Sunday, 7 February 2016

First Blog of Man in Saree - Part 1

Today is a special day!!! Almost a month is over for our wedding and as per the ritual I am now entitled to remove my ghunghat if I am alone with my husband. I can also choose to wear normal Saree inside the house but ghunghat is must before my in laws

My husband gifted me this yellow kota doria Saree with broad pink border, I am wearing it right now with usual two cotton frilly petticoats, he also has allowed me to connect the out side world, using internet.
Crossdresser Saree
The Saree, I am wearing now

Crossdress Petticoats
Two petticoats I am wearing
I am writing this post from a laptop in our bedroom, my patidev is reading a novel in a easy chair.

The laptop is placed on a mahogany desk.. And if you think I am sitting on a king-size chair besides it then you are wrong.. I am not allowed to sit, That chair belongs to my husband prince Kiran. I am not supposed to sit on it.

I have wrapped my heavily worked pallu of my Saree around my waist and have bent at waist to type this post

Download following Phone Apps to learn how to wear sarees and Ghagra-Cholis. Also use you photo with the App to see how will you look in Saree and Ghagra-Choli.


Crossdresser Bangles
My Handful of metal Bangles
This awkward position is painful especially when you are wearing a heavy saree but my husband says "you must feel the pain of being my wife"

And I am enjoying that. Only problem is that I have never had typed with my both the wrists full of bangles. It is not easy to type when your bangles are making lot of sweet noise oh... And this thick long braid of my hair. It is falling down again and again from my back.. Every time it falls I have to stand straight and put it back again and bend to complete the blog

My husband is calling me now, He needs a foot massage, I must go to serve him , will come back with more soon ( Continued in next post..... )
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  1. I read a similar story called a Man in Saree by Rahul Shah left incomplete with a punishment session