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Piyu caught me cross dressing in Saree - Part 1

This is the story of how Piyu caught me cross dressing in Saree and how that day became a start of a man's journey towards becoming a complete woman, a wife, a bahu, a bindani.

While in engineering college, I rented a room in Shah's bungalow near to my college. When I started living there, I came to know that adjacent room is also rented. And to my surprise and pleasure she was Piyu from computer engineering branch.

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Saree Face Changer - 3 


Piyu .... Some times it was difficult for me to decide who is made for me?  Piyu, a wheat colored tall girl with nice swan hair cut OR Smitali a short but very very fair girl with long black hair. That way I liked many girls from my college.

Shah Aunty told me, Piyu is their distant relative. I was very happy to have Piyu as my neighbor.

There was a common terrace for us, mostly used for drying clothes. I loved to watch Shah aunty's petticoats and Sarees drying there. Occasionally she put her Ghaghara cholis also to dry.

Though I was having my own set of cross-dressing like two sarees, two frilly petticoats, bangles, anklets, I always wanted to try new Sarees and petticoats.

In the dark of night, I used to steal shah aunty's petticoats and sarees and try them, enjoy them. Then secretly keep them back on clothes line as if, no one has touched.

The only problem was, I like to crumple the sun dried stiff cotton petticoats a lot. But I was sure that no one noticed that stiff sarees and petticoats are crumpled.

One day I knocked on Piyu's door in the morning as it was time for our college. While waiting I saw "That Petticoat"... I was mesmerized at the sight of it . It was a huge white petticoat drying on the line. I think it was 40 kali petticoat, means it was a result of 40 cotton pieces stitched together, so the lower circumference of it was more than 6 meters at least. Lot of cold cotton fabric!!!!

Caught Crossdressing Petticoat
The Huge Petticoat

A voluminous petticoat with 6 inch frill at bottom. It was stiff due to rigorous washing & drying.  It was now fluttering due to the cold breeze.

Someone poked me.. It was Piyu, “What are you looking at Rahul?"

I said nothing. Piyu was wearing a lovely white top and a cotton pink full skirt 
Piyu in her lovely skirt
Piyu or That Petticoat...? I was not able to decide, what was arousing me ? I secretly touched Piyu's pink Skirt, ahhh what a lovely feeling was that...Piyu's slightest touch also sends 440 volts of current in my body.
While on the way to college, I was thinking about that petticoat, I believed it was Shah aunty's petticoat, to be worn inside Ghaghara as most of the Ghagharas are also voluminous. I thought what if someone wears that petticoat inside a saree? It will get crumpled and the walking will be a lovely experience. The petticoat and its frills will make lot of protesting sounds fro fro fro.....I wanted to experience that... Yes I will try it today.....

Piyu asked me “What happened? Where are you lost? By the way, I and aunty are going to stay tonight at Shilpa's home,  We are going to help them for Shilpa's cousin Dipti's wedding preparations "

Ahh..... What do a cross dresser want other than this? Manju is our common friend, her cousin Dipti was getting married in their native place Rajasthan after 15 days, just after final exam and we all, Piyu, Aunty & I were invited for it. I was eagerly waiting for the wedding because I was going to watch lots of color full Sarees, Ghagharas and Ghunghats, and if get a chance, I was going to steal the nicest of them and try secretly. I have been a secret admirer of Dipti, though she was 4 years elder to us and finished the college, she used to wear sarees instead of dresses most of the time. I was fascinated by her choice of sarees and I visited Shilpa's home many times to have a glance at Dipti's sarees and frilly petticoats. Dipti always teased me due to striking similarities between me and Shilpa. Our facing was same as if we were brother and sister, only difference was Shilpa had very long hair generally tied in a waist length single braid.

We then went to our respective classes. For entire day... I dreamed about that petticoat only.... I tried visualizing every girl and female teacher wearing that petticoat and saree.

Today that poor petticoat was going to get a true fan and a companion... my Saree.....a new woman Rahul ...  ShilpaBhabhi was going to wear it...

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Saree Face Changer

ShilpaBhabhi is my female name given to me by me.. When I wear the sarees... I imagine myself as a daughter-in-law of a house where sisters of my then husband, call me Bhabhi or ShilpaBhabhi....I imagine those sister in laws to be of my age and very very cute..who wear t-shirts and jeans but as a bahu I am required to wear Sarees only..

Hey!!! my imaginary in laws.....!!!! 

I....your most obedient and submissive, "ShilpaBindani" is coming tonight to serve respect you....

Dear Bhabhis and Devaranis please keep visiting our blog to know what happened next.....
Caught Crossdressing Petticoats
Two Petticoats make Fro Fro Fro sound


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