towards my room upstairs for the handcuffs.....and the lovely punishment...

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