Thursday, 24 March 2016

Piyu caught me cross dressing in Saree - Part 3

The mechanism is very simple, my room was earlier used by Shah uncle as gym. There is a punching bag suspended in the middle from ceiling with remote control for height adjustment. I remove the bag and attach the metal handcuff I had bought from chor bazar. With remote the height is adjusted so that my feet are flat on floor and hands are stretched above my head.

Crossdresser Handcuffs
Crossdresser Handcuffs

 The handcuff release key tied to long rope is entrapped inside an ice cube, and the cube melts, away from me, near the wall. Once it is completely melt, the key swings towards my cuffed hands, I then can easily release my wrists.

I have checked and have perfected the amount of ice and ensured the key release mechanism again and again by testing it multiple times.

I always fantasized cute girls like Shilpa, Dipti, Piyu are wearing Ghagra cholis and standing in those handcuff. And I watching them from my sofa when they struggle. Especially when Shilpa is standing there, I like to pull her long braid repeatedly and for Dipti, I use bamboo stick to cane her lovely Ghagra clad bottom. But all these are fantasy and never came to real life..

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It needs 120 minutes to melt the ice and release the key. It is already melting and I suppose for more than 60 minutes, I am enjoying the petticoat and Saree. I have 40 minutes to enjoy the handcuffed standing....

I rushed to staircase, ascending was equally difficult, a thought again crept into my mind, If I was really a bahu of some family??? Will i  be able to manage.... The thought of becoming real bahu in these petticoats and Saree with ghunghat scared me.

I slowly entered my room, adjusted my Saree and Ghunghat.... Oh... The time has come.....I checked myself in the mirror. A pretty young woman in saree was standing in the mirror. That woman Shilpa you name her, needed to be punished because she was enjoying the cross-dressing in saree and petticoats. I wish if someone was there who could cane my bottom also for my this mistake of stealing petticoats and cross dressing. I was ready for the exciting helplessness in handcuffs....

I switched off the main lights and started the floor lights. The room was filled with dim light. I took the ball and string to gag my mouth and then stood on the chalk mark, exactly below the chain and handcuff. Slowly removed my Ghunghat and tied the gag over my mouth so that my mouth was tightly shut. I then pulled the ghunghat again, now it was difficult for someone looking at me to find that I am gagged inside my Ghunghat. I will not be able to speak or shout for next 25 minutes.
My Bangles
My Bangles

I then raised my hands, my bangles made lot of noise, I pushed my bangles down I was shivering  due to excitement, then slowly put each wrist in handcuffs and pushed the locks.

Now I will have to wait and wait until the key swings to my hands. I felt that this time I have raised the chain little higher because my hands were stretched up and I had to struggle a lot to ease the pain. It will end soon, the ice will melt and I will be released from this suffocating ghunghat. The only part of body i was having control were my feet, but they were also prisoner of my saree and voluminous petticoats. The frills of petticoat were brushing against my feet. A slightest movement was causing my anklets and petticoats to make lot of protesting noise.

Crossdresser Punished
Crossdresser Punished
What if the key don't get released?? How will i get free ? Ohh.. The scary thought was creeping into my mind... Can i shout for help ??? NO !!! my mouth is gagged and I can't speak a word. Oh... Please god save me the key should get released today...

 Due to ghunghat and low light my visibility was also limited. I should have removed the ghunghat at least. But a newly married bahu is not allowed to remove ghunghat..

I think only 15 minutes were have passed and i was already impatient...i will have to stand like this for 20 minutes more. The hands, legs, waist and back all were shouting of pain.

I closed my eyes and assured myself that the time will pass soon and I will be a free MAN soon. Yes !!! It is enough, this saree, petticoats are not for me i am a man not a woman. But for that i must be unlocked from this punishment position. My INSTRUMENT was 8 inches long and trying its best against the petticoats.

Android Phone App: Ghagra Choli Face Changer - 1

Ever dreamed of wearing a Ghagra Choli ? Ever wondered how will you look in Ghagra Choli? Then this App is for you.

With the closed eyes, I imagined soon I will be lying on my bed and launching my ROCKET to MARS and shooting the PAYLOAD with great satisfaction, then I will spend most of the time watching facebook pages of Smitali and all other cuties.

I heard something..... I opened my eyes but haash.... Nothing was visible this ghunghat is a cage for me. I can't even turn as the hands are locked tightly above. It was a faint sound door knob opening. I scared from roots, who would have come?? Was it Aunty or Piyu? but my room is locked from inside..what if they are thieves?? Oh... They will break in and find me in this funny situation....oh no I made a huge mistake....i tried to remove my hands from grip of cuffs but no luck....what I was able to achieve was lot of music of my bangles, anklets and petticoats.

I wished.. it was not a real sound and just the wind...but I heard it again...this time foot steps...I know this walking style....May be I know who is it. But I was not able to recollect the name.....

All of a sudden someone entered the room and switched on the lights..........( Continued in next post..... )

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